When I Started Wanting Long Black Dicks

Those long black skinny dicks, and round black bubble butts. My fetish or obsession, fixation. It is in no way new. It all started at the park after swimming in the pool. Would come out of the pool and go into the showers. Taking the swimming trunks off everyone was naked. Then into the locker room to put dry clothes on. That's when I would see all their ass's, balls, and all of the dicks. I liked looking at them. My eyes would go right to them.

My eyes were drawn to them. It was hard, for it not to be so obvious. It became a fetish or obsession, a fixation bordering on a sickness. Those black round asses and long skinny wiggly black dicks. That's when it all started, there were lots of bigger, thicker ones, but my eyes would go to his long skinny dick wiggling around it was hypnotic.

Then as soon as I would see his dick my dick would get hard walking to the locker room. Getting dressed trying to hide it. We were all kids like our first hard-ons. I will put it this way when we were very young. Most of my first erections, I hate to admit, were from looking at long skinny black dicks.

This was way before porn. When I got much older and had access to porn it became even worse. In spring the water was way too cold in the lake. The pool at the park was great, I loved the diving boards and swimming. I would walk past the pool to see if he was in there. I would masturbate at night thinking of his long black wiggly dick, balls, and that black round ass. I suppose the word would be infatuation? Fixation? Or obsession.


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I would walk past the pool just to see if he was there. I would see him get so excited I had trunks in the locker. I would Go in there not to swim, I would but I just wanted to see his dick. Dive, swim a while then just Wait for the whistle to blow and the pool to close.

I would get hard knowing that I was going to see his dick balls and ass. It was awkward walking around with an erection. That fixation, obsession, or desire started when I was very young. It was like a reflex that was out of my control. I would see his dick balls and sweet black ass. I would get an instant erection.

The pool was one of few places that blacks and whites would mix. I loved their dicks, asses and balls. This was an extremely racist city. It was divided by the bridges, streets, or tracks, the boundaries, the dividing lines between the black and white Neighborhoods, etc. I am white, I thought to point that out.

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Walking past one morning he was in the pool. I got horny, I put swimming trunks on then went out into the pool. The whistle blew and the pool was closed. We were by the diving boards and went into the showers. I was wringing out my trunks in the shower he took off. As soon as I saw his dick, I got a hard-on.

I watched him walk into the locker room round black ass all soaped up stroking my dick a few times. I wanted to get in the locker room to see his dick before he got dressed. We had lockers across from each other. I would fixate on his long dick. The way it wiggled around it was so long and thin it was the sexiest thing in the world to me. Besides his ass and balls.

So, I came out of the pool one day. I sat down on a park bench outside the pool building. He walked up, sat down next to me and started talking to me. That sounds normal but not here and not then. I was supposed to stay over by my race and him over by his race. I would see his dick and get an immediate erection. More than just race, I was dealing with my bisexuality I was a preteen.

The race and my homosexual desires. Taboo issues. We sat there and talked while we got up and started walking. Then he puts his hand on my arm and says we can go over there if it is safe. So, I followed him into this abandoned building. I was so excited I was going to touch his dick and ass. Then went inside in this one room

I wanted to touch and feel his dick and then before I could do anything he pulled my pants down. I was so excited my dick was hard he started sucking my dick he really knew how to omg he was sucking and it felt so good it was unbelievable.

You see, I did not realize that when I would fixate on his dick, staring at it and my dick got hard. He would see mine getting erect. My eyes were looking at his dick so I did not notice he was looking at mine. He was just as fixated or even more obsessed than me.

I was amazed watching him sucking my dick. I had never seen or felt anything like that before. He was vigorously passionately sucking my dick. I told him I was going to cum he looked up at me my dick in his mouth saw a look on his face when I came in his mouth. He liked it.

I was so glad he sucked my dick. I felt free and comfortable wanting to touch his dick balls and his ass. Then I got on my knees and pulled his pants down there. It was looking at the object of my obsession, I had all summer.

