Friday Night Fantasy

Penny Yearling opened her apartment door and kicked off her shoes. It had been a long day at work and she was exhausted. Thank God it was Friday was all she had to say about it. After dropping her purse on the table and checking the messages, she flopped down on the couch and turned the TV on. Flipping through the channels, she decided that digital cable was a complete and total waste of money and turned the TV off. She went into the bathroom to run a hot bath and wait for Quinton to get home. She added bubble bath into the running water and when it was full, she lowered herself into the steamy, bubbly water.

"Mmm..." She murmured, leaning her head against the edge of the clawfoot tub and closing her eyes. This was exactly what she needed. Forty-five minutes later her eyes snapped open when she heard the door click shut. She'd dozed off in the tub.

"Wonderful." She muttered to herself and got out of the cold water.

"Penny?" Quinton called out.


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"In the bathroom, I'll be right out." Penny grabbed a towel and dried herself off, then slipped on her silk robe. Walking out into the kitchen, Penny saw a vaguly familiar woman standing next to Quinton. She couldn't quite place a name to the face.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize anyone else was here." She blushed lightly and looked down at herself. She'd done a half-assed job at drying off and the silk was clinging to her breasts and hips, her nipples practically jumping out of the fabric of the damp robe.

"No babe, this is perfect. You look hot." Quinton walked over to her and kissed her. Not just a little hello kiss but a long, tongue filled passionate kiss. He ran his hands down her back and to her ass and squeezed it, pressing her against his body. Penny pulled away and looked at Quinton in shock. She glanced over at the woman embarrassed but the woman didn't seem shocked at all. In fact her tongue was licking at her lower lip and her eyes were wide. Penny's brow furrowed as she tried to figure out what was going on. The woman reached up to her french twist and pulled out the pins, letting her long auburn hair fall over her shoulders in a wild, sexy mass of waves. She was about 5'9, a full five inches taller the Penny's 5'4 and couldn't weigh more then 130 pounds. Her breasts were full and surprisingly large for her thing frame. She was wearing a nave blue pants suit with a white blouse underneith that was unbuttoned to expose cleavage. Penny looked questioningly at Quinton. He smiled erotically at her and leaned over to squeeze her breast.

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"Quinton!" She exclaimed and batted his hand away.

"Don't worry babe. This is Sarah Wheeler. She works in my office and is very interested in what we've been talking about." Suddenly Penny understood. They had been talking about having a threesome for the past seven months and were looking for another woman to join them. Penny had been fantasizing about having sex with another woman for the past nine months ever since she had accidentally ordered Girls Kissing Girls number 27 instead of Cold Mountain on cable. She had shared her fantasy with Quinton and they had discussed having a three some. Finally they had decided that it wouldn't hurt their relationship, but make it stronger and be one hell of a sexy experience. Penny looked at the woman, Sarah to be exact, in a whole new light now. She was a tad bit on the skinny side but otherwise sexier then hell.

Penny could feel her lower belly tighten and she bit her lower lip. She looked at Quinton who had an erotic smile on his face and took his hand. He led her over to Sarah and took her hand as well, then led both of them into the bedroom. Penny kneeled on the bed and Sarah walked over to stand in front of her. Sarah reached down and untied the sash on Penny's robe and it fell apart, revealing 34C breasts and a trimmed pussy. A tiny noise escaped Sarah's lips as she stared at Penny. Penny was a very curvy woman, with large hips, a smallish waist and shapely thighs. Sarah couldn't wait to have her. Penny tentatively reached over to Sarah's blazer and unbuttoned the two buttons. Quinton stood behind Sarah and pulled it off, tossing it on the Vanity chair. Then Penny brought her fingers to Sarah's white blouse, unbuttoning the buttons slowly, revealing a small peice of skin with each button. Quinton pulled that off as well and tossed it with the blazer. Then Penny hesitated. Sarah smiled and unzipped her trousers and pulled them down her long slim legs, kicking them to the side.

Then came her white lace bra and matching panties. She stood there in front of Penny, completely naked. Bringing her hands to Penny's shoulders, Sarah pushed the robe off and took a step forward. She smiled and cupped Penny's face, bringing it to her own and kissing Penny's lips ever so softly. Penny couldn't believe the sensation. Sarah's lips here soft and full and her skin was so smooth. She couldn't believe that she'd waited 26 years to experience the kiss of another woman. Sarah kissed Penny again, this time harder. She slipped her tongue between Penny's lips and they embraced, kissing softly, but passionatly. Quinton stood in the background watching this glorious site.

The contrast between the two women made it even sexier. While Sarah had dark auburn hair and olive skin, Penny had white blonde hair and pale skin. Sarah was tall and skinny and Penny was short and curvacious. It was so totally hot that his cock started swelling. He pulled off his suit jacket and pants and tossed them to the side. Then his boxers and shirt. He got onto the bed behind Penny and pressed his front against her backside, rubbing his dick on her bare ass, letter her feel how crazy he was about her. The two women were still kissing and Quinton reached around Penny and rubbed her nipples, tweaking and lightly pinching them. Then he ran his hands down her belly and to her pussy, spreading the lips with his fingers and slipping one finger onto her clit. She was already getting wet.

