Bi-Sex in University

This is a true story. No names or places were changed. All things happened. Some details were omitted, added, or changed, only for readability purposes. This is a TRUE story, and contains sexually explicit material between M-F and M-M.

I transferred from a BigTen school into a MVC university my senior year. Not knowing anyone was OK w/ me, as I figured I'd make new friends. Well it wasn't long before a ran into a girl (Mary) I went to prep-school with. Mary was a good- looking gal w/ a very athletic body. Mary had developed since the last time I'd seen her 3 years prior! She was surprised to see me, and I gave her the update of my BigTen years, why I'd transferred, what I was doing, etc. Mary promised to show me around (although this campus was quite isolated from civilization) and introduce me to people, although our majors were very different.

Mary and I became fast friends quickly, and my lustful nature took over and made some moves on her. She was very receptive, and we were soon fucking like rutting animals, 3 and sometimes 4 times per day. When in college, I was young, dumb, and literally, full of come. There were very few things I liked more than fucking and eating hot, wet, pussy, and Mary was my ticket to ride. I think she liked sex more than me. We were both, loud, slathering beasts to each other's hot, sweating, naked bodies. I spent many, many nights at her small apartment, fucking the night away, grunting, writhing, smelling, eating and spurting w/ Mary. She was incredibly receptive to my big, hot, throbbing, hairy penis. She spent countless hours sucking it, and eating my hot, thick, ropes of cock-butter, which often made her orgasm. We were good for each other. We fucked at night, and of course I'd be hard as stone in the morning, where she typically rode it orgasm. Nothing beats starting the day w/ a slow fuck to the easy rhythms of the morning. Sometimes we'd have a quickie at lunch, but my favorite was a quickie in the campus woods (this was a vary large, thick woods). This university has a large woods running though it, w/ paved walkways. I always wore gym shorts to class, sometimes a jock underneath, sometimes commando (I was quite the exhibitionist an loved to show my big cock off to whoever wanted to look). We'd meet, walk off the path, find a big oak or elm, then I'd stand her up, slip my cock out my shorts, and into her sloppy pussy for a quick fuck. Knowing other students would often see us was a mutual turn-on for us both. We were not as vocal fuckers as when we did it in her or my apartment, however.

We both had apartments since we were upperclassman. She shared a small 2 bedroom w/ Karen. Karen's physical appearance was very different than Mary. Mary had porcelain skin, red hair, and thin wispy pubic hair, which she often shaved. Mary was tall, athletic, trim, with small breasts, and pink nipples that got incredibly hard and stuck out big-time during sex. Now living in such small quarters, w/ one bathroom, college-age guys and gals learn not to be modest. Needless to say, I'd seen Karen naked several times, and man what I would have given to fuck her. She was several inches shorter than Mary, had thick raven hair, darker skin tone, an hour glass bod, big, firm tits, shapely hips, defined butt, flat stomach, and a big, thick, black bush. I often fantasized Karen was riding me instead of Mary, and when I did, I immediately shot my load in Mary's wet pussy. Due to the small size of their apartment, the bedrooms were next to each other, and the walls thin. You could easily hear someone talking in normal voice levels in the other bedroom. Good thing we were all college students, and sex was a regular part of our lives. With Mary being a "screamer", and me being a "grunter" and a "unnher," we were loud, and never considered trying to be quiet. But Karen ... she was a big-time talker and yeller. Her "yells" were on the order of "OHH, OHH, OHH." I mean like constantly for 30 to 60 minutes as their bed creaked under John and Karen's body weight. But the words that most often I paid attention to had to do w/ her boyfriend's cock. "Huge," "monster," "baseball bat," "club," "nightstick," "ram," and "tree trunk," were just a few. I looked at my own big dick, and thought "Mary never called it a "tree trunk!"


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Let me talk about Karen's boyfriend, John. He was 6'4" -- big dude weighing in at 240 pounds easy. Thickly muscled, w/ a deep voice, dark hair, smooth chest, arms, and legs (very little hair). John's hair was very thick, and cut short. I was leaving Mary's room one morning headed to class and ran into John coming out of the bathroom. The tiny hall (too small for 2 people to pass), his small towel was wrapped around his neck. My eyes went right to his cock, and man I couldn't fuckin' believe it. His cock looked like the business end of a baseball bat ... thickly hanging down his leg, bouncing as he moved, it was definitely a bit swollen from its hang and length. He stopped, and I continued to stare, I could not help it. No wonder Karen was always screaming when John was over ... now I knew when their bed bounced, creaked, and squeaked, his bat was pounding her hairy cunt to orgasm after orgasm.

