British gf turning me bi

About six months after meeting my girl she started getting kinky. Me becoming bi all started with a slip of her finger into my hole in the bathtub. I had done this to myself before a couple times and years prior, she asked me if it was okay and if it felt good, which I replied yes. Immediately after I was in the bed on my back with her tongue going in and out of my hole. Next she told me to hand her the astroglide, that was the beginning.

The next night we were at the sex store buying an array of toys and a strap-on, as well as a few bi videos. I loved having my nipples played with just before and while having my ass played with, she knew this and took full advantage for the next couple months. As she would make me deepthroat about a 7-in strap-on she would tell me, you wish that was a real cock don't you baby?. In that sexy British voice. It progressed from there she loved making me eat my own cum. When she fucked me in the ass with the strap-on when I exploded she would get it all in her mouth and bring it up and make out with me, continually telling me you know you wish this was another man's cum in your mouth. Till she finally flat out ask me if I would suck another man's cock and let him put it in my ass because that would really turn her on and she wanted to see it. When I answered yes I tried not to act too excited about it even though deep down I was excited about it and wanted to try it.

So one Thursday she told me that we were going to have somebody over for drinks on Friday night. I didn't realize what she was talking about it first so I was like who, thinking it was somebody we knew. She informed me she had gone on a bi dating site several days before and ran an ad for us. She had picked a guy she thought we would get along with. The only catch was he also liked having his ass fucked, so she asked if I would be able to put my cock in him also for her, which I wasn't sure of it first but she assured me that it would really turn her on to watch and it would feel really good as she did not do anal (not her ass).

So the next night a hot 23 year old guy showed up at our door (we were 35 and 37). We didn't finish our first drink and she lowered her top and said anyone for a nipple? As we were sucking our nipples respectively she pushed our heads together and said go ahead and kiss each other it's okay. During this we had undressed and she pushed me on the shoulder and said baby go ahead and get on your knees I'll see you suck his cock. It was a nice fairly thick 7 to 7 and 1/2 in just like mine. It didn't take long for it to get nice and hard as he stayed up kissing her and sucking on her tits.

After I sucked him for several minutes she instructed me to take his hand and lead him into the bedroom while she slipped into something sexy. She told us to both be sucking cock when she got in there, which we were as she came in with her favorite sexy outfit and a strap-on. She had me lay on my back and she started sucking my nipples. She held my leg back and told him she wanted to see him stick his cock in her boyfriend. It was a little tight and a little painful the first couple strokes but then it felt so good, she straddled my face as he fucked me. I guess my whole felt good too because it didn't take him 5 minutes and he was ready to blow. She asked him if he would come in my ass and we could all swap it afterwards to which he obliged. They both went down to my hole and kissed as they cleaned me out and they both came up and made out with me.

Now it was my turn, the part I wasn't sure of. But giving it turned out to feel almost as good as taking it. He had a totally smooth body including his little pink hole. She put him on all fours and got behind him with me and help guide my throbbing cock into his tight hole. After 10 minutes or so she wanted us all to try to come at the same time. So she took her cock off and laid on her back as he stuffed her wet pussy, after watching for just a couple minutes I got behind him again and slid my cock back into him. Not even 5 minutes later we are all coming almost simultaneously. He ended up staying the whole weekend, if you loved watching a shower together she loved watching us get in bed together. Many fantasies were fulfilled over that weekend and we did this several more times with the same guy and several other guys and couples over the next couple years.

Things definitely got progressively freak here over the next couple years too, I will definitely share some more stories about the experiences.

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written by floyd1212

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