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Roger and Stan get together to have a nude sexual submission fight in the presence of their wives.
3 2885 words 13 mins relationship

My Wife Watched as I got Fucked by a Big Cock

This is the 100% true story of how my wife got revenge for some severely hard ass fucking I had given her. Being a dominant female and one who always enjoyed making me submit to her completely this was her ultimate way of asserting her dominance.
4 4639 words 21 mins first time & relationship

The Couple Next Door

I am a white girl in my teens, and have nice long shapely legs, blonde hair down to my waist, a tiny bottom, and a cute little face. It started when I was hanging out some undies that had just come out of the washing machine on a hot sunny day in the middle of July, and in the garden next door was this muscular black guy smiling at me.
3.7 1647 words 7 mins interracial

Young Marrieds

Friends see each other after a time. They had a special closeness that resumes. They talked for a while and said they needed to stop by and see each other if they ever got the chance.
3.6 767 words 3 mins friendship & relationship

It's just sex

Anyway, I had gotten a little bit of a reputation of fucking and moving on from one girl to another. Things suddenly changed when I became a sophomore and had a new on campus roommate.
4.3 2598 words 12 mins college & first time & friendship & masturbation

Maintenance Man with Hot Tenant and Her Black Boyfriend

I got lucky in my maintenance duties one day and got to have sex with a tenant and her hung black boyfriend that I had the hots for for awhile.
3.7 1061 words 5 mins encounters

A Horse Dick Harry Fuck

I know you have seen or heard of guys with dicks that are over fourteen inches long. Well this is what happens when a dick that huge enters a young girl pussy and young boy ass.
3.9 3051 words 14 mins beginnings & domination & encounters & friendship

My first BBC

My first sexual experience with another man. I was working overseas in Korea with some other Americans in a town just outside of Seoul. A few of us decided to go into the city one night after a hard day's work.
3.5 1248 words 6 mins encounters & first time

Jerking Off with My Best Friends

It was a beautiful day and Clive and Clinton were at a my house. We were playing video games all day when Clive opened is phone and his gay porn from the day before started playing. This short story is my fantasy of what happens next.
3.1 285 words 1 mins masturbation

My First MWM Bisexual Threesome

This was my first bi threesome. I told my wife I was bi shortly after we got back together in our mid 30s. I'd known her all my life, we were even high school sweet hearts.
3.8 1443 words 6 mins beginnings

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