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Straight White Male's First BBC

I'm a straight white male married most of my life, but even as a straight male I always had a passion for huge black cock. I thought about it 24/7 and couldn't seem to get it off my mind. Im not gay have no desire to be with a man, I just had to suck me a huge black cock. This is time I met a BBC from a personal ad.
3.6 665 words 3 mins first time & interracial

Tasting A White Cock

Black couple serves white male neighbor.
3.9 521 words 2 mins interracial

First Time with Older man

The beginings of my many bi-sexual experiences with older men growing up in Southern California. Based on true experiences. Takes place in the locker room.
4 730 words 3 mins athletic

Road Side Assistance Chapter 2 -Straight Married Man Confused After Sucking Cock - The wife approves

This story contains themes of reluctance, gay male, heterosexual bisexual, and group sex. It follows the story of a straight married man dealing with the aftermath of his first gay encounter and his wife's discovery. If this is offensive in any way, please choose another story. If you read on, please enjoy!
4.6 13764 words 61 mins domination

Older Man

The Older man and the cars.
3.8 436 words 2 mins first time

Wife Challenges me to BJ Contest

I became a cum lover, because my wife accidentally told me she sucked cock while I was at work.
4.6 562 words 2 mins encounters & relationship

The bet - Did I win or lose?

There was only one other car there as I drove into the small parking lot. I sat there doing some paper work, looking over at the car parked in the corner of the lot. It looked like a young black sitting there on his phone. After a few minutes I got out of my van and walked over by him. Pretending to just be stretching my legs.
3.3 881 words 4 mins encounters

Never Thought About Sucking

Never in my life, until the one night when Jeff (my straight friend for many years) and I went out bar hopping. We ended up at a strip bar. We were both drunk, Jeff was very drunk. We were having a great time and I was watching him getting excited watching the dancers, he was rubbing his crouch and then I could not believe it when he pulled his dick out.
3.8 517 words 2 mins beginnings

Wife challenges me to a blowjob contest #2

We love watching each other use cock. Whether share, or comparing, it gets us off. Vikki, one week, told me she wanted to watch me get gang-faced, while she watched. Well, obviously, that sounded fun.
unrated 307 words 1 mins friendship

First Black Cock

I had my first black cock. I was driving to a local bowling ally to do a service call when I saw this young black guy walking, he was wearing Jim pants and a tee shirt, he was looking at his phone, and by the looks of his pants he had a big hardon. I drove around the block several times and yes he had a big one in his pants and rubbing it every time I passed him.
4.1 623 words 3 mins encounters

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