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Hi, guys, I often used to read stories about aunties and milf. I always had an attraction for older women in their 40s. I live with my mother Jayashri and my dad and brother in Pune. My mother is around 40 years old but she is good looking and a hot aunty.

She is little chubby with fats at the right places. She mostly wears sarees. So now I will directly come to the story. Last month we went to karad(Satara) for the wedding of one of my cousin. When we arrived at the airport I saw my cousin came us to receive us along with his friends in a car.

All three of them were studying in a college nearby. He introduced us to them one was Vishal and other was Sachin. While we were driving back to my cousin house. I could see both of them trying to stare at my mom's cleavage. I knew that very moment that these guys are college boys so they are horny.

We reached his place and met all our cousins and family members. Since marriage was the next day my aunt asked us to keep our stuff at Sachin's house which was near to their house. She told us that we will be staying there. Sachin then took luggage from my mom and guided us to his place.

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He was trying to get friendly with mom. I could see by the way he was talking to her. My mom was also fine with it and talking to him in a friendly way. We reached his place and took some rest. In the night after attending the function, we returned to his place. Sachin was accompanied by his friend Vishal too.

I was tired so went to sleep in the hall where all our beddings were laid. My mom, Sachin and Vishal went in the balcony as they wanted to enjoy a few drinks together. A few minutes later my mom came and slept beside me. I could see both Sachin and Vishal enjoy their drinks.

They kept drinking and around 1 am I heard the sound of someone entering the hall. I opened my eyes a little and saw Sachin who was drunk came near my mom and lie next to her. I didn't say anything as I thought we all need to sleep in one hall. So it's fine we need to adjust.

But after 5-10 minutes I saw him moving his hands slowly over my mom's legs and was trying to lift her saree. As he was slowly lifting her saree I could see her toned thighs which could give any guy hard on. Slowly he moved his hands inside her saree which even shocked me.

Now I could see my moms saree lifted till her belly. She was wearing a pink panty. I was getting hard on too but was nervous as to what he was up to. He slowly pulled her panty down so that she doesn't wake up. Then he came near her pussy and tried to smell her opening.

He gently inserted his finger in her pussy and slowly started to stroke her pussy with fingers. Suddenly because of pleasure mom woke up and was shocked to see Sachin fingering her pussy. She didn't know what to say. As she was about to open her mouth to say something Sachin put his hands on her mouth and whispered something in her ears.


To which she said, "No, please Sachin." But he kept on moving his fingers in and out of her pussy making her wet too. If she shouted then I might wake up and it would be awkward for her. So she succumbed to him and asked him to be gentle else I might wake up.

Now I knew mom has to support him as he is drunk and he might harm both of us. He then opened her blouse and unhooked her bra. Her melons were quite big. He started massaging them with his hands. She was getting difficulty in controlling her pleasure. He started sucking and biting her nipples very hard.

He also kissed her lips. After a few minutes, he bent down on her and started to lick her pussy. She was enjoying it and so was he. After a few minutes, he lay down and asked my mom to stroke his dick. My mom slowly stroked his dick and even sucked it a little.

After making his dick wet my mom opened her legs for him. He took out a condom from his pocket wore it and gently entered my mom's pussy. Slowly he was stroking her and pressing her breasts. Both were fucking and I could see both in sweat after a few strokes.

He asked mom to sit on his cock and took her in cowgirl position. After a few strokes and a lot of nipple sucking, he couldn't control and cummed inside her. They both lay in silence for a few minutes. Then he went to his room to sleep. My mom got up and went inside the bathroom to wear her clothes.

I thought to see what is happening. I was shocked to see Vishal running towards the bathroom. As my mom entered the bathroom he went from behind and caught hold of her. She was shocked to see him there. He said, "Jayashri I also want the same pleasure from you."

She first resisted but then Vishal blackmailed her saying he has her video with Sachin. She didn't know what to do and asked him to close the door. He pushed the door but I could still see both of them. She bent down on her knees and was sucking Vishal's cock.

His cock was black in color as he was a dark fellow. His cock was thicker then Sachin's. He was enjoying the blowjob from her. He then made her bend and he then inserted his penis in her pussy without a condom in the doggy style. He was fucking her hard and faster. I could see pain and pleasure in her eyes.

After a few strokes, he licked mom's pussy. Then he laid her in spooning position and fucked her in her ass. She was in pain but he didn't mind it as he was making hard strokes. After a few strokes, he too cummed. I thought this might be it. But after that, both Vishal and Sachin fucked her two more times the same night.

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