Bi Historical Sex Stories

Famale Ninja Sluts

A Ninja known for his legendary skills in killing name Kiazu was assassinated a task to honor the Shimizu clan by killing the Dinamo (leader) of an enemy clan. Two weeks into his cross country chase, he came into contact with a ninja hiding in the tall grasses in a open field. Just passed this unknown ninja was a group of soldiers of an enemy clan. The strange Ninja disappeared.
3.6 1367 words 6 mins

Hansel & Gretel Meet Bavarian Witch

Gretel was entranced by the sight of her brother's lovely cock, and eagerly attacked it with her lips and tongue. As Gretel sucked the lush purple knob, the Witch slurped up and down the underside of the thick shaft. Soon their lips met, and merged in a passionate kiss as the woman in black continued to jerk on that lovely cock and the blonde babe fondled her brother's balls. The women were totally enraptured in that kiss, their tongues dancing and slithering around each other's mouths. But the sugar plum on the end of the hard shaft they held was too much to resist, and slowly, gradually their kiss became mouth to mouth to cock.
3.2 1147 words 5 mins celebrity

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