Day Dreaming

I just needed to be on my own, I made a sandwich and a drink an just jumped in the car and drove. After about 60 miles I ended up at the coast, it was very early in the year and the beach had only 2 anglers on it. I walked on into the dunes and went of path and over the rough until I found a nice little hollow and sat down. It was very mild and warm down out of the breeze so I decided to take my top of and eat my sandwich.

Not a sole about so I took of the rest of my clothes of and laid down enjoying the warm sun, I could only just hear the sea lapping at the shore and I drifted off to sleep.

I was having a wonderful dream, someone was stroking my body, down my back feeling my bum, stroking my thighs. A hand came around and found my hardening cock, then they pulled my arse open and a rough feeling tongue was licking my ring then probing it, this is so nice am I still asleep, I don't want to wake up I don't want it to end.

I heard a rustling, cold lube being applied to my ring, fingers going in working it open, then a hot cock sliding up and down my crack, pushing gently at my ring, I push back, it gives way to the pressure and the helmet pops in. Ouch this hurts, it must be real, this feels so big, it is going deeper and deeper, stretching me open.


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I must still be dreaming, I'm always dreaming of monster cocks, who would just find a stranger sleeping and start fucking them it can't be real. It feels so real, his lovely big cock is ramming into me at speed now, I'm groaning in delight, he's grunting and hammering me into the sand, I don't want to turn around I may wake and it will end, don't end yet I think I'm gonna come. He is making noises as if he is about to come and then he pulls it out.

I turn to see a short, skinny, bald headed man, with a really huge cock, peeling of a to tight condom. He see me looking and says "Sorry but I can't come in these things they make em to small". As the helmet of his cock is released I'm sure it doubles in size as I grab it, licking it, trying to get it in my mouth, sucking on the tip ,I cant get it pass my teeth, licking at the eye. He holds my head as comes down my throat and filling my mouth as swallow it down.

"Wow" I say "what a cock" he replied "Yes and you took it lovely, most people say it is to big but they all want to try it" and then he said he was sorry about the speaking and that he thought my note was and excellent idea.. "I brought it with me as I didn't want anyone to join us, do you want me to pin back on the post or have you had enough?"

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Not knowing what he was talking about I took the note and he said "Cheers, I hope to find you again, soon" and walked off.

The note said "I am in the dunes naked and face down if you can find me you can fuck me. Do not speak to me do not try and see my face just fuck me."

Still naked I take a look around trying to find whose note it is. I walk down to the path and along and just of to my left I see a naked body.

She hears me coming and covers her head with a towel, with long ginger hair down her back she is laying face down over a sports bag which is lifting her lovely arse in the air.

I Kneel down by her and bravely stroke her soft buttocks, she makes a mm sound of approval so I stroke along her inner thighs as her legs open. I pull open her cheeks and work my tongue around her tight ring and down to pussy, she is wriggling about and making lots of noises and is pushing back, I find her clit with my mouth and she gasps and squirms, I really need to fuck her now.

I climb onto her and run my cock up and down her wet crack, she is moving around trying to get my cock in her, she groans as I find the opening and bury my rock hard six inches in up to the hilt. I was fucking her with long slow strokes and got my hands under her playing with her hard nipples as she moaned, then she started pushing back letting me know it was time to fuck her hard. I fucked as hard as I could as she rubbed her own clit and rode the strokes with me, she was a great fuck and as we was going at it my cock slipped out, I looked down and saw her arsehole and could not resist and pushed my cock in it. She yelled out but didn't stop me so I fucked it hard and it so good and so tight I soon came deep in her arse.

We lay still for a few minutes and as my cock slipped out she said "You dirty bugger".

As I stood she turned around and in shock she said "Who the fuck are you", and looking at my cock she added "I don' know you, have you just fucked me without protection?

I said I had just followed your instructions and she said " That note was for my boyfriend, nobody comes here this time of year". As I apologized she told me to fuck off quick before her boyfriend turns up as he will kill the pair of us.

I went back to my spot and dressed then walked back along the path it led to a car park and there was rough looking chap who looked like a rugby player with a broken nose and a cauliflower ear. He asked me if I had seen his friend and that she has got ginger hair and I told him I was alone and had not seen anyone else.

Leaning on his Range Rover he pointed at the only other car there, a Merc sports and said she can't be far away.

I quickly walked off.

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written by doslipme1

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