I work in Merchandising all over the UK and only work for necessity.... and after working in Glasgow for 3 weeks I was driving back home to Manchester looking forward to my regular week off to do next to nothing, when I got a call from my friend. I pulled over and I phoned him back and I agreed to meet him in 2 day's time on the Sunday to play pool and go to karaoke. He's straight too, divorced for the same reasons and we are alike in that we'll never properly 'hook up' with a girl again.

I was having one of those weird days where annoyingly & persistently I kept getting woody-on even when sex wasn't on the brain. I was rock hard for up to 2hrs at a time for absolutely no reason. I thought about having a wank in the van but didn't do.

I was just about to set off again when I spotted a lad messing with his bicycle approx 50 metres ahead, It was drizzling, it was early evening but dark and the temperature will have been only just above zero so I drove to the lad to ask if he's okay. He told me his chain had snapped; he was shaking with the cold so I asked him where he was going and he said "back home to Bradford". Although that's 18 miles past Manchester I offered to put his bike into my van and give him a lift home which he gratefully accepted.

He was drenched through so I put the heater blower to full but he couldn't stop shivering and I was asking him about his bike journey but he could barely speak. He said he was just training and that he bikes a lot and goes it alone to "clear his head". He was very appreciative of the lift and he seemed very polite and well-spoken; and so thin he looked like he doesn't eat.


Fucking the Sexy Mail Man

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I was hungry anyway so I stopped off at a service station as normal and we both had a meal there and a bit of a chat, learning that he's 19yrs old, his name is 'Olly', left his Mum's home one month ago, lives alone, goes to college studying Computer Science and is a keen cyclist but doesn't know how to repair a chain lol. He asked me a few things and I just told him I'm on my way back to Manchester after being up Scotland for three weeks erecting display stands & stocking em up, three weeks on one week off etc. He went to the toilet to blast himself with the hand-dryer-blower to dry his clothes....I told him I'm ready for a good drink and a good sing to which he shouted, "KARAOKE"?

I said "yes, I love it, it makes me feel good and the folk like me singing too".

I joked that cos I've now got to go to Bradford and back, that I'd only have an hour's karaoke left later on. He said he loves karaoke too, and told me to "just go", I said "what"?

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He said, "just go to karaoke, I'll come with you".

No problem, we came off the motorway and 30 mins later we were at the karaoke bar. He's a very good singer and sings mainly 90s stuff where I'm a 60s 70s kinda singer. We had a good night and both went down well at the club. I easily beat him a few times at pool though, he was impressed with my play.

We got on so well and what impressed me is his politeness and he seemed so intelligent. First impressions, to me were that he seemed a bit of a gay boy but that didn't bother me at all. I'd had 3 pints and didn't fancy driving so I asked him if he'd like to stay at my house and he agreed straight away, I told him there's plenty room because there's a spare bedroom.

We walked the 10mins to my house and I put the TV on, poured him a lager and went for a shower. I came down and chucked him some fresh clothes before he went for a shower and I started on the vodka n' coke and put on music videos on internet.

The house warmed up quickly and then 15mins later he came downstairs into the living room wearing just his undies! I was fully dressed and he just sat next to me on the sofa, (where he'd been sat opposite me before his shower). He put his arm around my shoulder and I said, "hey, I'm not THAT friendly" and told him that I'm not gay, he apologized and we laughed it off, I was okay with it.

I asked him if he's always that quick with his boyfriends to which he replied, "no", adding that he doesn't have any 'boyfriends' apart from a couple of straight guys at the college who don't even know he's gay!

He explained that since he moved from home to his flat 1 month ago that he was now wanting and ready for a gay partner as he's never had sex before and said his Mum doesn't even know he's a gayboy. I said, "why keep it secret"?

"What's the big deal being gay"? He couldn't explain it really, but he told me his Dad, (who was split from his Mum), had a 'thing' about being against gay folk and so he'd just bottled it all these years and had been confused and frustrated.

