Maintenance Man with Hot Tenant and Her Black Boyfriend

I am a maintenance man for a property management company and take care of properties in Cincy and NKy. I've always had the hots for Danielle since the first time I saw her. She is mid 30's I'd say with a nice firm pair of 36 breast and a gorgeous ass with short curly blonde hair to her shoulders.

Her boyfriend was a nice looking black guy around 5'10 with a muscular build, shaved head and mustache with a nice bulge in his pants. His name is Mike. I went to Danielle's to take care of a issue she was having with her shower. When I got there I knocked on the kitchen door a few times.

After a few minutes she opened another door and told me to come in, so I walk over to the door and step into the house. Mike is laying on the bed watching TV, dressed, but has a blanket covering his crotch. Danielle is dressed in a pink pair of yoga pants and a short t- shirt showing off her killer ass. She walked back over to the bed and laid back down with Mike.

She told me to go in and out of that door and not to open the kitchen door. I said OK and went in to fix the issues she was having. I had to go to the truck a few times to get supplies and every time I went as I walked toward the bedroom I could here them rustling around, by the time I got there she was laying with her head on his stomach and her hand on his thigh and he still had his crotch covered.


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When I finish my work I walked quietly toward her bedroom this time, when I looked inside here is Danielle sucking Mike's cock .I stood and watched for a few minutes as she licked and sucked the head of his cock. They both had their eyes closed so they didn't even know I was there til I cleared my throat and said excuse me, but I am finished.

They were surprised to see me standing there and they both apologized. I just laughed and after a minute so did they. Mike covered his cock up quickly and Danielle was 14 shades of red . I just made light of it and went back to get my tools together.

As I went to leave, they ask me if I'd be interested in joining them. Said they'd been talking about having a threesome for some time now. I said sure ,it was a dream come true for me come true.

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They both got up out of bed and we all took our clothes off and got naked. Once we were all naked I was looking over Danielle's hot body and checking out Mike as well , the six pack and his big cock that was at least 9 to 10"s long and standing straight up.

My cock was standing straight up as well , I walked over to them as Danielle sat down on the foot of the bed and took a cock in each hand and began licking and sucking the heads of both our hard cock. It felt so good and I was so turned on. She was going back and fourth sucking our cocks.

Mike and I was standing and looking at each other over and enjoying her mouth when out of the blue Mike leaned toward me and kissed me. I kissed him back and began to French kiss. We kissed a few times long and passionate. Then began to play with each others nipples as Danielle continued to suck our cocks.

I wound up dropping to my knees and started licking the shaft of his cock as she sucked the head of it til she offered it to me. I took it in my hand and stuff the thick head into my mouth and started sucking and stroking it as she started licking and sucking his balls. Mike pushed more of his cock into my mouth as he moaned, oh yeah. We sucked him as he fucked our mouths. Danielle and I would kiss now and again. I ran my middle finger down the crack of her ass till I found her wet pussy, then slid my finger in and started finger fucking her.

She moan and kissed me deeply. Mike wanted us to fuck Danielle, so she got up in the bed, Mike laid down in the center of the bed and she got on top of him and started sliding his cock into her pussy and riding him then he told me to get behind her and Fuck her ass. So I got behind her and started licking her ass to get it wet plus I got to lick her pussy and his cock a few times in the process.

She was eating all this up , when I got behind her and pushed my thick 8"s into her tight ass she moaned with pleasure and kept pushing back against my cock til it was all in. Then I took her by the hips and started pounding her. I could feel Mike's cock inside of her pussy as well. We fucked her til she came half a dozen times then changed positions.

I am behind Danielle doing her doggy style and Mike is standing straddling her, fucking my mouth. I have her by the hips pounding her tight wet pussy while he has both hands on the back of my head stuffing his thick black cock into my mouth as I suck and run my tongue around the head of it.

Wasn't long before Mike and I was ready to cum. I came first and pumped a huge load into Danielle's pussy. When Mike got ready to cum he pulled his cock out of my mouth and started pumping with his hand. Danielle and I was on our knees in front of him with our mouths open.

When he started cumming I got the first three big spurts then he shot some into her mouth then stuck it in my waiting mouth and let me suck him dry and that took a few minutes. We all collapsed in the bed and laid together for a bit then I got up and left. I had another 3 some with them a few months later.

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written by Bob 35

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