I don't know how much time passed, but John spoke up w/ his southern drawl"Dude, you're lookin' like you're likin' my dick."

I responded w/ "Fuck you John, I just know why your squeeze screams like a hound at the full moon!" I know I sounded defensive, but the last thing I wanted was John to think anything of me looking at his incredible dick.

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"Relax bro, all guys look at my dick, I'm used to it ... next time you can show me yours."

He then pushed passed me in the tiny hall, turning to face me to pass (rather than away), bumping me w/ his huge muscular pecs, and dragging his thickly hanging penis across my gym shorts. I couldn't fucking believe it. I got out of the apartment quickly after that. All that day, all I could think about was John's naked, muscular body, and his incredibly big, thick penis. Now for me ... at 6 and 160 pounds, was very athletic, well-defined muscles, hairy chest, 6-pack abs, muscular butt, large bicepts, tricepts, and pecs. My hair was often cut short, and I often sported a goatee or short beard. My cock is big, a nice thick 8 inches, and never quit, was always hard, even after I ejaculated, it would remain hard for more fucking. But after seeing John, his hanging cock was bigger than mine at full mast ... I felt inadequate. I wondered if Mary had seen it ... and would bet she had, 'cause John didn't seem to bother to hide it, but in fact showed it off (just like me!) Ha! Anyway, his muscular naked bod was on my mind through my classes all that day. Unfortunately, I went commando that day, and my cock was half-hard all day, w/ frequent full erections as I thought about John and his cock. I thought about how big it was, how big it was when it was hard, how hard it got, if he shot big thick ropes like me, or if it dribbled. I now had images of Karen, spread eagle on her back, legs spread impossibly wide, and John's large, muscular body atop her, his giant cock pistoning in and out of her cunt, bringing her to one orgasm after another, all the while Karen's guttural "OHH, OHH, OHHs" filling the entire apartment w/ her sex- song. And my daydreams brought me to full erection, again and again, to the point of being embarrassed. My commando style that day could not hide my big hardon in my gym shorts. To make it worse, my daydreams and hard cock triggered lots of leaking, staining my crimson-colored school shorts, easily seen on the front. Needless to say, my textbooks came in handy to hold over my groin! By the end of the day, I was not only fantasizing just about the images of John, and sometimes Karen, but about me and John. I would have never believed it, but it was there ... me swinging John's bat.

After I ate dinner, I went to the library till 11 pm. I then headed over to Mary's. My homework was finished, no quizzes the next day. I desperately hoped Mary was in the same situation. Nothing was more frustrating then lying on her bed naked, playing w/ my hard cock and watching her do homework. I drove to Mary and Karen's. I knocked at the apartment door, and John answered, not exactly what I expected ... I was hoping Mary would answer, drag me to her room, and fuck my lights out. It was Indian Summer as we say in the Midwest, and it was very hot and sticky, even at 11. John's huge frame blocked the entire door. He was dressed in just gym shorts, and was shirtless. (This was the southern university's dress code at the time. Guys were often shirtless, and gym shorts, especially school colors and emblems were de rigor.) John did not move away, but leaned forward and rested an elbow on the doorframe. This raised his arm, exposing his nearly hairless armpit. Immediately the thick heady scent of male sweat reached my nostrils... they flared involuntarily. I didn't know if John caught my inhaling his male scent. His nipples were a very dark brown, very big, with small erect centers. I glanced down his big guns to his heavily pronounced pecs, to his solidly defined stomach (he did not have a 6-pack like me, just one solid ab defined). His waist pared down into his gym shorts, and his quads stretched the leg holes of his shorts to maximum. He had very big quads, and these lead to thick calves, and bare feet. I noted his big bulge in his shorts, which was my fantasy of the day. John had a very GQ face, w/ a square jaw, brush cut, high cheekbones, and rugged good looks. I think all guys wished they looked like John.

"Tom's here Mary, should I let 'em in?" John said w/ his distinctive drawl. (Both Mary and I were from the North, Karen and John from the South.)

Both girls voted to let me in, and John looked me in the eyes, winked, and said in a friendly voice "Guess y'all should come on in."

Mary was just finishing up her homework, and my balls were aching from a hard cock all day and no relief. I had not jacked off at home because I desperately wanted Mary to wrap her moaning lips around my thick, wet, spurting cock, and eat my load in her loving way. Mary and I started for her tiny bedroom as John sat back down on the couch w/ Karen.

"You two rabbits don't be keeping us up tonite," drawled John made us all laugh.

