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Joy Gets Tricked Into Lesbian Dildo Sex

"Here, I've brought you a drink. You look like you needed it". Joy for the first time noticed the two drinks on the table. Wondering how they got there she giggled, she must be further along than she thought. It was definitly time for her to leave. Thanking the brunette she sipped the drink. To her surprise it was what she normally drank, maybe a little stronger, but definitly the drink she preferred. Her surprise must have been evident as the brunette explained "I was at the bar the last time you ordered".
3.8 2359 words 10 mins

Bisexual Louie & Alicia

Her husband Louis looked in his mid-thirties, kinda pale but Hispanic for sure. Next to Alicia he looked real big - he would've been over six foot and real built - I dunno if it was fat or muscle but he was a big guy. He had a light mustache and when he smiled he was like some smooth guy you see at the track. They must of been in something lucrative though - the gold bracelet he'd got from Alicia for his birthday was real heavy in my hand and it matched his necklace.
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"Park here" she said, switched the car off and grabbed the keys. I watched her walk away from me then, not afraid, stiletto heels echoing down the narrow street. She stopped on the corner in the light of a street lamp and took her cell phone out and made a short call. Good god I thought, she's all legs. I could see the tops of her stockings but could only speculate as to what was beyond. She got back in the car, flicked the knife open again and told me too drive.
3.8 2166 words 10 mins

Love To Suck Cock

Deep-throat is a technique I learned years ago and now I try to swallow all I can. I love it when a cock goes down my throat and brings tears to my eyes. If you like sucking cock like I do you know what I mean. It feels so good when my lips touch pubic hair and I know I've taken it all. I've learned how to rub the bottom of the shaft with my tongue while I have the head down throat. I milk the cock like a baby calf. I've been told I'm a very good cocksucker. Your all ways good if you enjoy it and I do love it so. I get off on the way the veins on a stiff dick rubs my lips. Especially when the guy fucks my mouth till my lips go numb. My dick is hard now just writing about it.
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Lisa And Jack Meet

"Well don't worry about her, she may look like a bombshell, but she packs a nasty surprise. One I'm sure you don't have." Nasty surprise? What the hell did he mean by that? And how did he know she didn't have one, whatever it was.
2.4 1359 words 6 mins

Kristen's Cum Party

I didn't think too much of her fantasy at the time but a few days later a guy that I know told me that he and some of his friends (some straight and some bi) had talked about how hot it would be to get a young girl and do her for hours. All of them fucking her and sucking her---filling her and covering her with cum. I told him that I might have a girl who was interested and asked if he'd be interested in getting his friends together with she and I for a night of nasty fun. He called me a couple of days later and told me he had himself and eight other guys and would we be interested in a party that Friday night. I got ahold of Kristen and told her that we were going out on Friday night and to dress slutty for me. I didn't tell her where or what we were going to do.
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Hors D'oevurs.

Your hands reached round and cupped my bottom, pulling me closer to you. You could feel my excitement press into you and you pushed yourself against it. Now I moaned, and you twisted to face me. Our kisses became almost beyond our control, as my hands sought to free you of your blouse. You stepped back far enough to let it slide over your head. I could now see your breasts and the erect nipples. You shook your hair straight as I lowered my hands to your skirts catch. The space between us allowed that to slide to the floor and for you to step out of it.
3.5 1546 words 7 mins

Masturbation Club

"I see some of you are getting aroused. OK, let me explain how the Masturbate Club works. Membership is optional and there are no dues. We meet once a week. We are all dedicated to jacking off, in a group. Anyone who doesn't like others to watch him, can leave now (No one got up.) When I see other guys with hardons and jacking off it gets me hot and excited. I figure it's the same with you. So were all going to be jerking off in this living room. Each of you can decide how much clohes to wear - all naked, half naked down to your undies, or dressed. You can leave any clothes you want to take off in the next room - there's a cabinet for each person.
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Finding Out You Are Attracted to Men too is a Great Realization

That would get my mind flowing. Up until then I had never even done anything sexual with my cock. After looking at my brother do that for months I started to jack off. It got me so excited. My next experience would be when I was 18. I was working at an electronics retail store. I have had girlfriends since but nothing got my cock harder than watching my brother have sex with his friend on the weekends. Nobody had said anything about men having sex with men being out of the ordinary so I assumed that it was totally normal.
3.4 2212 words 10 mins

Threesome in London

"Not here lets go to my place, I hope you don't mind if my room mate joins in, we share". I had, up to this point, never had two women at once though several times I would have 2 or 3 separate ladies spread out over an evening, but had always had a fantasy about two women at once!
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