A Plumbers Story - First Encounter with a Customer

I am a 63 year old Master Plumber, but this story starts when I am a young plumber of 21. It was a normal morning getting ready for work. Nothing out of the ordinary except I have a extra hard dick which won't go down for some reason. I grab a hold of my dick and start rubbing it and wanting to get some relief but if I keep it up, I will be late for work. I got in my plumbing truck and started off for my first call. My erection eventually subsides but it is not soft by no means. As I am driving my mind wanders away from my dick to the music on the radio.

As I pull up to my first job, I park in the driveway, grab my hand tools and head for the door. I have never been to the residence before and was called out by a guy named Brad to repair a leak under his sink.

I knock on the door and a handsome older man in his 40's with salt and pepper hair answers the door. He is dressed in a robe which is pulled tight at the waist and tied I tell him hello and introduce myself and he lets me in. The house is very nice and clean and well furnished. At this point he leads me to his kitchen and bends over in front of the sink and shows me his plumbing problem which is a leak on his p-trap. I bent over on side of him, shining my light in there to see the extent of his problems. Being very close to him, I could smell his cologne which is a nice musk type. I am enjoying the smell as we are both bent over looking at the plumbing problems. After checking it out I turn my head to see his bare chest which is full of hair and nice and tight. We are both standing now looking at each other and he smiles at me and says, I hope you don't mind me not being dressed but I just woke up and I am off from work today. I smiled back and assured him that this was not a problem. He then went over to the table in the kitchen and sat down while I was inside the cabinet taking apart his drain pipes. I glanced over in his direction and noticed his robe was open enough for me to see he had no underwear on. This was enough for me to get excited again.

I went outside to get more tools and the replacement parts and went back in to continue with the repair. I laid out a drop cloth and went back under his cabinet to dismantle the pipes. My dick was excited and very sensitive so I had to reach down a few time to adjust it to a better position. I was not paying too much attention to Brad while I was working but happened to look in his direction. That's when I noticed he had an erection as well under his robe. From my position I saw a circumcised dick which appeared to be about 6 inches in length. I looked up and saw him smiling apparently from me staring under his robe. He moved his hand to his dick and rubbed it while I looked his way. I moved back to the task at hand, fixing the leak. He asked me if I would like a cup of coffee.


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I said ok and he stood up and said I will make a fresh pot. With this he walked over to me and reached for the empty pot and turned on the faucet to fill it up with water. He is standing over me now and I am looking up his robe at a beautiful hard dick which looked to be 7 inches now and nice and thick. He then moved over to the coffee pot and continued making coffee. I continued with the repair. I was busy doing the repair when all of a sudden I felt something touching my leg lightly. I looked over and Brad was on all fours with his hand touching my leg then moving it up to my hard erect dick.

I can see by the look in his eye that he had other plans for me. He reached over and unzipped my pants and worked his had in there and after what seemed like minutes had my dick out and his hand wrapped around it. He started stroking it and I came to full erection. He then bent over and took all of my 7 inches in his mouth which felt wonderful. At this point he started sucking me and running his tongue around the head. I stopped working dropped the tools and just laid there on my back, head half in the cabinet enjoying the sensations I was feeling.

Without talking his mouth opened and my dick was sticking straight up in the air. He grabbed my hand, helped me up to my feet and lead me to his bedroom. I stood at the foot of the bed and he began taking my clothes off. He unbuttoned my shirt removed it and my undershirt. As soon as my chest was exposed he started licking and sucking my nipples.

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Damn it felt so good, I grabbed his head to encourage him to do more. He then pushed me onto his bed and laid on top of me putting his mouth on mine. He forced my mouth open and pushed his tongue inside. I never felt this way before with a man and wrapped my arms around him and drew him tight. We kissed for what seemed an eternity but I had no problem dragging it out. I eased my arms from around his body and he lifted up and while we were sill kissing he was removing my pants. He stopped kissing me long enough to fully remove my pants, underwear, socks and shoes.

