Sis squirt's on my face

So my sister is six years older than me but we've always been close. She married her high school sweetheart and they had two kids and we're married until she was 29.

So I was working in Arizona for about a year and while I was gone my sister and her husband got a divorce. Now I came home and she was a mess and needed a shit ton of work done around her house so we agreed that I would be staying with her for a while helping out. Now my sister has always been touchy feely.

The day I got home was a Friday and her two kids were at their dads for a week on summer break. So sis tell's me we're gonna go eat and go to the bar and have drinks and catch up.

After being at the bar for about 2 hours she was getting pretty drunk as I was too but she was just so happy I was home and was back to touching all over me, now mind you I was 24 at the time and hadn't been laid in about a week. So my sister lives about 20 minutes from the bar and since she was way drunker than me I drove all the way home she talked and touched. I am not gonna lie my sister is sexy and I was getting a chubby so when we pull in her driveway she asked me did I need her to do anything for me and I said yes go put on something sexy and I'll get us some drinks.

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So when she came out of her room I was nearly speechless she was wearing a green lingerie that was pretty revealing but we had our drinks and everything was good. Then she was at the kitchen counter eating from a vegetable tray and I walked up behind her all's I was wearing was a pair of gym shorts anyway I came up from behind her and put my arms around her waist and rested my head on her shoulder.

What happened next was mind blowing she immediately moved my hands from around her waist and put each hand on her tits and her nipples were hard, I caught my breath right away and didn't want this opportunity to slip away so I immediately started to kiss her neck and tell her how beautiful she was. She turned her head and we started kissing very passionately she turned around and I stopped and looked at her and said maybe we should wait until we're sober.

She said she wanted to fuck me for years but couldn't cheat on her husband and I had told her many times I jacked off thinking about her. It didn't take long for us to move to her bedroom and got naked pretty quick. I went and took a piss and when I came back she had some porno on but I was only paying attention to her.

We were kissing and laughing and I worked my way down to her sweet tasting pussy and that's when she started squirting all over my face and she was actually embarrassed because she had never squirted before. So needless to say I brought her to multiple orgasms before we even fucked.

So I was so ready to fuck her and I actually started to and she wanted to blow me and she was very good at it and it wasn't long and I was getting off in her mouth. I was so wrapped up in the moment I didn't realize when I cum in her mouth she came right up to me and started kissing me with my load in her mouth still.

I actually loved it and we were fucking for probably about 2 hours still watching the porno and I was holding her and there was a lady pegging her husband on the movie. Sis asked me if I was open minded and up for new adventures I laughed and said um yeah we're fucking ain't we.


And she looked at me and said she had a strap on in her closet and was gonna use it on this girl but it never happened and she was asking me if she could take my anal virginity.

Man I definitely wasn't expecting that and really before I could even answer she had the case down and was all excited. I was still buzzed from the alcohol and how she was getting set up I went to the kitchen and slammed 3 shots of liquor. When I came back in I will admit somehow she got even sexier with that strap on on. She explained to me that the attachment she had on there was a beginner size dildo and so was only 6.5 inches and smaller girth. When she started lubing up my ass and her cock my heart was racing and my cock started to throb a little she told me to just relax and trust her but I was nervous.

When I felt the head of that dildo go in me there was so much pressure and pain I started to back away and she was whispering to me just relax baby I'm gonna be nice but I am gonna make you my bitch. After a few strokes she was all the way in me and it wasn't feeling any better. Then after about 5-10 minutes she was really going at my ass legs up and it started to feel good in fact so good I cum on myself from her fucking me. My sister and I ended up having an affair for almost 2 years steady and she fucked me regularly with the strap on getting up to a 9 inch thick dildo.

Now she has a new husband and I'm engaged but at least once but usually twice a month we sneak off and get a motel room for a night and let me tell you something if we ever have to stop meeting up then I'm gonna have to talk to my wife and she's gonna have to fuck me I love grinding against that big cock riding it I've never been with a man but I love her strap on

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