Oldest Bi Sex Stories - Page 28

When Freinds With Benefits Gets Friendlier

I'd met Jackie in elementary school. Over time, that friendship blossomed into a sexual relationship where I experienced new ways to do things.
4 1218 words 5 mins friendship

When Friends With Benefits Gets Friendlier Part 2

Jackie and I continue our relationship as it develops into something unexpected. New connections, new experiences more complex pleasures.
4 1962 words 9 mins friendship

Played Gloryhole Game at ABS

Married guy's first time sucking another man to completion ... courtesy of "The Gloryhole Game."
4 785 words 3 mins encounters & first time

The Stupid Things I Do for Sex

A woman I had been dating for some time and having mostly foreplay sex. I was ready to consummate the relationship. She agreed with a catch.
3.5 4273 words 19 mins encounters

My First Hard One

He helped me find my way to sexual exploration that intrigues me to this day!
3.6 533 words 2 mins beginnings & friendship

Her Bisexuality and My Bisexual Tendencies

It’s a story of life, sex, lust, love, and betrayal when dreams become nightmares. The dreams you thought would be nightmares, that did not. We do reap what we sow.
3.2 1841 words 8 mins relationship

My Fixation on Asses

There are just them days that are not typical. Things happen My love for sweet asses the strugles with life
2.2 3660 words 16 mins encounters

Part two of her husband

In part two me and him get back when it was left off now more than two years ago. In a weird revenge plot that the more they talk of is only making very very horny. Using sex to get back at me. I'm smiling from ear to ear.
3.7 2670 words 12 mins domination

Fishing with Her Husband

Went fishing caught a bigger worm. Scott was a avid fisherman and a all around good guy. Ex green beret straight to the point a good friend however I been having a affair with his wife for 3 years already and I was hesitant to go on his boat on the lake at night made me nervous.
3.9 1366 words 6 mins friendship

My Wife and The Gay Porn Star

True story about a married black man getting cuckold back in 1995 by his wife and a black gay porn star. All without the husband realizing he's a cuckold. Back then, it was unheard of.
3.3 2387 words 11 mins domination

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