Day with Ashley

The atmosphere in place is always a little different when she's around. It's as if her aura takes over the space... And who is she?.. If I had to describe her simply put, she's gorgeous... A deep caramel skinned beauty with full suckable lips.. Her name is Ashley, and she's all mine.

In the shower I keep flashing back to the morning's hike. The view was amazing. Not the hills or the trees, I forgot to mention. The ass on her is one for the books... After spending two hours watching it as it sways slightly left and right as she hiked up the hills of the trail, a man can't help but to want to touch, maybe taste, want to see it bent over.. I hop out the shower, gleam in my eyes.. Where is she? I hear her.. I catch a glimpse of her on the couch. She's still naked from her shower, laying on her stomach on a phone call, feet in the air. She has beautiful feet always pedicured toes.. And feet... lets just say I'm one of "those guys", I'm way into them.. And Ashley.. well she gets me..

So I kneel down to her soles and take a deep inhale... She lets out a low gasp and quickly ends her phone call... I kiss, lick, and suck everyone of her pretty toes... it drives her crazy and she turns around..

To give me that look. The one where her eyes get low, her stare intensifies and she bites the corner of her lower lip.. I remove my towel, cock pumped full of blood. I first slide it between her feet.. she lets out a sexy giggle of understanding and proceeds to let me slide in and out between her feet until I'm ready to take her.

She knows I'm ready. She stands up, runs her hands up my chest, to my shoulders stopping at my neck. She takes one hand and traces my lips with her index finger. This touch alone makes me want to drill into her. In tone she only uses in the bedroom she says, "you want to know what you've done?", "yes" I reply. She takes my hand slides my finger between her lips, and for lack of better words, it was as slippery as a freshly mopped floor. I go to lick her juices from my finger, and she says, "aren't you going to share?" And together we lick her from my finger, she loves her own taste as much as I do. Then she instructs me to come and "clean my plate" as she puts it. She grabs my hand and leads me to the bedroom.

I turn her around and kiss and suck her soft sweet lips, place her on the bed, spread apart her knees and proceed to clean my plate. Until there's not a drop left. Which is nearly impossible, because once she gets going she stays wetter than the streets after a hydrant bursts. She pulls me closer to her, tells me, "baby I want you.. Take it" in a breathy whisper. I gladly oblige. I dive into her, locked between her thighs, watching as her face shows her pleasure, listening as her moans tell the same story. Hearing her sends me closer to the edge. I back up, time to switch it up, time to see all that ass in its full glory. I taste her once more from behind before I take another dive. She fully arches to receive me and I dig deep, smack it, watch it ripple like a slight ocean wave. She commands, "smack it again baby'" I do, you hear it echo and she moans. She engages and thrusts back, this I can not take. I grip her shoulders, I go harder, deeper, faster. She moans louder and louder. I let out a deep moan of my own as pull out to "write my name" on her right cheek, and we collapse sweaty, exhausted and deeply satisfied.

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written by thaprofessor

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