Off Field Coaching

It was near the end of the school year and I was tired - tired of students, tired of working, just plain tired. And as the track coach, I actually found myself quietly hoping my players wouldn't make it to the finals. And they did. Great - this would mean another weekend away.

We did well on the first day, the weather was warm and despite my inward grumbling, I had actually enjoyed the day. Now was the hard part: making sure my senior students didn't get up to anything that would get them into trouble. This late in the year, any serious infraction - booze, drugs, partying, etc. - could put their attendance at graduation ceremonies and dances in jeopardy, and I didn't want to have to be the guy who would cause that to happen.

Fortunately, these were all pretty good students - top athletes often are, especially if they were chasing scholarships - so I didn't really have too much to worry about. Around 10:00, I left my hotel room and began checking that all my students were where they were supposed to be, in the rooms to which they had been assigned, hopefully getting ready for bed before the final competition of the year - for many of them, of their high school careers - the next day. To my relief, after knocking on each door, the correct students appeared in all the correct rooms, each looking sober and apparently not under the influence of anything that would involve my phoning parents or school officials.

I reached the last door in the hallway - we were all staying on the same floor - and noticed that it wasn't closed properly. Evidently, my cautionary notes about ensuring doors were properly secured so things didn't go missing or people didn't wander into the wrong rooms - had been unheeded. I knocked briskly on the door two times, and pushed it open, announcing as I entered, "Hey guys! This is how a place gets robbed. You need to make sure you..."


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I stopped mid-sentence, as I became aware that the two students in the room, Nick and Aaron, were both naked on one of the two beds, each with his hand on the other's erect cock.

"Oh shit," I blurted, frozen in place and staring at the two in shock, as they scrambled to cover themselves up, pulling on shorts. Finally, I recovered enough to mumble, "Uh...sorry. Your door wasn't locked. I wanted to make sure Well, I'll see you in the morning."

As hurriedly, and as awkwardly as surely I had ever moved, I scrambled out the door, pulling it tightly behind me, and made my way back to the far end of the hall to my own room, and closed the door behind me.

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I sat down on the chair at the standard issue desk in my room. What in the hell do I do about that, I wondered. Do I call their parents? And tell them what? That I'd caught their sons involved in sexual activity with another guy? What if their parents didn't know? If I'd caught a boy and a girl together, surely, I would have felt the need to report it. This is not something that is really taught in teacher school.

On the other hand, they were seniors, both 18 (I knew from the many registration documents I'd had to fill out for all the competitors), basically adults with just a few more weeks before they would be off to college and none of this would be anyone's business, they seemed to be engaged in a consensual act, and, as research tells us, many teenage boys experiment with other boys, whether or not they turn out to be gay, bisexual or heterosexual in their adult lives. Hell, I'd drunkenly experimented with a friend myself a few times when I was in high school, though I had been fortunate enough not to have an adult - especially my teacher - walk in on us. And if I was being honest with myself, and it took me a few minutes before I was, it was kind of hot.

I had pretty much just reached the conclusion that I would pretend it never happened and just go on with the remaining day of the competition, when there was a quiet knock on my door. Going to the door, I opened it to find Aaron standing in the hallway, looking sheepish. He had added a t-shirt to his shorts. "Can I talk to you for a minute?" he asked quietly.

"Sure," I said. "What's up?" He looked down the hallway to see if anyone was around before answering.

"Can we talk about what just happened? Maybe inside?" Reluctantly I let him into the room and closed the door behind him.

"Are you going to tell my parents?" he blurted out immediately. I started to answer but before I could even get out a word, he continued, rapid fire. "Why do they even have to know? I'm 18. It's nobody's business. I know that it's a school trip, so yeah, we probably shouldn't have been doing it here but we've done it before. Am I going to get suspended? I can't get suspended. My scholarship will be screwed."

"Hold on," I told him, trying to calm him down. "No one is getting suspended."

"How do you know? You don't know what they'll do when you tell them."

"I'm not going to tell them. I'm not going to tell anyone."

"You're not?"


He looked relieved and I think he actually took a breath for the first time since he came in. Then he looked at me and said, "Why not?"

I thought about that for a second as I realized I had just committed myself to my original plan. "Well, for all of the reasons you just mentioned. And also, I think the fact that I saw you two naked, well, none of us come out looking great here, so maybe it's best if we just all go about our business and not talk about it again, okay?"

He smiled for the first time since entering. "Okay, then. It'll be our little secret?"

"Well, now you're making it sound creepy, but yeah, our little secret." He seemed very relieved. "Anything else?"

He shook his head no, but then stopped and looked up at me. "You don't think it's weird?"

"Weird? No. Why?"

"Well, because, I mean, Nick and I both have girlfriends, we're not like, in love with each other or anything. We just fool around 'cuz we can."

"That seems as good a reason as any, I suppose," I replied.

He cocked his head at me, pausing before asking, "Did you ever mess around with a guy?"

I was taken aback by his forwardness. "That's a little personal, don't you think?"

"You've seen my dick, I think we're past worrying about personal." He smiled and laughed a little, and then added. "Did you like it?"

"Okay, time to go," I told him, and then added. "I need to go hop in the shower while the image of you two is still fresh." His eyes went wide.

"That was a joke - you're the only one who can joke about this?" We both laughed.

"And yes, I did," I found myself admitting, then quickly added, "I mean to the first question. I did mess around with a guy when I was in high school. Not the second question."

Aaron nodded as though lost in thought, then said. "Cool."

