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Pledge Night With Bi Sex And Being Fucked In The Ass

Then girls pushed Drew forward onto his knees - between my legs. The hands of a dozen girls led him forward. Three different hands held his swollen, shining dick...guiding it toward my asshole. I started to buck, trying to get loose. The Track Girls held tight. Real Team Spirit. Then I felt his hot dick pressing at my anus. I bucked wildly and almost got loose, but someone pushed Drew from behind and the head of his cock pushed into me. A cheer went up from the girls. I couldn't believe what was happening. I got that full feeling as Drew pushed in deeper. "Ooh Baby! You're sooo tight!" grunted Drew. I tried to yell, to pull away, but hands were holding me down. Drew got his balance and shoved in deeper...
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Birthday Group Sex With Bondage

Matt and Jen are a radically different couple. Matt is large - he's not one of those body-building psychos you see on Muscle Beach, but he works out and his bulk shows it. He also plays for the rugby team at our school and his rough style shows up in bed - all of us have come away from our group sessions with bruises at least once. His cock is only five inches of average thickness, though. (I always secretly thought it funny that Jeff is about half of Matt's size, but has such a large cock, comparatively.) Jen is about as voluptuous as they come - big, soft hips and 44DDD breasts, with plenty of sexy padding to boot. If you close your eyes during one of her blow jobs, you'll also swear she has a ten-inch tongue - she can use it well.
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First Bi Experience Sucking Cock For Married Man

About four months later I was invited to a dinner party on a night when my girlfriend had to leave. We screwed in the morning and then she left. I kind of thought the guy having the party was gay, but the guests were all sorts. After a certain point in the evening they drifted off, and I let my ride go. I thought Paul might want to have sex with me, and I was really turned on by the idea of him fucking me right after I'd had sex with my girlfriend.
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Kinky College Girlfriend Gets Me To Agree To Be Fucked In The Ass

After I came Ted took my cock in his mouth and gently licked the juices off. After that Paula started sucking on Ted's dick. She wanted me to join in but I just couldn't do it. It was really fun to watch her giving him head though. In his excited state Ted didn't last long either and he shot off in her mouth. We lay there talking about what we had done and smoked another joint. Paula started telling Ted that I liked it when she fucked me in the ass with her dildo. I was getting a little embarrassed with her telling Ted all of our intimate secrets. She came right out and suggested that Ted fuck me in the ass while she watched. I said I didn't know if that would be such a good idea.
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Bisexual Experience With Neighbor During College

Sam started talking funny again and I got the message this time. We were sitting on the sofa smoking a joint when he slid his foot over and pressed it against my foot. I pressed back and we moved closer to each other. He asked me if I wanted to party, really party. I said I wanted to party all night, all the way. He said he wasn't sure what I meant, but that he wanted to do something, and wasn't sure if I wanted to go along with it. I said, Go for it.
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Mannys Summer School

This was one of those nights. They'd come in after mid-night, and were the first customers I'd had in over an hour. If it had been my place, I'd have closed, but I had to keep the bar open till two, come hell or high water. And it looked like I might have to deal with the high water. They came in drenched to the skin. I got towels for them from the back, and they dried off a bit as we talked. Cold and wet, I fixed them my favorite cold weather drink, tea with rum, something I'd come to love when I lived in Europe the summer before. It seemed to please Peter.
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Human Dairy Farm Milking Cum From Frat Pledges' Cocks

To the sound of cheers and chants by the women in the viewing gallery, the fraternity brothers led us naked into the milking parlor just like a herd of cows. One used a cattle prod to keep us moving. Each of us was guided into a milking stall and told to face the windows. We were told to spread our legs apart, so our cocks and balls would be in full view. The skin was stretched tight on my stiff cock as it pointed at the window. One of the frat brothers then chained our arms and legs to the metal bars of the milking stall. We were completely helpless and at their mercy.
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Top Or Bottom Bunk Leads To Sucking Cock And Ass Fuck

I prepared for her visit by asking my roommate, Randy, to relinquish his half of the room for the week end, figuring if she was going to visit, I might as well take the opportunity and screw her while I could. Randy didn't mind, figuring he could put the moves on one of the new freshmen and instantly have a place to spend his nights.
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Cousin Jennifer Visits For First Lesbian Experience And Group Sex

She asked me if I would sixty-nine with her like the other sisters did. I told her that I would do any sex act with her and led her back to her room. I settled on the bed and invited Jen to climb on and sit her cunt on my face. (I found it is better if a girl is on top for her first 69 session, she won't feel forced or smothered and is more likely to enjoy it.) Jen quickly threw away all inhibitions and climbed on, gently lowering her cunt until I could reach up and lick her. I started slowly licking the length of her slit. After a few licks, she began to mimic my actions. Eventually she licked at my cunt with her own style, spending a lot of time sucking on my clittie. After we both came, she rolled off and we laid there resting for a while.
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My First Bi Experience Discovering Advantage of Gay Blowjobs Through Glory Holes

My roommates and I, in a stoned frame of mind, ecided to visit an adult bookstore. While they were examining the magazine racks, I wandered away to the back of the store where the quarter movies were playing. I went into one of the little booths, stuck a quarter in the slot and sat down.
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