Hot Wet Kisses

This happened to me many years ago when I was a young husband with my beautiful and sexy new wife. We had been seeing each other for a couple of years and always enjoyed all sorts of sexual variations. We were only about 19 when we met and neither of us had very much experience beyond heavy petting and some groping.

We learned about lots of different sex play together and enjoyed almost everything we tried.

Soon after we got married we had been talking about playing with others and in fact there were swingers clubs opening in the NYC area, notably Plato's Retreat. We met some like-minded young couples and had some fun swapping and flirting and generally having our fill of hot sex. This was way before the era of AIDS and while there were other stds around, generally you could expect that the folks you'd want to play with were going to be healthy and not a cause for concern. It really was a wide open time.

So there came a time when I was working overtime on a Friday night and my pretty young wife had been looking forward to getting together with another couple we'd become friendly with over some time. I encouraged her to go and hang out with Willy and his wife Sonia and I'd be getting home around 1a.m. and would see her then.

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Willy was a pal of mine from the job and his wife Sonia was a Latina beauty who worked part time as an exotic dancer in Manhattan. Basically she was a stripper and a teaser and she was very very pretty in that smoldering, dark, regal manner. My pretty wife was her opposite; blonde, pale white complexion, with a slim waist, curvy hips and ass and big breasts. The two women were gorgeous and I envied Willy in a good natured way.

So the night arrived and I was working when my dear wife called (on a pay-phone!) to say she was going to hang out at our friends' apartment and would see me at home. I told her to have fun and I'd be showered and waiting for her when she arrived home. I wasn't worried about her getting home safely because I knew that Willy and Sonia would drive her to our door.

The night went by uneventfully, I got home, had something to eat and showered, probably watched TV or listened to some music and got in bed to wait for my honey.

I must have just dozed off when I was awakened by her moving around the darkened room. She lit some candles, which were a big thing along with incense for making a "mood".

I watched my wife with half opened eyes as she took off her heels, her skirt and then her blouse. She was wearing bikini panties and a pretty bra and a garter belt holding her stockings up. She slipped her heels back on and climbed into bed. I was awake and she knew it, but I still pretended to be a little groggy. She straddled me and her stocking clad legs felt so sexy against my thighs. I opened my eyes fully and told her she looked gorgeous.

With that she unhooked and removed her bra and her big soft firm titties were free to be squeezed and sucked and enjoyed. She slipped her panties to the side and my already hard cock slid right into her soaking wet almost bare pussy. As she settled her weight onto my cock, she sat on top of me and looked down with a sexy half-smile.


As I started to push up into her depths and put my hands on her hips to hold her in place, she bent forward slightly and I knew she was going to kiss me. Next thing I knew she stopped just a few inches from my face and again there was that sexy, mysterious smile. Then she parted her red lipsticked lips slightly and a dribble of pearly cum just escaped her mouth and hung on her lower lip and chin.

I know that I groaned and my cock must've throbbed like crazy as I met her and kissed her dirty, cum-filled mouth and we shared a nasty cumkiss. Soon we were moving together and I put another load into her pussy while we continued to hungrily kiss and bite and suck each other's tongues and lips.

After I blew a massive load in her she rolled off and we hugged and kissed some more as she told me her story. She had spent the night with our friends and they'd had some drinks, danced a little to some music and smoked some weed that Willy had gotten at Sunset Park. The three of them were feeling no pain and the girls were kind of fooling around with each other and then getting a little hotter and doing some kissing and feeling of each other's titties.

Willy was enjoying the show and eventually freed his dick to stroke it slowly while watching these two nubile young girls, one dark and one light, making out with each other. SOmeone suggested they'd all be more comfortable in bed and they adjourned to the water bed that Willy & Sonia shared.

No one was paying too much attention to who did what to whom but they had some fun and eventually got dressed and they brought my wife home. She was feeling very sexed-up and still horny and wanted to surprise me since I had missed out and had to work all night.

When they got near our apartment, my wife asked Willy to pull into a parking lot away from the street traffic and she quickly gave him one of her specialty blowjobs. He didn't fill her mouth to overflowing because he'd already cum once or probably twice already, but he was a young man and he recovered quickly enough to give her a decent mouthful anyway. She held most of his cum in her mouth and came right upstairs to our bed where she gave me that hot, slick, sticky, salty cummy kiss and blew my mind.

Soon afterward things changed a lot. I got a better job and my wife got pregnant with our first child, Willy and Sonia split up and we lost track of them. The freewheeling days were coming to an end. Son Of Sam was shooting people in our area and pretty soon there was an explosion of bad drugs and diseases that killed the swinging times for good.

It was fun while it lasted though!

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