Before Mary had even closed the door I stripped off my gym shorts exposing my fully erect penis, and as Mary turned from closing the door was stripping off my T-shirt.

"My, aren't you the ready one," Mary said, as she immediately knelt before me and began licking my raging cock, which had already begun to leak (I leak profusely).

"Fuck, Mary, I need you so bad," my voice was filled w/ lust.

She moaned, and in 60 seconds had my entire cock wet w/ her slobber, and then engulfed my swollen cockhead in her mouth. All I could think of was John's thick, dangling penis, and I began to ejaculate into Mary's receptive moth. "Unngghh," I grunted, and Mary squealed in delight as my cock began to shoot the first of many thick ropes of jizz ... "unnghh," again and again my fountaining penis erupted in orgasmic contractions. Mary's initial squeal was replaced by guttural groans as she swallowed rope after rope of hot, thick, semen. It seemed to last forever, and eventually Mary pulled her wet mouth away from my dick. I looked down and my cock was in it's post-orgasmic rampant position. Mary looked up into my eyes from her knees as she stripped off her shirt. She stood peeled her shorts and panties off, revealing her shaved pussy. I could see her gaping cunt lips, dark pink and swollen, and wetness from the dim light. My cock pulsed visibly. I threw her down on the bed, grabbed her ankles pinned them next to her ears (she was very limber), exposing her helpless cunt. I was in complete lust, a slave to her cunt. With a loud grunt, I buried my face in her cunt, rubbing my face all over, grunting, and growling like a beast. Her sucking my cock got her good and wet. I glanced at the digital clock; it read 11:44 PM. Fuck, I was so filled w/ lust as I inhaled her feminine scent. Over and over and over and over, from my forehead to cheek to cheek, to chin, to nose to lips, I just rubbed my face into her wet cunt, urged on by her moans and whimpers. When her scent was fully on my face, only then did I kiss her fully engorged cunt lips. I was like a dog in heat, uncontrolled lust as I slobbered all over her cunt, everywhere ... her gaping lips, her hole, her clit, tonguing down to her bung-hole, over and over. Mary orgasmed several times as I kissed, licked, smelled, lipped, and ate her wet pussy. I finally knelt up; my cock was aching for attention, and was fully erect and throbbing. Mary cupped my balls, which were big and swollen. I glanced at the clock, which now read; 12:17 AM. Mary's small bedroom was filled w/ her cunt-smell. I pinned her ankles to her ears, and shoved my thick, 8-inch leaking cock into her naked cunt. I thrust and easily buried it to the hilt in her exceedingly we cunt. Mary gasped loudly. I was so sexually hot from eating her wet pussy I was going to shoot from just sticking my cock in her cunt, and knew nothing was going to stop it ... so I furiously pumped my hips into Mary's, stroking my big cock w/ full, fast, deep strokes into her gaping cunt, grunting like a beast w/ every downstroke. There was no way to make it last as I pumped as fast as I could, and began to ejaculate. When my cockhead got too sensitive, I buried my beast completely in the wetness of her pussy, covered her mouth w/ mine and grunted into her mouth w/ each and every throbbing spurt of my cock. After my sexual rage had calmed, Mary stoked my muscular butt and back, her long, lithe legs wrapped around my waist, her wet pussy a home for my thick, wet, dick. The clock now read 12:25 AM. Mary and I wetly kissed, as her mouth was as receptive as her pussy. I just ground my cock into her pussy, and felt that it was no longer fully hard, but thickly rampant, and the room was now silent except for the squishing sounds of Mary's cunt being reamed by my half-hard cock. I finally rolled off her, looked once more at the clock, which now read 1:10 AM.

"Wow, aren't you the beast tonight," Mary said.

"I'm so fucking horny, babe," I replied. "My cock's been hard all day long."

We had been so engrossed in our own carnal delights; we had not heard Karen and John just inches away in the next room. Karen's bed creaked and groaned as they moved about; Mary and I were silent and I strained to hear.

Some muffled low talk, then "Get on ma great-big dick ya hot bitch," was loud and clear in John's voice.

More creaking, then Karen's voice "AHGGGG," and I imagined her lowering her cunt over John's enormous cock. Then their bed creaked in a rhythmic pattern, "eh-eh, eh-eh, eh-eh, eh-eh." Faster and faster the rhythm became. I could not have been more than five minutes until Karen's orgasmic screams began.

Fuck, she must have 4 or 5 in a row, then John's deep voice "take it all in your hairy cunt bitch," followed by several low, loud grunts by John.

