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I'm happily married 16 years. Great sex life with the wife. One night changed everything and we've never been happier.

I was at the gym yesterday and I was taking a shower after working out. This black man came into the shower wall and I hadn't realized i looked towards him and my eyes froze on this 8 or 9 inch long thick black dick.

He looks at me and says it's ok to get a little peek my friend but it's impolite to stare.

I was mortified he started laughing so hard. Then he said it's ok if you want a better look since it's clearly your first time seeing a monster cock and said you gotta see it from this angle though and told me to get closer.


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As i bent forward he pointed it in the air and guiding it to my face. He said watch this part closely and stuck the tip of his cock in my mouth and pushed it in and out of my mouth about 20 times and released my hair.

He said we're getting a motel and we finished showering.

We got to the motel and he immediately started taking off his suit and hung it up. I just tossed mine on the chair.

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He walked over to where I was sitting on the foot of the bed and I stared licking the head of his now stiffening cock head and I was surprised how good it tastes. I started moving my mouth up and down and he said no woman had ever swallowed that much of his dick down their throat before and I realized i was pushing him down my throat and hadn't realized it.

Turns out I'm a natural cock sucker and it's a rare gift being able to swallow a cock without gagging much. And I love the taste of swallowing cum. As he sucked my dick he was playing with my ass by rubbing his finger across the entrance and it felt amazing getting a blowjob while getting fingered. He said step towards him around his legs like i was sitting on his lap, he started sucking my head and started rubbing his cock head on my lubed asshole and then i was twisting my hips back and forth because his head felt great sliding through my ass cheeks and it went in and I was surprised how I started moving up and down as I started bouncing on black cock.

I have never cum so much and 3 times in 20 minutes.

Then he said we were going to have dinner tonight and he wanted me to bring my wife and it was to introduce him as my new friend to explain us hanging out together here and there. I figured that makes perfect sense since I fully plan to let him fuck me again. anytime he was available. He told me he owns my sissy asshole and when he wants to push his cock into my ass I was to bend over no questions. As i bounced on my magical asshole satisfied boi pussy and came without touching my dick i told him whenever you want me baby it's yours. And I mean it's spectacular to be a sissy for black cock.

I called my wife told her about meeting him at the gym and I believe we're going to do alot of business together. She was happy to go to dinner with my new friend and his wife.

She showed up early and had to wait until we got to his room to have a drink before dinner.

His wife was going to be a hour later so we were smoking weed and a couple drinks later we're dancing around having a good time. I told Tony to watch this and I asked my wife to sit on my lap and whispered for her to give me a lap dance. She started squirming all over my lap grinding back and forth. I told her to give Tony a lap dance too as she started grinding her pussy across his lap she ran across this huge bump and started grinding on his cock. I saw it in her face that she was being turned on. I watched as I told her to take off her top so we can see her beautiful tits and her eyes popped up looking at me and I smiled. She practically ripped her shirt off and I was thrilled that Tony reached around and grabbed her tits and she licked her lips and started grinding faster staring me right in the eye.
He told her to take her shorts off and sit on his cock. I watched her lean forward and pulled her shorts down with one hand and i almost came.

She asked me to lick her pussy when she rides it. I moved between her legs as she straddled his lap and then I told her I was sucking this cock a hour before I called her to get ready. And I dropped my mouth and started licking on his cock head. She came when I slipped my tongue between her clit and the head of his cock.

She told me she is so happy to be able to get her fantasies fulfilled together with her husband.

As they're back to fucking a knock on the door and i put my shorts on and answered the door. There's 3 black guys came walking in. She said she wasn't sure about a gangbang and I told her I am going to get every one of their cocks to cum in my mouth and ass. Multiple times. And she said she wanted to keep getting fucked so she said bring me a cock for my mouth.

I was sitting in a chair sucking 2 cocks and I made 1 guy cum in a couple minutes and blew their minds i became very popular with a cock in each end of my newfound sexuality and I was being slammed so hard i had a complete anal orgasmic rush and Tony was so hard he came in me again.

I look at my wife and she's laying across the end corner of the bed being pulled back and forth between 2 black cocks I'm talking she's being face fucked and is lovely to watch her transformation to a black cock creampie gangbang whore.

Later on a drink break she came over and sat beside me and said she was shocked about the gym happening but now she understands how i ended up enjoying a black cock in my mouth but was surprised how much she saw me enjoying it in my ass. I simply told her once we were alone and he put his cock in front of my face i was eagerly sucking on the head of his cock. And when I was sucking him he started fingering my ass and lubed me up and sat me down on his cock and I immediately started bouncing off and on until it was half in my asshole and I came without touching my dick and I love his cock now.

2 years later and I have a daily relationship with my wife we have a few bucks who we allow to violate our holes both me and my wife happily live in service for black cock now.

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