Little White Boy

Hello to all you big black guys. I wanted to share a bit about me and some experiences growing up in Africa, cape cod. It was a different time back in the 70s to explore and learn. I was going thru puberty when we moved there for 3 years on my dad's contract. Life was about to change as I grew up. First was school and making new friends than learning my surroundings, where things took a turn. After being there for my first year, I was getting more curious about my sexuality, and going thru puberty, I was jerking off every day and sometimes 2-3 times a day. I was one horny little white boy.

I saw one morning our yard man below my bedroom window in the bushes. I wondered what the heck he was doing, so I watched for a bit till all of a sudden, a young black boy arrived. I kept watching, and soon he had his pants off, and I wondered why but it got better as Hakim started to rub and suck him. I was well WOW watching, and soon Hakim lowered his pants and got sucked on by the boy. I could see everything and his cock just getting big. I was not gay by all means, but curious, I watched as Hakim turned the boy around. He was rubbing his cock up and down in the boy's ass till I heard the boy going aye aye-aye, and it appeared he was definitely fucking him. I watched from my window rubbing my little white cock using the precum to lube it and jerk off, it lasted 5-8 minutes, and it was over.

WOW, I thought, and off to school, I went. I would take a taxi to school in the morning and get back home too, so I was on my own during the day. I could not help thinking about what I saw and kept staring at men's crotches on the taxi, looking at the bulge in their pants. I could feel my little white cock getting hard. After school that day, I stopped at the public bathroom on the way to where I took the taxi. This time decided to use the toilet, small dark slots in the wall with a 1/2 door. I usually used the urinals, but this time I went there hoping to jerk off as my little white balls were ready to explode, my first time using the toilet. I was shocked to see holes on each side, like pear shape holes pretty long and prominent. I tried stuffing toilet paper in there, but they were too big, so I did my thing, and soon I heard the door next to me open and close.

I sat there with my stiff little white cock and stopped jerking off, I just sat there, but curiosity took over, and I casually looked from the side of the hole to see a black man with his pecker in his hand, just gently stroking it, my heart was racing and pounding so hard I'm sure he heard it. I looked again, and god, it was getting enormous. Omg, it got me excited to be so close and to be able to watch. Soon he caught me sneaking a peak, without warning he put it in the hole, holy crap, there it was, a full-grown black man's cock right there in front of me, WOW and I'm not sure what to think, but I want, I gently put my hand on it, it was really hard and pretty large. I had never seen one yet. I gently stroked it for a bit but being young inexperience, he got bored and pulled it out, and so I thought maybe I should put mine in, and I did.

Well, let me tell you, it took but a second to feel his lips on my little white cock, and I was in aw, he sucked me till I let go and he swallowed too, holy cow but now I just fell like getting the fuck out of there and split before he can come out and zoom I'm gone. I started to go more often and enjoy this newfound pleasure, and the same cock would appear, guess he would wait to see what white boy would go in there, and it was me, lol. After a few weeks of touching his cock and getting sucked, I noticed that if I sat in the middle can, both stalls on each side would get used when I went in, which was more exciting. Sometimes I would use the other hole, you know to change it up a bit try a different set of lips, hahaha, but the holes were big enough that a man could slide his arm in and grope my ass while I was getting suck, pretty hot for me.

They eventually knew it was me, and one man came up to me one day and said I should be careful so men would do things to me. I said, ok, but I have to pee, and he looked at me and said, you go there to play. You know that they all talk about your little white cock and ass and the things they want to do to you. Be careful, and I just said ok. as months went by, the same black man was always there, a little overweight and around 40 to 50. I would think greying hair against his dark skin, and he was very nice. One day as I went in he said I should follow him to his house, well more like a shanty house after I pee, he convinced me that I would be safer there than here and I hesitated but eventually agreed to follow him, we walked down some dirt paths and finally arrived at his place, a small shanty house, maybe 10x15 small, dirt floor one bed a table a few shelves with some good on them a radio but nothing fancy, I quickly entered so no one would see me, he closed the wood shutters and offered me some water, as I sat down he told me men were looking at me and I had to be careful, he wanted to make sure I would be safe in my adventures and explained it to me and soon his hands were on my knee and sliding up my shorts as he asked if I enjoyed what happened there, I just sorta said yes and he kept groping, I could feel my little white cock getting stiff as he grabbed it in my shorts, he said if I pull it out he will suck my, would I like that, HA of course I would this is why I followed him, I stood up and he undid my shorts and pulled them down along with my undies, exposing my hairless cock to him.