His big cock was filling Karen's cunt w/ his load, and I visualized in my head his enormous dick spurting. I looked at the clock again: 1:18 AM.

"She really likes John's cock, huh," I asked Mary.

"Well I LOVE yours," Mary said.

"You ever see John's cock?" I asked.

Mary responded, "Oh yea, several times. He doesn't seem to mind showing it off, that's for sure."

"Yeah, I walked out yesterday when he came out of the bathroom. Quite a site." Mary smiled.

With all of our libidos satisfied for the movement, I drifted off to sleep thinking of John's big cock slamming into Karen's wet cunt, and shooting, and shooting, and shooting, filling it to overflowing.

I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke the next morning, extremely hard. Mary and I had a ritual. Whoever woke up first, treated the other to a wake-up sex call. When she awoke first, she usually woke my up by sucking on my cock. For me, I usually slid my cock into her sloppy cunt from the spoon position, and started gentle rocking motions. I was awake and slid over on the small bed only to find it empty! Fuck, Mary left w/o riding my bone! Damn. I was horny as could be w/ no fuck in site. I vaguely remembered her saying something about an early morning study group. I was angry, disappointed, and frustrated. Today was Tuesday, and Mary and Karen had an early classes while I had a 9 AM computer science class. The clock said 8:10 AM. I laid back and stroked my cock while thinking about Karen riding John's muscular body, his big cock buried in her hairy pussy. I had about 35 minutes to get to class. It was a small class, being a 400 series on internal OS structures.

This was no good, I needed sex. I stopped and listened carefully. Not a sound. Apparently I had slept though everyone getting up and out the door. My cock was impossibly hard, and I needed to pee. I opened the door, stepped into the hall and passed Karen's open door. My heart leapt to my throat as John was looking right at me. He was leaning against the headboard jacking his big cock, and again my eyes became riveted on it.

"From the sounds of it, or lack of sounds (chuckle), Mary didn't take care of y'all this morning," John drawled.

I was completely caught off-guard. I had nothing to cover my completely erect penis, which was fully exposed. John got off the bed, it protesting his weight with a loud creak. I could not take my eyes off his huge penis.

He took the 3 or 4 steps from the bed to the door, his cock jutting straight out like a tree branch from the tree trunk. It bounced and wagged as John's big frame moved toward the door where I was standing. My heart raced and I could feel its beat in my ears, loudly. My mouth was suddenly dry, and nervous apprehension came over me. I never had been in this situation, but by now John was standing right in front of me, his cockhead just one or two inches from me. My cock was jutting straight up 90 degrees, while his was straight out.

"I know ya want to touch it, dude, go ahead, ain't no shame in't, no one's here but y'all and me."

I didn't move. John wiggled his hips and his huge cock swung from side to side knocking into my completely rigid penis, back and forth he knocked my cock. His cock felt like a heavy club knocking against mine. I compared our cocks, they both had dried cunt-cream on them from our fucks the night before. Between the two of us, the smell was strong of both cunt and cock. I felt like running (kinda like flight or fight response), but was rooted to the spot.

"I .. I ... " I stammered like a school kid, and John reached out, grabbed my 8- inch penis with his ham-like hand, and pulled me over to the bed. He then reached out, grabbed my hand in his big iron fist and pulled my hand to his cock.

"Y'all want it, so do it, bro. I saw ha ya were lookin' at it yesterday. DO IT!" his voice became loud.

I took his cock in my hand ... it made my hard, thick, 8-inch cock look small! I slowly wrapped my hand around John's incredible cock. My fingers did not reach entirely around his penis, and I felt it pulse in my hand. I gently gave it a squeeze. It was very firm, not anything like my rock-hard penis. I'd never handled another guy's dick before. I fondled his dick from the base up to the cockhead, which was a deep purple, and was the size of a small plum. I compulsively reach out w/ my other hand and cupped his balls. They were bigger than walnuts. John let out a deep moan when I squeezed his balls. I briefly glanced up at him, and his eyes were mostly closed, lips parted and breath quick.

"That's it bro, work it for me. Karen couldn't take it this morning sayin' she was a too sore."

I didn't doubt him. His cock got firmer and firmer as I played w/ it, and stuck out even more. Incredible. It had to be at least 10 inches, no lie, and extraordinarily thick. His bush was thick, his cock thrusting out from it. But there was no snail trail of hair from his belly button to his bush. I continued to fondle his cock and play w/ his balls, engrossed in the experience.

My cock was leaking at this point, clear pre-fuck running down the front of my cock. John thrust his club of a cock out, I let go, and he rubbed his big cockhead against my pre-fuck, making his cockhead slick. I shuddered involuntarily. John chuckled, a deep slow laugh.