What shocked me even more was he then told me he'd NEVER actually had an orgasm! He seemed so genuine and truthfull but I couldn't help but laugh! I said, "at 19yrs old you should be on fire now, at your randiest horniest best, going out fucking all ages and gagging for it". I asked if he plays with himself or satisfies himself which he replied, "no", adding that he does have a little play sometimes but that nothing happens. He told me he doesn't watch gay porn anymore as it gets him jealous. He thinks it might be something to do with his strict upbringing?

I said that I'd go insane if I wasn't allowed to cum!

I was amazed by what I was listening to and I asked him if he at least gets a stiffy on? He said "yes, rarely, in the middle of the night if he wakes up", but he said "it's small compared to the porn chaps, and simply nothing ever happens".

I went to the kitchen to pour myself another vodka, my face is lit up with what I've just heard, he couldn't see me though. I asked if he wanted a vodka or a whiskey but he replied, "no thanks, I don't drink much more than 3 pints of beer", mentioning that his nose goes knumb if he drinks too much booze and then it sends him sick.

He asked me who the people were on the wall, I told him they're my son and daughter and ex wife.

What he didn't realize was what was rushing through my head, even though I'm not gay I have always had fantasies and urges to want a particular 'type' of gay sex, and have never known if it was purely down to curiosity or not? What I DO know, is that these thoughts only tend to happen when I've drunk a little too much alcohol.

I'd never had any sexual encounter with a male and I was now 32yrs old and seemingly a 'straight', and with children and had just a couple of girlfriends up to press.

I went up to the toilet and I had just one thing in mind, (to try fulfill at least one of my fantasies tonight with Olly). My heart was beating faster, thinking how could I get this going? I came down and he asked me how long I'd been divorced and why? I told him the reasons, it was because of her controlling nature, her constant accusations and the sex-starvation. I told him that I'd never be in a 'proper' emotional relationship again, and certainly wouldn't ever get married a 2nd time nor live with a woman again, coz relationships had all gone the same way and that I sometimes need my own space and go out with mates and that the girls just don't allow this, and trouble erupts.

I was getting a bit tipsey now, so I told him! I just said, "I am a fantasy gay". He seemed calm to that and he asked me to explain. I told him that I have an urge to pleasure a guy and the emphasis has to be that of ME being abused or playing the part that I'm being abused. I said, the other thing I crave, is to treat the lad as a 'plaything', respecting the person of course, but to satisfy my naughty needs and curiosity, but to give pure sexual pleasure to the lad.

I also explained that it MUST be only one lad, and that I would never do it to others and the lad would have to promise to tell me if he was to have sex with someone else, as the fun from me would then stop.

"WOW", Olly screamed, "sounds complicated", "do you really mean this, or is it coz you've been drinking"?

"Yes to both" I replied, "LOL I said; I feel these urges but mainly when I'm drinking", adding that I'm a grown man and wouldn't regret anything in the morning.

I sat down next to him and he said he fancies me and asked if I fancied him......I said "yes", (well I couldn't say no), I don't 'fancy' any men! It's quite a different thing that I 'fancy', as you'll now find out.

I now put my arm around him, I was really hoping he didn't want to kiss! He didn't try that, so I was happy and comfortable and he was smiling but looked a bit scared. He told me again (that he's never had an orgasm). I said, "so you don't produce cum"? He said, "looks like I don't".

Oh Gee, I though, "this was going to lead to a funny place", me being a 1st timer and 'bi-curious', he being a 1st timer and a 100% gayboy, and at 19yrs old, doesn't have a gay friend and doesn't produce spunk!

Candid Camera? No, this was real.

He was there, just in his undies and I couldn't see any protrusion, no hard-on, no ball-buldge at all. I was getting a stiffy on despite the alcohol, he sure noticed and went to touch my trousers bulge but I stopped him. I explained again that I have just a couple of fantasies and if he really wants to find out then please just let me.

He then came out with the best one-liner that he could have possibly said at that time......he said, "Steffan you can do anything you want to me".

WOW! Although I was a bit nervous, I loved what he'd just said. I though to myself, "here goes, this is wonderful playtime".

I went for more vodka probably for extra Dutch Courage.

