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When my wife changed gynecologist she asked me to go with her to the first appointment. She was nervous cause this was going to be her first male gynecologist. Previously she had had a woman.

We arrive at the doctor's office and the nurse asked my wife to take her clothes off and change into a paper teddy that tied around her neck. We both went into the exam room and I assumed at some point I would leave before the exam actually started.

In a few moments the door opened and in walked a young male doctor. He looked to be in his mid 30's, Italian and muscular. He closed the door behind him and after a moment of introductions asked my wife to get up on the exam table and lay on her back. As she did, the short teddy she was wearing rose up her thighs exposing the dark, hairy triangle of her bush. Both the doctor and I looked at her at the same moment and I got an immediate hard on, knowing this man was looking at my wife's bush with me.   I didn't budge off the stool I was sitting on that was on a couple of feet away from the exam table where my wife was lying. The young doctor walked around the other side of the  exam table from where I was sitting, reached down and untied the strings of the teddy from around my wife's neck.

He then pulled the top of the teddy down over her chest to her waist, exposed her beautiful breasts to both our view. I was transfixed and turned on.   I couldn't but help notice that my wife's nipples were already hard. Was that from the cool air or her own excitement of being exposed to our stares? He proceeded to give her a breast exam. Moving his hands over her mounds, probing with his fingers. I was getting very turned on sitting there watching this strange man move his hands over my wife's tits. Probably out of nervousness  and to break the silence, I asked the doctor what he was doing. He responded that it was a breast exam and then invited me over to the table so I could learn how to do it myself! I couldn't believe that he was going to actually show me how to do it. I got off the stool and stood across the exam table from the doctor while my wife lay between us. I look down at her ...she had her eyes closed but from her breathing and skin tone I could tell she was getting excited.   "Here give me your hand" said the doctor and he reached across the exam table took my right hand and placed it on my wife's breast. He kept his hand over my hand as he guided me across my wife's breasts, over her soft skin and nipple. His hand on my hand on my wife's body, what a turn on! We did both breasts. I moved back to the stool while he reached down and took the strings of her teddy covering her breasts and tying them around her neck. I sat with my hands in my lap to hide the huge erection I was having.   The young doctor then asked my wife to put her feet up into the stirrups at the end of the exam table. As she did this of course her pussy again became exposed to our view. Again we both looked down at her open legs at the same moment.   He walked around to the end of the table between her spread open legs pulled up a stool .Before he sat down he pushed up the bottom of teddy, exposing her from her navel down. From where I am sitting I can see that he is beginning to probe into her with one hand while his other hand rest comfortably on her mound! I look up at my wife's face..her eyes are closed her lips are parted and she seems to be breathing heavier now. She appears to be as turned on as I am by this strange exam.   Again to break the silence and deal with my nervous energy I asked the doctor what he was doing.

He responded "an internal exam" and then said "come here I will show you how to do it so you can do it at home and save the expense of a doctor's visit." I didn't think I had heard him right at first so I didn't move. But then he says again "Come here I'll show you how it is done" I stood up and began walking around to the end of the exam table, As I did so the doctor looked at my bulging pants and gave me a quick smile. "This guy knew exactly what affect he was having on me and was enjoying it."   He moved a little to his right which allowed me to squeeze my stool into the area between my wife spread legs. He first demonstrated how to put two fingers into my wife's opening and moving them around to feel the walls of her vagina. I noticed how wet she was and wondered how much was the k-jelly and how much was her own pleasure. Watching him move his fingers into and around my wife almost made me explode on the spot. When he pulled out of her his fingers were dripping wet. He then took my two fingers and guided them in my wife! She was incredibly warm and wet. At one point while my fingers were in her, he moved his two fingers into her also! We were both in her now, probing with our fingers. I could hear my wife quietly moaning now, her breathing heavy. This internal exam went on for a few more moments and then both the doctor and I pulled our fingers out of her and stood up.   We stood there and gazed down for several moments at my wife laying spread eagle on the exam table. The teddy was pushed up to her waist. Her curly black pubic hair wet and glistening in the glare of the exam room light. The doctor rested his hand on my wife's hairy bush,  and said she is very healthy, take her home.

He left the room, my wife got dressed and the minute we got home had the best sex we had had in months.   As I look back on that exam, it is hard to image that it actually happened, but it did, a true story. I think the doctor knew exactly what he was doing and was turned on by it. I know I and my wife were.

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written by shortrobert351

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