Her hips jerked slightly against his dick, making him grow harder. Almost painfully harder. Sarah ran her hand down to Quinton's and moved his finger so that she could massage Penny's clit. Quinton reached his hand down and tried to slip a finger in. From the position it didn't work as he hoped so he pressed Penny down so she was bent over and slipped into 2 fingers into her pussy from behind. She gasped and her hair fell down her arched back in silky folds. Sarah knelt on the floor and reached her hand underneith Penny, rubbing her clit. Penny moaned lightly at the sensations that were shooting through her body. She had 2 thick fingers fucking her and one soft one flicking and rubbing her clit. It was amazing. Then Sarah turned around and put her head under Penny, bringing her mouth to Penny's pussy. She latched on and started tonguing her clit.

"Ohhh myyy Gooodddd..." Penny moaned. This was even better. Quinton fingered her harder and faster and Sarah was like a mad woman, licking her clit back and forth in long even strokes. Penny pumped her hips into Quinton and at the same time tried to move on Sarah's mouth. Quinton reached around and started pinching her nipples, hard, just the way Penny liked it when she was getting fucked. Penny was gasping and felt tension building up inside her and for a split second was amazed at the fact that she was about to cum. She'd never been able to cum so fast but with Sarah licking her clit and Quinton ramming his fingers in and out of her pussy it was overwelming and all of a sudden a dam burst inside of her making her scream and writhe her hips against the fingers and mouth that were fucking her into a wild frenzy.

"Ohhhhh yesss...ahhh... yes yes yes...fuck me fuck me....yes Quinton go go....ohhh fuckkkkkkkkk...........!!!!" Penny threw her head back and let out a loud scream and then suddenly her knees gave out and she fell across the bed. Sarah moved to her right side and Quinton to her left. Penny was gasping and shuddering from the impact of the orgasm. She had never been hit so hard and so fast with such feelings and it threw her. She was still moaning lightly because the feelings has lingered and it was like she could still feel the fingers fucking and the toungue licking. She opened her eyes and saw Quinton grinning down at her. She grabbed him and wrapped her hand around his cock. He let out a little noise of surprise. She smiled at him lovingly then ran her hand up and down his hard dick slowly with a hard grip.

"Mmm baby...I love this." She murmured.

"Good." He smiled. She sat up and got behind him putting both of her hands on his dick. She held it out to Sarah.

"Look." She demanded. Sarah's eyes glazed over and she lay on her belly, putting her mouth near his dick. She licked the tip and a bit of pre cum came out. She licked that up quickly and then nipped at the head. Quinton shot back a little but Sarah looked up at him and smiled and shook her head. Quinton relaxed and Sarah took the head of his dick into her mouth. She sucked on it then took the entire thing into her mouth. Not an easy feat as Quinton was very well endowed at 9 inches. Quinton moaned as Penny laid him on his back.

Sarah started moving her mouth up and down on his cock, flicking her tongue along the shaft. She took his balls into her hand and massaged them as she started to go faster up and down on the huge dick. Penny moved over beside Sarah and pushed her hands away bringing her mouth near Quintons balls and flicking her tongue on them. Sarah moved to Quintons side so Penny could have better access and they both went to work. Quinton was moaning and grabbing at both their hair when Sarah stopped. Penny stopped as well. He stared at the girls.

"What the hell?" Sarah guided Penny onto her hands and knees again and pushed Quinton towards her.

"Fuck her." She said. They had been the first words Sarah had spoken since entering the apartment and they were filled with passion and fire. Quinton happily obliged and slid into Penny's tight, wet pussy.Penny's entire body was wracked with pleasure as his cock filled her and she moaned. Then Sarah slid underneith Penny so that her mouth was direct with Penny's pussy and Sarah's pussy was direct with Penny's mouth. She pushed her pussy into Penny's mouth and started eating Penny out for the second time that evening. Penny looked down at the shaved pussy in front of her. She licked around the lips and then took her fingers and parted the folds.

A gleaming clit stood proudly in front of her and she couldn't wait to fuck it with her tongue. She wanted to make Sarah feel like Sarah had made her feel. Penny delved into Sarah's pussy and started licking her clit. Sarah let out a little moan and Penny felt elated that she was able to elicit the sound from Sarah. She continued to lick Sarah's pussy, although it got difficult to concentrate at times what with Quinton fucking her, filling her pussy with his cock and Sarah lapping at her sensitive clit. But she managed. Penny had never licked another pussy before but from the noises Sarah was making she figured she had it down pretty good. She simply did what she knew that she herself enjoyed and that seemed to work rather well. Soon everyone was moaning and writhing their hips against each other.

It was the hottest thing any of them had experienced and top that off with the sensations that were shooting through their bodies, they were soon all close to the peak of cumming. Sarah was the first to cum. Her body tightened and she was mumbling incomprehensible words into Penny's pussy, moaning and gasping while still trying to tongue fuck Penny. Penny felt a release of wetness on her chin and in her mouth and was surprised to feel and taste that Sarah had actually ejaculated. She had heard of it happening to women but never actually knew it could happen. She was pleased to feel the wetness fill her mouth and dribble down her chin. Immediately after, Quinton and Penny started cumming at the same time. Penny could feel Quinton's cum shooting inside her body and he could feel her pussy muscles contracting on his cock. They were both moaning and writhing against each other and Sarah and soon they fell into an exhausted, sweaty heap on the bed.

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written by skysoarer
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