I tickled his nipples lightly with one finger on each, his nipples hardened instantly. I ran my fingers through his light brown hair which was still wet from the shower, he just stared at me and with a wide grin he went to kiss me. I obliged with just a little peck kiss on the lips.

I then cupped my right hand to his balls area and could feel nothing! I then went to stroke his cock with the back of my finger nails over his undies and I couldn't feel much there. He looked at me and said "carry on", he told me again that he wasn't lying when he says he's a small willy.

I asked him to relax and I said, "I'm going to make you orgasm and to make you cream up'.

I then went onto the carpet, kneeling in front of him and slid his undies off. I'm not kidding, I will now tell you what I saw:

No dick, no balls. Ok, I'm overdoing it here but he had a SAC and popping up in the centre was a little willy no more than 8cm long and I know that 'floppy state' can make a big dick but this was not what I was expecting and for his & my first time, was going to be a challenge if not a disaster?

I gently tickled his sac with 4 fingers and I could see his sac skin moving and swelling up straight away, at least I knew he did have some nerve endings there. His balls I could now feel and I used both hands and gently squeezed each ball, it was as if most of his balls were hidden within him. I then got a bit of a handful, squeezed his sac and his little willy twitched and grew in size and it started to straighten up centrally and headed towards his belly-button.

There's me fully dressed (minus shoes), and Olly stark naked on the sofa but that's how I wanted things to be right now. Then with four fingers & thumb I started to roll his foreskin up and down, easing off and sliding down as he got bigger, gripping again with just the right amount of pressure to allow him to get hard. I sped up a bit and finger-wanked him and he groaned a few times and shouted, "don't stop". I said "Olly, I haven't properly started yet". I then held his willy with one hand and went down to lick his balls, my tongue was moving quickly and I sucked on different areas of his sack whilst slowly masturbating him. I could feel his throbbing hard balls growing in my lips and his ball-wrinkles had now stretched away to just smooth skin but still, his ball were half hidden inside him!

A 19 year old virgin I could not refuse whether I was going to like it or not! He was CERTAINLY up for anything and although we'd only just met 7 hours earlier, we trusted each other already.

He was my 'plaything', I didn't want to stop.

He was now breathing heavier and he loved being touched. I've always known that if I ever end up giving a guy a blow job, then It's gong to be the best ever. What! with the few girls I've had who try to do that but can't; and they hurt so much you don't even want her to do that any more. One girl was fantastic coz we mutually agreed to teach each other what we both like, so as to be expert and fulfilling for each other; but most girls would go HAYWIRE if you should let them know they're doing things badly, or offer to teach and experiment both ways.

As I wanked him I could see no pre-cum, so I was still going to carry on regardless, I was rather drunk now anyway, so I was gonna just do it!

So I put the side of my head onto his belly, facing his cock, I made my mouth, lips & tongue into a shape and texture replicating a moist and tight beautiful girly vagina and put his willy in my mouth and basically shagged him with my mouth. He just couldn't believe what was happening to him and just kept saying, "OMG, OMG". I sucked his willy gently, shafted it in and out across my tongue and expert lips and gripped his balls area with one hand and finger-wanked him at the same time. This made him like IRON, and I mean IRON.....although his fully erect dick was only approx 4 and a half inches and thin, it was a rod of IRON.

I spun around onto my knees and masturbated him, telling him, "look at you now", "have you ever been like this"? "No", he replied with a huge grin he looked desperate for more action. I then showed him his willy disappearing into my mouth, I said, "I am your slave, "tell me what to do". He said, "cum in my mouth", I said, "maybe, but not now...but I've GOT to see you cum here, even though you say you've never spunked up, I know you can".

His balls were now kinda where they should be and more prominent too, they looked so painfully tight and reddened and his foreskin looked as though it was going to rip coz his (now fuckable iron dick) was throbbing to excess, I'm not kidding, his thin dick felt as hard as my vodka glass.

He groaned, 'do your fingers at end", so I obeyed and I finger-wanked him right on his foreskin, his bell-end was appearing then disappearing as I pleasured the thin rock hard dick and the thin athletic man.

