Bi with girlfriend and couple

My earlier story told how I began my by lifestyle via my girlfriend, this is a experience with a couple a few months after my first experience. We were in our mid-30s she was very sexy British 5'9-130 36c, me 6 ft 200 little over 7 in fairly thick shaved with a naturally smooth butthole. I considered myself versatile I didn't know what that meant at the time, I just started out with strap-on play from my girl until she wanted me to be with a guy which I told him my earlier story. At that time I was instructed to fuck him also after he had fucked me.

Anyway now that you're caught up, we decided we wanted to try a couple where the two of us guys would be mostly submissive to the women but also suck and fuck each other as they commanded. Once again Sarah did the leg work on the dating site for bi couples and she found a beautiful couple in their mid twenties, he was mainly submissive she liked to dress him up but he could also be a top if she instructed him to so this seemed like the perfect fit.

Friday night came and we drove about an hour away to their house and started out with a few drinks. After loosening up a little the girl said they wanted us to kiss each other as we kissed they undid our pants and took our shirts off, we continue to kiss and suck on each other's nipples for about 5 minutes till our cocks were rock hard. She told her husband to take my hand and walk me to the shower and for us to douche each other very good because we were going to see a lot of action... And little did we know what they had planned, we were going to see a lot of action. When we came back out into the master bedroom the girls were both in very sexy outfits wearing strap-ons. We both got on our knees immediately and I sucked his girls cock while he sucked my girls. After a few minutes his wife flipped a coin and then informed everyone that her husband was going to take my cock first, I was not to pull out but come in his ass and immediately clean it up and kiss him with it. Just hearing her say that and my girlfriend agreeing I almost came right there. He was on his hands and knees near the edge of the bed and the three of us all stood behind him as they spanked his ass and guided my spit lubed cock into his tight little pink hole. My girlfriend stuck her cock in his mouth and reached under playing with his nipples in his cock while his wife's little finger in my ass, that was too much I erupted within about three or four minutes. As I was instructed I laughed it up and we both made out and swallowed all my jiz.

Next was my turn but they had a surprise for me. I was instructed to go in the living room and watch some porn which was on TV out there. After about 10 minutes I was called back into the room where they had dressed him up in stockings garters makeup and a blonde wig. His wife said your girlfriend told me you like to get fucked by girls so now you have a new girlfriend for the night and she's going to stick her hard cock in your ass. I love having my nipples played with as I'm being fucked and just before my girlfriend had a back. They had me sucking their strap-ons as they played with pinched and sucked my nipples holding my legs back as he thrust 6 in super thick cock into me. I thought them cross-dressing him was a surprise but the real surprise was about to come. They said we're going to do something different this time, My husband's going to come in your ass but he's not going to eat it out and feed it to you we're going to leave in there as lube in another friend of ours is going to fuck your tight little ass while we watch. Keep in mind all this is being told to me in the heat of the moment is I'm being pounded in the ass and pure ecstasy. Man was it a turn on my cock was so hard again and sure enough standing in the bedroom doorway naked was a little bit older gentleman probably around 50, at least 10 years older than me and my girl and twice the other couple's age. After about a 10-minute good hard fuck he came a nice warm load in my ass as they called the other gentleman over and instructed him that I was all his.

So as I took his 8-in cock I watched my girlfriend and his wife spit roast him with strap-ons until the older gentleman was ready to come at which time me and the husband got on our knees and sucked on his big cock going down the shaft meeting each other at the tip kissing back and forth sucking his balls until he came all over our faces and we happily clean each other up. He might have been on Viagra or something cuz he never missed a step his cock stayed rock hard as the wife told my girlfriend she would love to see him fuck her, my gf and her dripping wet pussy said yes of course. She must have orgasmed 10 times in that few hours we were all together, I got off three times really hard myself as did the other dude.

Over the next year so we had several more encounters with this same couple as well with other couples and singles, stay tuned I will tell you some more experiences. I told the story how I got started with my girlfriend and the strap-on and she wanted me to be with another guy told the story of my first buy experience that she set up and I thought I posted it but I don't see it on here anywhere so I might have to tell you guys again soon.

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written by floyd1212

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