Then his body was back on top of mine and he was back to kissing again. With all that movement his robe was open fully and our dicks were mashed together and rubbing passionately. I reached over, grabbing his ass cheeks and pulled him to me tighter, enjoying the feel of this man on me. Brad then stood up removed the robe and started kissing me on the chest.

His tongue trailed down very slowly coming to rest on my quivering dick. Then he opened his mouth and I slid in. Damn that felt so good. He was lightly running his lips up and down my shaft then rubbing his tongue over the head of my dick. Just when I though it could not get any better he started sucking my dick. I looked down and saw his head move up and down and his lips being pulled by his movements.

He then raised my legs up to my shoulders and ran his tongue down my dick, into my ball sack then finally resting against my asshole. He licked the entrance lightly then started pushing his tongue into my asshole. He met some resistance at first but I started to relax and he had most of his tongue in there going in and out. I was thinking to myself, Brad is an expert at tongue fucking. I was in sheer delight at his love making.

He then raised up from me and moved around on the bed in a 69 position and went back to sucking my dick. His hard dick was hovering over my face and dripping fluids out of it. He then lowered down and I moved my face to accommodate him. Damn he tasted so good. I placed my hands on his ass cheeks and felt the crack of his ass which had a good bit of hair on them. I parted them and gently rubbed his asshole while I sucked his big dick.

My head was spinning from the enjoyment I was getting from all this. We sucked each others dick for a long time before Brad stopped sucking my dick and pulled up off my body. He laid back down on top of me and we started kissing again while thrashing our dicks together. He stopped long enough to reach in his end table and remove a jar of cream. He opened it, grabbed a handful and rubbed it on both our dicks. He returned to kissing me and we rubbed our dicks together but now it was sliding a lot easier. Between the kissing and the rubbing it was so damn wonderful I wished it would go on forever.

He pulled me on top of him and had his dick on my belly and my dick was rubbing between his hairy tight cheeks. He then threw his legs up to his shoulders and spread his ass wide open. My dick was now rubbing against his puckered asshole and if felt so damn good. I sat back and pushed my lubed dick up to his asshole entrance and pushed lightly and felt the head pop in. For the first time since we started he finally said something, "be gentle with that fat cock".

I eased it in to the base and felt my balls on his ass. I started easing it back and forth and I heard Brad moan every time I moved. At this point we were both moaning as I started moving faster. While I fucked his ass, every now and then I could hear little sounds coming from his ass. Small farts from the air being pushed in his ass. We went back to holding each other tight and kissing with a passion. I was enjoying this and was doing all I could to hold back the intense orgasm that was building up.

By this time Brad was thrashing about on the bed and was trying to moan and catch his breath but we were still in a heavy tongue tied kiss. He was stroking his dick wildly while I kept plunging into his tight asshole. We finally broke apart from the kiss and inched closer and closer to our climax. He started telling me to fuck him harder and it spurred me on to start jamming my dick into his ass. We were both hollering fuck words at each other when finally we both came. He shot his load between our bodies and I shot mine in his ass. We thrashed around for several minutes clinging to each other then finally collapsed into each others arms. I was still in his ass but was softening up.

Finally it shrunk so much I slipped out and I could feel the cum oozing out of his hot ass. We kissed several times more then I slid off him and laid next to him still heaving from the wild climax we both had. We laid on our sides holding each other for a while then drifted to sleep. I awoke in a panic because over 3 hours went by on this job and I was still on the company clock. He calmed me down saying I will pay for the time you are here after all I took advantage of you.

I laid there thinking, who took advantage of who. 20 minutes went by and then I stood up and got dressed. I had a hard time returning to the repair while Brad laid on the bed dozing. I finished the job and he walked back out in his robe. I gave him the bill and told him I would return after work so he can get him some ass. As I walked to the truck I was thinking I had a great time and got paid for it too.

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written by al9487

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