Oldest Bi Sex Stories - Page 29

Little White Boy

I was just a horny adolescent white boy my first time in a foreign country who got broken in by black African men. I have had middle eastern men too, and they too know how to fuck a bottom the right way.
3.7 2230 words 10 mins interracial

Hitchhiking After Dressing Up as Girl for Halloween Party

I wanted to go to a party in the fall, a Halloween party, but with no costume, I had to think quick, the old stand by was to dress like a woman. You should never hitchhike dressed up like a girl.
3.9 1801 words 8 mins domination

When I Started Wanting Long Black Dicks

I liked the way they wiggled and jiggled around so long. Those long black skinny dicks, and round black bubble butts. My fetish or obsession, fixation. It is in no way new. It all started at the park after swimming in the pool. Would come out of the pool and go into the showers. Taking the swimming trunks off everyone was naked.
4 3936 words 17 mins interracial

Me and Momma's First Time

This is a true story about a son and mother enjoying each other sexually if you ever have the chance to have sex with a family member please do
3.7 713 words 3 mins first time

Newly Bi Couple

A true story of my transformation to a BBC sissy and I brought my wife along for the ride. It saved my marriage.
3.7 1224 words 5 mins interracial

I talked my GF into my first bi experience

First bi experience with my girlfriend was amazing. 100 percent true story
4 1287 words 6 mins first time

My Wife Turns Me

My wife's birthday present to me is a group using me for bi sex. We were into the lifestyle mainly with 3 other couples. We had done the cockold bit and more then a few groups.
3.3 569 words 3 mins first time & relationship

British gf turning me bi

This is a story of how simple bath with my girlfriend turn me bi and craving cock to please her. I had always enjoyed slipping a little finger in my ass while I jacked off because it felt good, I just never knew what it could lead to. Also included is the first time that we hooked up with a guy.
3.6 912 words 4 mins beginnings

Bi with girlfriend and couple

My girlfriend turned me bi and this is the story of not our first experience with a guy but our first experience with another bi couple, hope you guys enjoy because I sure did.
3.9 1047 words 5 mins domination

Bi-Sex in University

Transferring to a different university, a run-in with a girl from high school, opened the door to an unexpected set of MM sexual encounters.
4.1 4703 words 21 mins college & first time & friendship

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