"My experience was fueled by alcohol. You better not be drunk or under the influence of anything else. I think I've looked the other way on things enough for one night."

"We haven't been drinking," he assured me. "You know how this started? I get really bad leg cramps. One time after cross country, my leg cramped up really badly. I was lying on my back, Nick was massaging my leg, one thing led to another..."

"Okay," I interrupted him. "I don't think I need the rest of that image burned into my brain. I'm still dealing with the last one. You'd better get going - you've got a big race tomorrow."

He moved towards the door and then stopped, turning to face me. "My leg kind of has a cramp right now," he said quietly. "Maybe you could massage it for me."

"I don't think that would be a good idea," I told him. "Why don't you get your roommate to do that for you." Of course, as soon as I said it, I realized I was basically encouraging the behavior that I had previously walked in on.

"I think he was going to bed," Aaron replied. "Seriously. I get lactic acid build up. It helps to have it massaged out." Without any further permission, he went and sat down on the edge of the bed.

I hesitated, obviously. On the one hand, he was a student - albeit an 18-year-old one - and an athlete who just very well might be looking for some physio attention to help his performance. Given what we had just talked about however, I couldn't tell. Was he hitting on me? "This really isn't a good idea."

"Come on. No one needs to know. We're already not talking about what you saw earlier." He rolled over onto his stomach and squirmed up onto the bed. "Please? My left calf is really tight. It will help with the race tomorrow."

Reluctantly, I think, I found myself moving over beside the bed, and reaching down and gently touching his leg. He wasn't a particularly tall young man, but he was all athlete, and his legs were all muscle. Against my will, and probably because it brought back memories from my own high school experimentation days, I could sense a stirring in my own pants that I tried to will away. He wasn't lying; his calf muscle was a tight ball and as I firmly massaged it I could feel it loosening up. 'Good,' I thought to myself. This is all medicinal.

"Do my hamstrings too," he said suddenly from the bed, and at this point I didn't see why I wouldn't. As I moved my hands up on to the back of his thigh, he moaned softly from the pillow. "Mmmm, do the other one too," he told me. "Don't want them to be off balance."

He reached up and pulled his t-shirt over his head, exposing his muscular back and shoulders and without specific invitation I began to massage them too. He continued to make little moaning sounds as I massaged his shoulders, back and then back to his legs and I was torn between hoping he might turn around and see from the erection in my own shorts how turned on I was and hoping that he wouldn't, still trying to convince myself there was nothing untoward going on.

Finally, he said to me, "Can you massage my glutes too? They get so tight." It was asked so matter of factly, so without any underlying tone that I thought, what the hell? I've come this far. And I began to massage his incredibly firm ass cheeks. No sooner had I started than he reached back and slid down his shorts, exposing his incredible bubble butt. "That should make it easier," he half muttered. Unbidden, I pulled the shorts the rest of the way down his legs, dropping them on the floor, and returned to massaging his ass.

Before long, I was massaging my way from the top of his shoulders, down his back, across his ass and to the bottom of his legs, and back up again. Each time I massaged the inside of his hamstring, my fingers brushed against his balls, that were pushed back and peeking out below his firm ass. And each time he would moan a little and I knew that even if he thought it had been an accidental brush with the massaging hands, he was totally enjoying it.

As I rubbed his cheeks, I allowed my finger to slide up his almost hairless crack, brushing by his hole and gently giving it a tiny massage. He seemed to shiver at the touch. I found myself spending more and then all of the massage time right there on the inside of his cheeks, gently pulling them apart, reaching low with my thumbs towards his thigh, then repeatedly rubbing his pink little hole. He let out a little yelp of pleasure, and before even I knew what I was doing, I had bent over and began sticking my tongue between his glorious ass cheeks.

I had never rimmed a guy before and never thought I would want to but the moment over took me. Aaron lifted his ass off the bed, literally pushing his hole back against my tongue as he moaned over and over. "You know you want to," he finally half gasped. "Just fuckin' do it."

Quickly pulling my own shorts and underwear down, I pushed my throbbing, bobbing cock head into Aaron's now moist hole, my own precum mixing with my saliva I'd deposited, and sliding first gently, then pushing deeper into him. He pushed backwards against me until I was off the bed, standing at the end he lifted his beautiful ass skyward, letting me pump him over and over again. If my large cock was hurting him, he gave no indication, moaning and telling me, "oh, fuck yes."

My friend and I in high school had limited ourselves to oral sex but this was incredible. Waves of pleasure were flowing up my cock and into my body. Aaron was thrusting backwards like a pro, and I realized this clearly mustn't be his first time and for a brief moment I wondered if this is what would have happened in his room had I not walked in on them.

Finally, I could take it no more and trying to stifle my own moaning, blew a gigantic, many-days load of hot cum into his ass, while he moaned in his own pleasure. I pulled my spent dick out of him and flopped forward onto the bed, laying there breathing heavily as I stood over him, staring down at his perfect ass, now dripping with my own cum. We stayed there quietly for a moment, then he suddenly hopped up, reached down and pulled on his shorts and his shirt.

"Well, I've got some homework to do," he announced cheerfully. "I'd better get going. Thanks for the massage. I feel much, much better."

"Um, yeah," I stuttered. "You're welcome." He was almost at the door when I added. "Aaron? You're all right. I mean, with what just happened?"

He smiled at me and laughed a little. "I'm great. And I'm pretty sure I don't have to worry about you talking about me and Nick. Good night." He laughed again and went out the door, closing it firmly behind him, and leaving me standing there naked staring after him.

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