The bet - Did I win or lose?

I pulled into a small parking lot to take a little break from driving. There was only one other car there. I sat there doing some paper work, looking over at the car parked in the corner of the lot. It looked like a young black sitting there on his phone. After a few minutes I got out of my van and walked over by him. Pretending to just be stretching my legs.

I looked in his car window and seen that he was watching porn on his phone. There was no one else around so I thought to myself that maybe I can get lucky and talk him into letting me see his cock. I tapped on his window. He must not have seen me there because he looked shocked when he saw me and tried hiding his phone. He rolled down his window and said what's up. I said not much and made some small talk. He seemed like a friendly guy as we talked for a bit.

I said to him that I saw that he was watching porn on his phone. He said yea and showed me what he was watching. There was a hot girl giving a guy car head. I said I bet you wish that was you getting sucked. He laughed and said yea i wish it was. Imasked him if he had a nice cock. He said hell yea man. I said well I can give you a blowjob like the girl in the video. He told me hell no, I don't do guys. I told him there's nothing wrong with a guy sucking your cock, let me in your car and show me your cock. He said no, he said that he can't get hard with a guy. I said let me see if you are hard now, I bet you are. He wouldn't show me and it seemed like he was getting upset with me. I thought to myself I better walk away before something happened.

I went back to my van and sat there for a few minutes, getting ready to leave. I started my van and put it in drive when I saw him getting out of his car and was walking towards me. He came up to me and ask me if I am good at sucking. Now I was shocked. I told him yea, better than most women. I told him that I will even deep throat him. He said I don't think so, no one was ever able to deep throat me.

Now for the bet....

I told him that I will bet him $20 that I can take his cock all the way down my throat. When he said OK its a bet I told him to get in the back of my van. I unlocked the side door and got in, I shut the van off and went in the back and there he was with his pants down.

I saw his cock hanging there. It was not hard yet and looked to be only a few inches long.

I said to him that I think I will win this bet. He laughed and said just wait to I get hard. I got on my knees and put his soft dick in my mouth and started sucking. Wow his dick got bigger and bigger in my mouth. When he was rock hard I took it out of my mouth and got a good look at his beautiful dick. It was huge, around 9 maybe 10 inches long and very thick with a nice much room head. Now I sucked many cocks in my life and never have I seen a cock this big. It was beautiful.


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I started sucking him again and trying my best to swallow his wonderful dick with no luck. I really enjoyed sucking him and I can tell he was enjoying it also. After about 15 minutes or so of me giving him the best blowjob I can he got up and started face fucking me. I held onto his hips as he was ramming this cock in and out of my mouth trying to go as deep as he can. I was trying my best to get his dick down my throat. But no way was it happening. I just held on as he fucked my mouth. I felt his cock starting to cum load after load shooting in my mouth and down my throat. Load after load filling my mouth, doing my best to swallow it all. When he was done Cummings he sat back down with his dick still in my mouth as I was still sucking every last drop out of hiss balls. Then I let him slip of my mouth still semi hard.

He said to me, with a big grin on his face, that was assume pal, the best blowjob I ever had. But you owe me 20 bucks, I told you that no one can deep me. I gave him the 20 and we got out of my van.

I told him some day we can try it again and I will eventually deep throat him.

So I lost the bet but I think I also won because for 20 bucks I got to suck the most wonderful cock ever.

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written by magicman

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