My Awakening the Day I realized my New Bisexual Life

It was a very sad day in my life , but the outcome was wonderful. My dad was a very prejudiced man, he would tell me how much he hated blacks and gays. That always disturbed me to say the least. Not long ago my dad passed , about 6 months ago. Well at his wake I found out he had a lover and to boot he was black! I was shocked I met his lover at the wake he pulled me aside and told me , I didn't know what to think . He said if I wanted to know it all he will show me videos and pictures , he said he was with my dad 10 years . Keep in mind my dad was living with my mom all that time. I always was curious about gay sex, I can remember seeing other boys at school pool naked in the school pool and was aroused about looking at the different cocks but suppressed it all these year, but when I jerked off I would always picture their cocks.

So when I was watching the videos of my dad sucking and fucking and swallowing cum I was rock hard. His partner asked if I want to jerk off with him to the videos of course I said yes! So I dropped my pants to the floor and my cock was never so hard it was throbbing . Now he gets out of his clothes and I'm staring at his huge black cock and balls I started leaking lots of pre cum.

His cock head was so black it was Iike purple. With his pre cum ozzing out. He moved over by me standing over me and he placed his ozzing cock on my my lips and rubbed his pre cum on my lips , I opened my mouth placed my tongue in the tip of his slit it his cock he was streaming pre cum now I was in ecstasy i proceeded to engulf is cock till he busted a huge load and we kissed and shared it.

I was so hot I shot without being touched . We then took a break had a drink and he kept on telling me about my family's life style. He told me he was fucking my mom two years before my dad. He said he had seeded her and she had his baby. I was always told he was adopted but it was hers in his and my dad is OK with it. I started getting hot again he took it and put it in his mouth and suck me so I came , I begged him to let me suck him again, and I did, and from that day forward I am totally bi.

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written by rebangor

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