Me and Momma's First Time

So in the summer when I was getting ready for my senior year of high school because of my birthday I had just turned 18 and had been sexually active for a while. One Friday night my girl was on her period and we had gotten into an argument and I was mad and horny as hell so I figured I would just go home take a shower and masturbate.

When I went to get my best two dirty magazines in between my box spring and mattress they were gone and this had happened twice before so I knew my mom had taken them she told me to stop jacking off so much. So I was wearing nothing but my underwear and I tipped toed to mom's room and her door was open about 6 inches I went in now the last two times my magazines were on her closet self this time they weren't.

Now I began to wonder did she throw them away how could she be so cruel then as I started to leave I caught a glimpse of something laying on the floor by momma's bed. I couldn't believe what I saw my mom was completely naked and my magazines were open to a fuck scene now mom and dad had been divorced for about 2 years at this point anyway now there I am in complete shock and speechless I could tell my mom had a nice body but words can't describe how amazing she looked. So there I am standing in nothing but my underwear and horny as what at first I thought just get your mags and leave but it's like I was memorized by her beautiful body.

I just stood there rubbing my cock through my underwear at first then I took off my underwear and with one hand I started stroking myself and with the other I started to feel her pussy and before I knew it she was still asleep but she was getting wet then she suddenly opened her eyes and there I was naked dick hard and fingering her pussy. She immediately wanted to know what the hell I was doing and by this point I was about to explode I said momma can I please cum on your tits I'll clean it up and before she could answer I got off so much. I then attempted to start licking it off and she was like no no that's nasty it's meant for women not guys I said it's ok I like it momma. So after I cleaned it up I asked momma if she wanted to come to my room with me and make love at first she was hesitant and said we couldn't because I was her son I was back to fingering her and she was very wet. So I told her to think about it and let me know about 5 minutes later she came into my room I was back to playing with myself and she was still naked she climbed in bed with me and we started kissing like two lover's. I ate her sweet pussy and as I was slowly making love to her she asked me why I ate the cum off her pussy.

Momma said you're not gay so why? I told her that my cousin who is the same age as me and lives down the road that jim and I have been learning how to give each other head and swallowing cum almost instantly I felt her pussy tighten up and she shuddered with another orgasm.

After our second round of sex mom asked me about me and my cousin and I told her that we love pussy but we like sucking dick to. I could tell she was getting into it so I told her tomorrow night instead of going bowling come home early and catch us and then you can join us so she did and Jim was so shell shocked when she asked us if either of us had fucked each other when we told her no she demanded that we do so needless to say it was an amazing experience and after I continued to fuck my mom for about a year with my cousin joining in about 3-4 times.

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written by made4bilove

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