I did not need instructions. I wanted to kiss, lick, squeeze, suck, and stroke it. Both my hands are squeezing it. I started stroking it and licking that dick's head. I was rubbing it on my lips.

Then I put it in my mouth and started sucking it. He had one really long dick. Then, after I licked and kissed it then sucked on it, wow it got really long and so hard and stiff. I would masturbate dreaming of his dick. I never thought about what I would do when or if. I loved his ass, I started squeezing it as I sucked his dick. I stopped sucking only to lick and kiss his balls.

It was like Christmas morning. I had the toy that I wanted more than anything and was finally now mine. That is when my fetish or obsession for long black dicks had really started. I sucked his beautiful dick stroked it with both of my hands. It was everything I wanted and more. I did not need any lessons on how to. It all just came to me naturally; I am a cocksucker. I stroked it, sucked it, then like a peak, the crescendo I felt it get so hard in my mouth then it started pulsating and it erupted, burst in my mouth. It was total ecstasy.

It pulsates, throbbing, pumping all that hot cum into my mouth. I was in a state of mind I had never been in. The culmination of all my fantasies and sexual desires. I became a cocksucker! I guess, it is what I am and was always meant to be. His hot cum shooting into my mouth was like my reward. I did not want the taste. It was the warmth, the pulsating, of his dick and it pumping all the warm cum into my mouth. That is what I loved.

The Summer was coming to an end, there would be no more swimming pool. No more planning, and, hoping that he would be there so I could see his dick. The page had turned in many ways. He wanted, loved it, as much or even more than I did. We started planning how we would be able to meet and suck each other's dicks. We made up excuses and what we would tell our parents, planning when and how we would meet.

Never talked about it, but knew we needed to hide it. What we were doing was so wrong. Then we went back to school. We would meet up after school. I looked forward to it so much it became the best part of my day. Taking his pants down and sucking his dick. He took my pants down putting my dick in his mouth.

We made time every day to meet and do it. I would squeeze his ass while sucking his dick. One day he pulled his pants off and he bent over and spread his ass cheeks. It was so beautiful. I started squeezing it got on my knees and started kissing his butt hole

Then I had this uncontrollable desire to stick my tongue deep into his asshole. It made me so horny. It's not as if we got a set of instructions but knew that what we were doing was wrong. That drove the sexual desires even more. The race we both knew understood we had to hide it.

So, after putting my tongue in his ass. He spread his ass cheeks and said put it in. He wanted my dick in his ass. Not only did I have an obsession with his long black dick, but also with his round black bubble butt. He enjoyed me putting my dick in his ass and I had his bubble butt on my stiff dick it felt so good.

His ass coming back, to meet my thrusts. I liked it, wanted to do it as much, or even more than he wanted me to do it to him. I started to think. I wanted to feel that. To enjoy it as much as he did. So, the next day. I just bent over and spread my ass wide, and I told him to put it in me. He loved me fucking him, and I wanted to feel that to enjoy it. like he did.

I wanted to feel his dick going deep into my ass. His dick went in so long it went into my ass so deep, and it felt so good. I loved his dick in my ass. Now I was more than just a cocksucker. It was like after his dick went in my ass and realized I enjoyed it so much.

I was now a real homo. We both loved dicks in our asses and it felt so good. We knew we had to keep everything a secret. We never talked about it. In our daily meetings, it was not like we were following the rules of bottom and top.

One day he says, I am going to bring someone tomorrow. I was afraid not only were we black and white but homos. I said who? He said it's a girl. I say a girl? We are sucking each other dicks and fucking each other! And you want to bring a girl? I was freaking out. What if she tells people? What we are doing. He says don't worry.

It was strange so, the next day, I did not make a move, he pulled my pants down and started sucking my dick. In front of the girl! She started sucking my dick with him and squeezing my ass, and it felt so good. I was squeezing her ass and she liked it. It was all getting weird and was about to get even weirder.

