Sunday on the beach

Sundays are always busy on the nudist beach. I usually make a point of setting out early but, as I'd had a very late night last night, it took me a while to get going and didn't get there until lunchtime. I'd definitely left it too late. The beach was crammed with families and groups of people, so there was nothing else for it but to climb round the corner in the hope of finding an unoccupied space in one of the small inlets between the rocks

This also came with an upside, as it's where a lot of guys go to cruise and have a bit of fun. I found a suitable spot, small, but still enough room for someone else to join me, so I laid out my towel, stripped off and settled down to enjoy the sun.

A short time later, a man's head appeared above the rock, then he clambered up.

'Mmm nice' I thought as I admired his tanned body, with dark hair on his chest and legs, not to mention a handsome face with dark eyes and a moustache. He smiled down at me, then turned back and took hold of a bag from someone else, followed by a cool box, then a woman appeared in a flowery sun dress and floppy hat.

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They climbed down and the man said "Is it okay if we are here? The beach is very busy today."

Although that was my day spoiled, I just replied "Of course. No problem."

They laid out a large sheet and made a pillow with another one, so I left them to it for a dip in the sea. From there, I watched as they got undressed. She pulled the sundress over her head and was completely naked underneath, with a nice body shape, two pert breasts and completely smooth down below . Although I'm not into women, I did admire her as she stood there, but I was waiting for him to drop his shorts, which he did with his back to me and revealed a round muscled rear and strong thighs. When he turned round, he displayed a short, thick cock, surrounded by dark pubic hair, although his cock and balls were shaved. They both lay down and when I came out of the water, I found that he was lying less than a couple of feet from my towel, which wasn't a hardship, but was going to be distracting.

I lay down closed my eyes and relaxed, enjoying the sun. Next time I opened them the couple were in the sea, very close together having a bit of a cuddle, then made their way back to the sand. I don't know what they were up to in the water, but I noticed that he had a semi erection and that short, thick cock was much bigger and pretty impressive. As he came past me to lie down, he smiled, when he saw me looking. He introduced himself as Miguel and his wife Consuela, who smiled across at me and I told them I was Will.

She started unpacking food from the cool box, while he chatted with me, asking how I was enjoying my holiday, etc. Consuela had laid out an array of dishes and then she opened a bottle of Cava, pouring two glasses and handing both of them to Miguel who handed one of them to me and said "Por favor"

I was going to say no, but Consuela had already poured another glass for herself and it seemed rude to refuse, so I just took the glass and said "Thank you, Miguel."


They shared some of their picnic with me, chorizo, cheese, tomatoes and crusty bread. We chatted while we ate, well Miguel and I chatted, as Consuela's English was poor. She did however keep me topped up with Cava and food. Although it wasn't the day I was expecting, it was very pleasant.

After Consuela had tidied up, the two of them lay back down to relax and I got my book out to read a while. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Miguel's hand wandering over and caressing his wife's breasts, before moving down to play with her clit and insert a finger inside her. He glanced across, but I pretended to be reading. When I glanced across a few minutes later, his hand was still on her breasts, as she was fondled his balls and his cock was hard and leaking precum, so I found it very difficult to stop watching. Miguel looked in my direction and said "Do you want to join us?"

Although I was erect, which Miguel could see, I shook my head "No, I'm ok, thanks."

Miguel ran his hand over Consuela's breast. "You do not like my wife?"

"No, Consuela is very lovely, but I only like men."

He looked at my cock for a moment, then said " Okay, I understand."

He turned away towards Consuela and a whispered conversation took place, before he leant towards me.

" Would you like to fuck me? My wife says that it is okay, if she gets to watch. "

I wasn't sure what I was getting into, but I agreed and they made room for me between them.

I crawled over and Miguel asked

"Can Consuela touch you a little first, then she will only watch ?"

I said "OK", so Consuela caressed my chest and stomach, then took hold of my cock and wanked me a little, while giving me a kiss on the lips. Then she turned and said something to Miguel, who was watching closely.

"Consuela says you have a lovely big cock and that I will like it. I think she is right."

He bent down and took my cock in his mouth, swallowing my whole length , as his lips moved up and down my shaft for a few minutes, then he kissed me, before he turned round on his hands and knees with his arse in the air.

Consuela squeezed some lube on her hand and massaged it well into his hole, then did the same for my cock, before sitting back with a smile on her face.

I shoved my cock inside Miguel's waiting hole with ease. It was not the first time he'd had a cock in his arse by the look of things, as I fucked him with a slow rhythm going balls deep in his hole each time.

Consuela had been watching her husband getting his arse drilled, but now she moved round to face Miguel's head and I could see that he was sucking gently on her nipples, while his hand was busy fingering her pussy.

She smiled and murmured something to Miguel who translated for me

"Consuela said that afterwards I have to fuck her."

I carried on pounding his hole, while Consuela came back round to watch my cock sliding in and out of her husband's back passage.

She ran her hand over my buttocks and between my legs to grab my balls from behind. This wasn't part of the deal, but I didn't really mind.

With Consuela fondling my balls, I soon released a huge load inside Miguel and I'm sure he felt my hot juice shooting up his back passage, as he kept yelling Spanish words that I didn't understand ."

I pulled out and lay on my back, still hard and, before I had time to think about it, Consuela straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock.

She said something to Miguel who translated

"She just wants to feel what I did for a moment, before I fuck her"

I said "no problem." even though it was a long time since my cock had been inside a woman. I beckoned Miguel round and opened my mouth to take his cock, while Consuela bounced on mine, till he was rock hard and ready to fuck.

Consuela climbed off my dick and lay back with her legs spread, for Miguel to enter her.

I lay on my side and watched him pump her, idly playing with my cock, then she put out a hand and cupped my balls.

I bent down and kissed her, but then Miguel nudged me, so I stuck my tongue down his throat for a while, before going back to kissing Consuela, who was getting very excited. She arched her back, her eyes fixed on Miguel and began breathing very fast, while still holding on to my cock. I reached behind Miguel and inserted three fingers inside him, which was enough to make him come at the same time as Consuela.

He carried on coming for what seemed like ages, till he calmed down, collapsing on top of Consuela and giving her a long kiss.

They both turned towards me, reaching out to pull me into their embrace, where we lay for a while tangled together.

After a dip in the sea to cool off, we spend the rest of the afternoon sunbathing close together on their sheet, till they had to go.

I only had a few days left and didn't see them again for the rest of my holiday, but I did have Miguel's mobile number for next time I was there.

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