I stepped out of my shorts and let him do it. I was lying on the bed on my back with him sucking me, soon my legs were on his shoulder as he was licking my butt hole omg, I couldn't believe it, but it felt good, so there was no stopping. I watched as he took his pants off and puffed. There was a black cock right there. He pulled me up and took my head, and guided it to his cock, wanting me to suck it. I had not sucked cock yet but knew this was what he wanted, so I did. I immediately gagged, he put it back in my mouth, and I gagged again, which went on for a bit. It's not that he had such a big one. I just was not used to it, so I would stroke him and just suck the tip. It drove him wild to have such a young white boy sucking his black cock, it got real hard, really hard, soon he went back down on me, sucking me and pushing his tongue in my little hairless white ass, I could hear him going mmm mmm mmm, and I just let him go.

He asked if I liked it, and I did say yes. I watched as he pulled a jar of cocoa cream, that stuff is everywhere there, I knew what it was because I used it to jerk off and put things in my ass, he put two fingers in the jar and pulled a gob of it out and went straight to my little hole and stuffed it in, I know what was going to happen I had seen it, and I wanted to try it not going to lie, he stuffs it in my boy hole and started to finger me while sucking my cock, omg I thought. one finger then 2 and he kept going, and I told him it hurt, and he slowed but went back at it and just said let it happen, don't fight it relax to let it happen as he put a third finger in me. He's not sucking me anymore. He's just fingering my ass and watching it take his fingers. I'm on my back and just laying there, and every once in a while, he goes deeper in me, and I feel that.


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He is loosening my boy hole, and I know what he will do. I wanted to but never knew it would hurt. At this point, he makes me turn around and bend over the bed as he sits on a chair. My legs are spread, my little cock is sticking out, and he is fingering my ass. I turn my head just to see him jerking his cock with cocoa cream, a shiny black cock, fuck I am excited he is going to do it to me. Then he stands and lowers himself to my height, and I feel hot, like the scorching tip of his black cock touching on my ass hole as he glides up and down past it and then puts the tip in. He repeats it, this goes on for a bit, and it feels good as the tip glides by my little hole, and he tells me just take it, relax, just let it happen, and I feel it pushing in me.

Well, holy Christ, that fucking hurts, hurt like nothing else I have experienced fuck it hurt, he stops and pulls out and get's me to lay face down on the bed and climbs on me, I feel his legs pinned my little skinny white legs down as he guides his cock in me again, fuck me it hurts ouch ouch ouch but this time he goes in deeper, mother fucker it hurts, he says it again, just let it happen and I feel like stopping but he stays on top of me pushing it in till finally he goes past the spincher, at this pint I feel paralyzed but it doesn't hurt anymore the deeper he goes and I am helpless as he starts to fuck, soon he is in balls deep because his big balls are slapping my scrotum, I can't believe it's happening a man is fucking me, just like the little black boy and his big hard black cock is all the way in, and he fucks and fucks and fucks, he is fucking me so much he is sweating on me, he must of fuck my hole for 20 minutes as I feel him getting louder and grunting and he starts to cum.

I know this because my boy holes are suddenly more lube or wet as he fills my tiny white ass with a hot load of cum, and he starts to pound me to finish. For me, it was pain and pleasure for him, pure satisfaction for having deflowered a virgin white boy. He finally is done just laying on me as his cock is milked out and starts to go limp. He tells me how good I am and not to go back to the washroom because many men want to fuck my little white ass. Some have really big cocks, and it would hurt more, but I can always come back here. He would be nice to me, well I took his advice, and every 3-4 days, I would go to the bathroom to see if he was there. Still, sometimes he wasn't, so I would go in and use the pisser and see if I could get another black man to play with, and I did, and he was right. Some were hung like donkeys and had sex with a few of them as well.

I eventually learned to suck black cock and swallow if they were too big to let them fuck me, but you know when a man is horny and wants to fuck, he will. We made our three-year contract and then returned home to Montreal. I was no longer a shy little white hairless boy. I know how to suck and fuck, and I carried on. Today I am older, and from all those ass fucking I took and cocks I sucked and swallowed some older men now still love fucking my loose cunt, it is perfect for slamming your hard fat cock in balls deep hard, I've been told old men with open holes are the best fuck, I like hearing that.

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