I just wanted to suck his dick. I did not want her to see. Then I said to myself oh the hell with it. We only had so much time. I had to go home and, I wanted to suck his dick and wanted us fuck each other. I said the hell with it. I started sucking his dick and she was licking his balls. I put them in my mouth and sucked them. I liked it, so we started sharing his dick and it was weird taking turns sucking his dick.

She was fingering my ass. I said OK, I am ready. He came around behind me because I liked it doggie style, he put me up my ass. She was sucking my dick, while he was fucking me in the ass, and I loved it. I told her, I am going to cum and she kept it in her mouth. It was strange at first for a girl.

It took a while to get comfortable with that. Then I fucked her. While I was fucking her. He put his dick in my ass and oh my god it felt so good. I loved it, I was in her hot pussy, his dick felt so good so deep in my ass. It was like heaven to me.

I was still afraid that she would tell someone, but she would have to tell herself too. It was strange sucking a dick and a girl seeing me doing it, and then joining in. Then even worst, a girl seeing me getting fucked in the ass, and me fucking another guy.

Everything was coming off the rails. Our hideout and our secrets were falling apart. Then brought another guy, I loved getting fucked in the ass while I was fucking him. Then two guys, a girl 3 even more, it was fun but I knew it would all fall apart.

My fetish or fixation over black dicks became even worse. I was the only white guy. I was different, being white my dick and ass got lots of attention especially my ass and I loved it. We pulled a train on the black guy with this perfect round bubble butt, around a dozen of us. It went from me and him to the girl then the group got bigger. So did the dicks bigger, thicker blacker.

We were not the only ones who loved sucking dick and getting fucked in the ass. So, after watching him enjoying a train getting pulled on him. I could not help it. I saw how much he enjoyed getting a train pulled on him. I wanted it too. I wanted one cock after another, up to my ass cocks in my mouth stroking one in each hand.

I got up the nerve and told them that I wanted them all to pull a train on me. I wanted to feel all the big black cocks in my ass. So, I just bent over. He was first in line; I was so afraid of it, oh my god his cock was so goddam big. I thought I would start screaming. It was over a foot fuckin long. That was one big, black, thick cock, it was massive. It was not a long skinny black wiggly dick. With a nice pointy dick head.

I wanted a train pulled on me, and all of them black dicks in my ass. So, I had to take them all. He put the head in. I said wow. That was one thick dick. The head of that dick was like 3 and a half inches long and as wide. I told him to stop and wait. I had that big thick wide dick head in my ass, my legs were shaking. He had at least 10 or 11 more inches of that massive dick to still put in my ass.

I almost said Hey, I changed my mind? I think he will take it out and go away. No, he was first in line. I don't think he would have pulled it out, he was liking his dick in my white ass. Me wanting to just change my mind was not an option.

I just had to relax, with that big thing in my ass and that was just the head of it. So, I told him that I will push back slowly on it. It would go in my ass at my own pace. I mean that was one big black fuckin dick think going break something back there. He was good about it. Slowly I mean slow It went further in each time I would push my ass back a little. I pushed my ass back slowly, and it went in deeper and deeper up my ass. Until I did not want to believe it.

I had to reach back and under I was standing doggy style and feel it, I looked under. I did not believe it. Feeling it's just his big ass balls. I was shocked. That big ass black dick was completely in and up my ass all the way to his big fuckin black balls. I squeezed mine and his balls together. I was so amazed not only because it was all the way in my ass, and it did not hurt. What really amazed me, was how good that big fuckin black dick felt so deep up in my ass.

There was no sense in spreading my ass wide, all that big dick was all the way in my ass and felt unbelievably good. So, I put my hands on my knees sticking my ass up and out, arching my back. I had all of that big cock up my ass then I said OK. He started fucking the goddam hell out of me.