"Y'all need it don't ya .. Mary didn't giv ya her pussy this morning, huh."

"No, her and her cunt left before I woke up," I responded.

"Your horny bro, do it w/ me now." He knew I was, but what the fuck did he mean "do it?"

I was scared and wanted to leave, but was enthralled by his cock-size. I had been in lockerooms often in 4 years of high school, and 3 in college, and never did I see a penis the size of John's.

John reached out, grabbed my hips, pulled me to him and began to hump me, both of us standing. His grip was powerful, his 240 pounds pressing against me, and 4 inches taller. He seemed very comfortable, while I was very nervous, and he seemed to sense this.

"Relax bro, ain't no shame in it."

"I don't know, John", I said.

He stepped back, grabbed my arms, and pushed me back on Karen's bed, which creaked in complaint. He stood over me, his cock sticking straight out, huge and menacing. I was scared at this point, thinking his 240 pounds was going to over come my 160. John put his hands on either side of my shoulders, climbed on the bed, which groaned under our combined weight. John positioned his hips between my legs and began to slowly hump his cock against mine. No words were spoken, and after 60 or 70 humps, our cocks were leaking and wet, slickly sliding against each other. I was able to relax knowing what he intended. He held his chest up off me, his arms outstretched, holding him up. I ran my fingers over his big, brown nipples, and rolled the erect flesh between my thumbs and index fingers. They got bigger and bigger, and had to be the size of the last knuckle of my little finger. He moaned, lust thick in his voice. I pulled them, he groaned, his humping becoming faster. I pinched his brown swollen nipples and he grunted loudly. The strong smell of his body odor, mixed w/ wet cock filled my nostrils, and it was not unpleasant, but acted as a catalyst to our young, humping muscular, teenage bodies. His breath was ragged, his hips and muscular glutes had gone from slow long thrusts to short quick ones. I instinctively lifted my legs and put my heels on his butt cheeks and began humping and gyrating my hips against his, out wet leaking cocks slipping and sliding against each other. My body had become responsive to his, and this heightened his state of arousal.

He was now grunting continuously ... "unngh, unngh, unngh."

Now our mutual thrusts were in rhythm, and my raging cock was verging on orgasm. I looked up at John and his GQ face was staring down at me.

"Unngh, unngh" was all the words he spoke.

Now, his hips were pumping in rapid fire, our chests and crotches were slick w/ sweat, and the room stank of our naked boy-romp. I felt my orgasm welling up, and began to grunt ... John's large muscular frame, the smell of male sweat, the strong of scent of cock overcame my senses. Suddenly, John lowered his chest on mine, pinned his mouth against my mouth, stuck his tongue against mine, and pumped his huge penis powerfully into my spread hips. I thrust back and began to ejaculate, yelling my orgasm into John's mouth, him yelling into mine. I felt a thick wetness spreading between our thrusting crotches.

As our orgasms subsided, the warm wet semen shot from our cocks spread over my cock, balls, and crotch, all the way to my belly button. John leaned up and said w/ ragged voice

"See Tom, ain't no shame in a little guy-to-guy play."

He knelt up, his now languid cock, hanging thick down. My cock was in its post-orgasmic rampant state. John reached out and slowly jacked it.

"Damn bro, y'all still hard ... Mary just must be lovin' a stud like you."

I had to admit it ... "yeah, the hot bitch is in love w/ my cock, John."

I looked at the clock in Karen's room it read, 8:40, my class started in 20 minutes. 5 minutes to get dress, grab my books. Another 10 to get to campus and park. Another 10 to get to class, I could just make it if I left right now!

"John, I gotta get to class."

John said "Relax bro, Northerners are always hurrin' around, ya know?"

John' major was PE, and had no concept of actually showing up and keeping up in a class. I got up, my rampant penis now sticking straight out (instead of up). John's smooth abs and my hairy ones were glistening from our combined semen.

"Bro I gotta get," I said.

Without even wiping off the slick jizz from John and my cocks, I slipped on my jock, my gym shorts (cum stained from yesterday's commando style). By the time I got to class, it was about to begin. There were about 10 in the class, mostly geeks, and a couple of girls. One was not very attractive and overweight. As I walked in I became acutely aware that my body odor was very strong. I stank of BO, cunt, and semen; I had had no time to shower. Well, I thought, I made it here, fuck the geeks. I sat right next to the big girl, spread my legs, and let her smell my stench all through class!

This was my first bi-sexual experience. You can read others, if you like in the next installments.

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