I watched close up, I wanted to see him cum spunk for the first time but there still wasn't any pre-cum! The guy is an enigma! He's loving this so far, but he will not or cannot spurt his jizz nor have an orgasm and I now believed him.

He asked me to get undressed, I said "of course I will", "another time, yes". "Please don't rush things", I asked.

I was enjoying giving him pleasure and so long as he's got a stiffy on and he's game, I don't want to stop, coz in the morning when I'm sober, I'd probably not wish to do anything and I'll be waking up with a stonker thinking only of fanny.

I reached in the TV cabinet and got a bendy beaded vibrator with frilly bits at the end; switched it on and placed the frilly bits near the end of his dick and held it motionless, he gasped aloud and said "perfect, perfect", I then saw ousing out of him, PRE-CUM!

"You are cummin", I told him. He took a breath and went quiet. He was shaking, his whole body. He said it was too sensitive now and asked me to give him mouth again. His thin four and half inch dick remained solid, I gave him the best gobble I could do, wanking him with my fingers at the same time, I had one hand free and he was groaning with pleasure and he was thrusting his dick into my mouth and grabbing my hair strongly, he put his other hand at the back of my head forcing me to go faster and deeper. He called me a filthy fucker!!

It felt as though he was forcing me to do this to him, and that is exactly one of my fantasies so I absolutely loved the change in his behaviour.

He effin' rammed his thin iron dick into my mouth, he was now nearly in a standing position off the sofa, grabbing my head and RAMMING his everlasting little hard-on which was now bashing slightly down my throat.

He'd behaved this way even without me asking for it. Perfect!

He is so thin but he was strong here, I just stayed there letting him gag me with his cock, it only reached the back of my throat so I couldn't try deep throat for him.

We'd been doing sexy now for over an hour so I kinda changed the subject and shoved my middle finger up his ass, bent it towards G-Spot , he flinched a bit, then gasped, I then pressed and rubbed my finger right around his G-Spot, and!


He orgasmed, he ejaculated in my MOUTH. I could taste it and it was very lumpy. There were no squirts, it was like 2 blobs, blob, blob and it ended.

He screamed out and continued to pound me violently and kinda spreading his spunk around my mouth forcing me inevitably to swallow some of his lumpy jizz.

He flopped back onto the sofa and kept saying "thank you, thank you". It really was his first orgasm and at the age of 19.

I was now a bit fucked up but pleased that I'd been the 1st person to make him cum. Inside my lower lip I could feel lumps, I took some out with my fingers and showed him his own was like a pale green liquid containing white LUMPS! He'd only 'blobbed' out a tiny bit of cum but I said "look at that, your cum has been inside you for too long and that is unhealthy". "You need to flow".

His dick now looked bigger than it was a minute ago before he'd orgasmed, his balls were now fully hanging, this was strange, but with his face being lit up all the time, I was so pleased to pleasure him and to have him orgasm for his 1st time. I was so thrilled.

He now kinda 'got it', where I say I want to be abused and he asked me to lick up the spunk lump that still remained on the piss hole of his dick; I said "no", I told him I don't like lumps and that I'd drink his cum once I'd got him flowing properly.

It's like he's oused out his lumpy virgin cobwebs into my virgin mouth, and in pale green liquid! I said to him that it must have been forming and gathering there for months. You must cum often or you can get prostate problems I told him.

He asked me again to get undressed and said he wanted to masturbate me but I declined & reminded him of my fantasies and that I'm not a fully fledged gayboy and my willy was now as small as his, due to the vodka.

We went to bed and were asleep within 10 mins. I woke up a few times and he was cuddling me from behind, I really wasn't into that at all with lads!! No way could I ever get affectionate with a lad to the point of kissing or holding hands etc.

With a girl, yes, I love it!

I woke up in the morning and Olly was gone. Then I heard something downstairs and I shouted down "wudn't mind a cupa tea one sugar", he shouted "coming"....

I've got a big stiffy on here, just like yesterday and I'm desperate for sex, I need to cum ASAP and Olly is still here. What do I do or say? I've sobered up and feeling a bit awkward. Olly got back into bed, he'd made toast aswell, bless him. We had tea n toast then I sparked up a rolly, he doesn't smoke, nor barely drinks.