In so deep hitting up, slapping my ass hard, slapping up against it making loud slapping sounds. He would pull it almost all the way out then back in deep I loved that feeling. Oh my God, it was so overwhelming he was pounding up against me hitting my ass so hard. I pushed my ass back and wanted that cock deep in my ass. He would pull out just head in.

Then he put it all the way deep in WOW oh what a feeling overwhelming as hell but it felt good. His dick was so damn long coming out then going in so deep. My ass was getting pounded hard. I got fucked before that but nothing like that. I actually started getting dizzy.

Then I felt it. WOW, sensed it he was ready to come was sort of relieved. That big hunk of rock-hard black meat up my ass. I felt that coming WOW it started to pulsate and throb. He put it so deep in my ass pulling me towards his dick my feet left the ground.

Then oh what feeling, I felt all of that hot cum pumping out, gushing into my ass with every pulsation, pumping shooting all that hot cum, so deep his dick was like a foot long all that dick was deep up in my ass. That warmth of it, and throbbing, pulsating so deep in my ass. It was all just so overwhelming I busted my nut, and I came, and oh my god, what a feeling having all of that hard stiff massive black meat in me.

It was so deep and I mean DEEP! up my ass, that was one big black dick. I blew one big load of cum out it was shooting out of my dick, at the same time he was pumping all of that hot cum deep into my ass. That was one hell of a buttfuck. Then he stopped pulsating.

I shot all that cum out. Then all of it at once he pulled completely out of my ass. Oh my God, that feeling It felt like I was turned inside out. I stood up straight, all that cum started bubbling and gushing out of my ass, running down my legs he really pumped a lot of cum out into my ass

Wow, I looked down. That was one, big puddle of cum. he came like a fire hose in my ass. It was a long time before I got a dick that goddam big up my ass again. I had a few of them that were even bigger in my ass. Not that day.

They were all lined up, and all waiting to take their turn. They were all watching me, taking that big cock up my ass. My asshole was so stretched out. It took a few minutes, for that being turned inside out feeling to dissipate. I had to readjust.

Getting fucked in the ass with a dick that size was one hell of a dam feeling, don't get me wrong I enjoyed it but not until after I got relaxed it had felt so good. I loved that big black dick up my ass. So, I got on my knees and started sucking the nice long black dick of the one behind him in line.

My rectum is readjusted. So, then I turned around and bent over spreading my ass wide open and I took one big black cock up into my ass after another. I loved the feeling of all of them rock hard, stiff, big, long, black, dicks going into my ass.

I would have one in my mouth sucking and licking kissing their dick heads. Would have one in each hand stroking them, so stiff, hard dicks taking turns sucking on one dick then the other while one big black dick after another was going in my ass.

I did not feel so bad when some of the others started wanting trains pulled on them. Me wanting it and enjoying it, so much was even worse, with the race aspect of it. It was all so disgusting and sickening. I enjoyed the hell out of it.

I wanted all of them black dicks in my ass and in my mouth sucking them. I just did not care. I wanted it and I enjoyed it. Then winter came, and the end was near. The last train pulled all 8 of them lined up, and they all took turns and fucked me. I loved all the black big dicks in my mouth and up my ass. I got fucked and sucked all of them dicks like a slut and pig.

It was never like that again, or I wasn't in any group, pulling trains. Not until I got older did, I realize that I was not the only sickening white guy that loved sucking big black dicks. Then it all ended in the strangest way. They tore the abandoned building down. Then January came too cold. I mean cold. I was twisted and became warped a long time ago. My obsession with black dicks and asses only intensified through the years.

One woman lived with for years. She came home early once. I was on the floor 69ing with a black guy. Then years later I thought I would explain if anything like that happened. She said oh Ya you're normal. I would have felt better about myself if that came from someone that was actually normal. What is normal? Who the Fuck knows This is just one Sicking perverted fucked up story? Written by another sickening perverted person.

In the words of one of my favorite writers

"There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, Between science and superstition, and it lies between The pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone." That's the signpost up ahead-your next stop, the Twilight Zone!"

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