I talked my GF into my first bi experience

So one night my girlfriend and I were drunk watching porn and we were both playing with ourselves and on the porn was MMF threesome. I was really liking what I saw and I kissed her and asked her how she would feel about me getting off on her tits and letting me clean it up with my mouth, at first I could tell she was shocked and turned on at the same time. She said absolutely I could do it but I was a little nervous but ready to explode and boy did I ever. I got off so much and she was playing with herself and told me to start cleaning up my cum. As I started tasting my cum I could tell she was really turned on, she was asking me if I liked it and I definitely did as I was finishing up she had an amazing orgasm and squirted which was a first for her. After a good round of hot sex she was laying in my arms and she looked at me and said baby I want to see you suck a cock.

I was not expecting that and we started making out kinda talking about it when I felt her rubbing my ass with lube and as she started fingering my ass. Everything was so exciting and I asked her to put another finger in me. She said so what you think about a threesome with a bi guy and I said yes I would love to experience giving head and swallowing his load but I don't want to receive anal from him and I could tell she was a little disappointed and she said you're enjoying what I'm doing to your ass why not explore more. I had already been thinking about it and I told her that I wanted her to fuck me with a strap on during our threesome. So after I cum in her mouth we started looking online for what we needed in order for her to fuck me.

We ordered the strap on starter kit with lube and two different size attachments for her strap on.

After that we signed up for a bi dating site and started looking for the right man. After a few days of looking and talking to a few guys we found the guy we wanted and decided that next Saturday we would meet for dinner and drinks and we already had a room reserved. So shortly after we got in the room she went in the bathroom and came out naked and sexy. She was in between him and I and we were sucking on her tits and kissing. I couldn't believe I was about to do this.

So I decided it was time to make my move I went over to him and took his shirt off as she was taking his pants off. He was laying there with only his underwear on and so I stripped and started to kiss his chest and was working my way down to his semi hard cock the first time I touched it my heart was racing and my own cock was instantly hard. As I touched it for the first time I started to stroke him and started kissing and licking his shaft and his balls.

He was about 7.5 inches and average girth. I put my hand about halfway down his cock and started sucking him off now I naturally have over active glands so my mouth is always wet and WOW did it feel amazing he was really starting to enjoy it and hearing him moan and telling me how good it felt was turning me on and all of a sudden my girlfriend was pushing my head down and telling me to deep throat his cock I started to gag and she told me that I better get used to this. After about 10 minutes my jaw was starting to get sore but I knew I had to get him off and then my girlfriend started to get her harness and strap on on and let me tell you something I was about to orgasm myself as she was starting to lube me up he told her he was getting really close to cumming so she starts recording me and I started to taste his pre cum and then I felt the head of his cock starting to twitch and he said make sure you hold your lips really tight around my cock and as I looked up at him he pushed my head down and just exploded in my mouth. I wasn't sure if he was ever gonna stop cumming and he hit my gag reflex but it was so amazing feeling hot powerful burst of his cum in my mouth I was determined not to waste any of it yet a little leaked out but as I was stroking him getting every last drop my girlfriend ordered me to lay on my back and put a pillow under my ass. As she put my legs up like I had done to her so many times I felt the head of her strap teasing my asshole now the starter we got was a 6 in average girth. There was so much pressure as she slowly put the head in, she was telling me to relax and enjoy it it was kinda hurting and there was so much pressure but by this point she was fucking me slowly getting every bit of that 6 inches in me and that is when I really started to enjoy it.

I mean I was really turned on between sucking him off and now this i told her baby I am gonna cum while you're fucking me and he went down on me and I got off so much in his mouth. After a quick little smoke break we really got into it filling her holes and cleaning up after each other. It was so amazing we asked him if he wanted to stay the night with us and we'd rent the room for another night. He said he would love to under one condition and that was he wanted me to fuck him with my big cock. I've got a thick 8.5 inch cock we hadn't really talked about it before but I was like ya I'll fuck you tomorrow night.

We had such an awesome time and my girlfriend absolutely loved watching me fuck him and I have to admit I liked it too. But then after I was done with him she put the thicker 7.5 inch dildo on her harness and I was on my hands and knees sucking cock and getting fucked it was just like the night before with the pressure cause it was bigger and she wasn't being nice she fucked me so hard and deep and she kept asking me how it felt to be her bitch boy. Well it's been 6 months since those two nights and she fucks me at least 2-3 nights a week with her strap on and she's up to a thick 9 inch dildo and we've had 2 more weekend's with the same guy. Sometimes she makes me put on a dress and makeup making me feel like the bitch I am. Now I've told her that I don't want any man to ever fuck me my ass belongs to her only and tonight I am going to ask her for my first golden shower I want it on my face and I want to taste her piss. This is a true story and if you ever get the chance have your wife fuck you with a strap on I promise you won't regret it.

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written by made4bilove

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