He thanked me again for last night and said 'sorry about the lumps'. I laughed and told him it ain't owt to worry about and that it was just a build-up of sperm and seminal fluid and that he should try to cum at least once a day to keep the cobwebs & doctor at bay.

He then pulled the bed sheet down and his dick was like IRON AGAIN! He had grown about another two inches and his dick was thicker than last night! I said, "oh I've woken you up, I've sparked you off for sure".

In his own words, he said, "you've are the catalyst I've been craving for". I pulled the bedsheets down and showed him my dick, which was gonna stay hard and thick, pouting beyond my belly-button, simply by default coz of after a sleep! Morning Glory.

He reached over to kiss me but I politely told him I don't want to do that coz I feel uncomfortable with a lad kissing me. He said "so you suck my cock but you won't kiss"? I said "yes that's right", "no offense".

I said, ''I'm here to blow your cobwebs away", and to use you as a toy, as a fascinating plaything to satisfy YOU and to quench my 'other tastes and wonders', and for me to serve your needs and for me to be abused and to give you pleasure.

He said, "OK THEN", "sit up against the headboard". (I obeyed of course)....he then straddled me and stuffed his (now five and half inch dick) into my mouth and effin pounded me into the wall, I kept my skillful mouth & tongue as that of a vagina, he shagged me harder, he then shouted, "I'm cumin, I'm cumin'', he then shouted, "I fucking love you Steffan", and he fucking squirted properly this time, no ousing blobbing out green and white lumps, he must have blasted out at least 6 lines of pure CUM, he kept shouting, "drink, drink my cum", which I absolutely loved doing for him.

I drank it no problem.

He called me a mucky filthy whore, which was music to my ears, he then slapped me on my face and told me to lick his dick clean, I said "certainly sir", and I cleaned his jizz with my tongue and I showed him his white spunk on my tongue before I swallowed it.

I noticed that his bollocks were now nicely hanging down out of his hidden pouch. I told him this and he'd not realised. He fuckin' came a lot this time but I promised him he needs to be emptied before he goes home on the train. I have to empty him!

My dick is now throbbing and twitching for action but I don't want to shag a guy, never.

I started to wank myself in front of him, my bell end was nearly touching his mouth, he begged me to put it in and cum in his mouth. I just asked him to open his mouth wide and to continue to beg for my hot cum... I then asked him if he'd do something for me and he replied, "anything you want Steffan", I asked him to go under the covers and suck me off, he said, ''certainly", but I told him I'd be imagining that I'm shagging a girl. He understood straight away.

He disappeared under the covers, I was laid on my side and I felt the warmth of his mouth and lips grip the end of my nearly-cummin dick. I asked him to slacken off a bit and he did.....I thrust my swollen cock into his mouth but there was an emptiness so I asked him to lay out his tongue at the bottom of his mouth and to POUT his lips OUT and to make his mouth like a beautiful wet vagina. Oh my Oh my, he DID so perfectly, I shafted his mouth vagina only for 3 mins, it was soooo perfect how he'd adjusted.....then I let go and the orgasmic ripples went right down from brain to dick to my toes and I shouted, ''I love you Ruth'' "you mucky filthy girl", "I fuckin love you Ruth".

I'd not cum for three days, I made Olly a sticky mess, he didn't swallow it all because he wanted to keep my spunk in his mouth for as long as possible. Some of my spunk went up his nose when he gulped on my second shoot. I LOVED him for carrying on with his mouth vagina as I was cummin. Most girls shit themselves and ruin your orgasm. What's all that about?

He loved it, he was pure gay and no way could I do everything he wanted to do.

I looked at him and he was so happy, he showed me his tongue, he still hadn't swallowed all of my cum, he was playing with it.

I made him dinner, we watched TV for a couple of hours, the train station is a 4 min walk so there was no point me driving him home to Bradford and he agreed totally. I told him he's welcome to stay as long as he wants, (meaning he didn't have to go right now).

I was fucking horny again, one orgasm in three days! Gee, I don't want to end up lumpy like him! Ha!

I picked up the van, came back and decided to take him home coz he'd been cool, and very different and his bicycle was still in the van.

I walked into the living room and he's starkers and his iron rod is fuckin' iron! His dick is now towards 6 inches long and has grown in girth! His balls are now hanging normally and I cannot believe the change in him from 24hrs ago when he had a kinda micro-penis and doing his first ever cum, in LUMPS!

I told him I'm taking him home and that I'm not drinking tonight. I said "what the fuck's happened to you", "you are gonna turn out a stud with the way you're going". He was so happy, it was like he'd been released, he was so much calmer and relieved that there wasn't anything wrong with him after all.

He continued to thank me.

I warmed towards him and I asked if he'd like to meet again and he said "sure", "ASAP" he replied. I said I was interested in him, and for a chill out, fun, friendliness and to fulfill our needs and to keep us sane". He said, "Ditto".

I got my cock out two seconds later and walked to him, I said, bend over, lift your shirt up and spread your gay wet arse out for me". He said, "I mean it Steffan, I will do ANYTHING you want and whenever you want".

I had a decent willy on, not fully erect yet, and he changed his mind and said didn't want it up his arse. I said, "I'm gonna fuck you up your gayboy arse because that's what gayboys do isn't it"? "I wanna pump you up". "I want you dripping out my spunk whilst we are apart". He bent over and he spread his own arse out and I was 1cm away looking inside his virgin boyish tight arse gay love tube, working out whether that was for me? And it isn't. He shouted, "get the lube, I've heard it hurts a lot and your dick is too big for me".

I told him not to worry and that I'm not going to fuck him but asked him to finger himself up the arse, he did so straight away, then I asked him to suck his finger and he obliged, I asked him to do this over again maybe 10 times and he was fine with this.

The dirty lad, perfect!

I reminded him that he'd said that ''I could do ANYTHING I wanted to him" and he said "yep, but don't rush".

I pulled up my pants and we were now ready for off. We put on our coats and drove off to Bradford, stopping off at a Chinese restaurant, my favorite place, he bought the meals, he's more money than me and a rich Mum has he, posh side of town.

He directed me to his block of flats, we exchanged numbers and addresses and he said he'd come see me on the Thursday in four day's time, and I said yes please.

I mentioned to him that I'd not emptied him yet, as I'd promised. He saw my hard-on whilst I was sat at the drivers seat and undid my belt, pulled down my zip and wanked me SOOOO GOOOD it was incredible, NO GIRL has ever wanked me that good! He put his mouth very close and urged me to come in his mouth and onto his face. I stopped, and asked him to go into the back of the van....The van has a single bed, a vanbed that I use on my working away as I don't always use hotels, (to save money). I asked him to lay on his back, his eyes were so loving, he was so willing, and I took out his cock, stripped off, masturbated him for seconds, he went to iron, full balls, he's now got a bigger dick than before! "You're nearly as big as me now", I said, "you are amazing".

I got on top of him and slid his iron rod dick up my arse, slowly at first coz this was a first time for me, and for Olly. I took it fully and could feel his balls banging against my arse. I was facing him and he wanked me for just 30 seconds as I thrusted my virgin ass up & down his gay rod of iron and I shot my last 3 lines of spunk onto his brown hairy chest... I then swivelled around, he was still in me, and I ordered him to FUCK ME HARD. I bent over, loving it feeling vulnerable & used.

THIS is exactly what he really wanted, he fucked me rotten, he called me a filthy dirty, ewer. He even called me a slut, bitch cunt as he released his orgasmic squirting cum into me, I felt his pulsations as he shot his loads inside of me. I could feel his powerful cum-jet hitting me inside.

In 24 hours he's gone from dud to stud.

His eyes are now red, he's shagged out and he now actually has visible working balls and I've given him his 1st ever orgasm. And I'm not gay!

I asked him to lick out his own spunk from my sore fucked arse but he says "no". He says he might do that next time. I ask again, "please, do it, for the experience", but he wouldn't do it.

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