The Taking of Debbie K

This is the story of a lover named Debbie I had some time ago; her greatest asset was her body, but she was seriously lacking in sexual imagination and creativity. I honestly think she was self-taught on how to give a blowjob by watch some lousy porn. She never thought outside of the box and relied on everything her mother told her about sex both good and bad mostly bad.

She wouldn't swallow or allow me to cum in her mouth, she was not into any experimentation but told me she had deep down curiosities about many things but do to her sexual hang ups she said it would take something or someone special to break through all of the taboos she was so wrongly taught in her younger years.

Basically, sex was for procreation and to satisfy your husband to keep him from having a wondering eye. All I could say to her was you, poor lady you've wasted valuable time. We dated for some time and had the usual petting and not much more that some deep tongue kissing which she pretty good at I must admit. Being the boob man that I am I was instantly attracted to her shapely 40DD melons which she had no problem teasing me with even from the first time we met.

One night she came over to my place to hang out and the usual petting secession and the allowable tit grab but I figured let me play with her a bit. I told her that she could trust me and that I wouldn't ask her or expect her to do anything she wasn't willing to do. She responded oh how do you propose to do that. I said by letting you take complete control over me.

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Ok I'm listening but how am I going to take control over you? I said by tying me up oh I'm listening go on. I said well if I didn't trust you do you think I'd let you do that to me she said I guess not so go on, I said lets go upstairs to the bedroom and I'll let you tie me to the bed and this way I can't force you into doing anything you'll be 100% in control, a smile came over her face and she got up and took my hand and we headed upstairs.

I went into my walk-in closet and came out with a couple of bathrobe ties and said sorry all I have are two nothing for the ankles. She smiled and said these will do. So, I lay down on the bed and put my arms out when she said take your shirt off. I looked at her and she said you heard me. So, I did as I was asked and took off my shirt. She rubbed her hand across my chest a few times and cooed out a very nice and strong manly chest and proceeded to tie both my wrists.

She sat on top of me and proceeded to kiss me on the mouth and neck and she rubbed my chest admiring my chest and arm muscles, when you work with heavy constitutions and steel all day a gym is something you really don't need plus all my other activities were all very physical ones so she kept up her little teasing and kissing and I said well fair is fair how about you take off your shirt. She smiled with an impish grin and said you'd like that now wouldn't you, I said I'm pretty sure I would. So, she did a slow strip tease unbuttoning one button at a time leaning in and almost pushing her titties in my face, just close enough so could see them but that was it. She finally removed her shirt completely and twirled it around her head a few times and threw it to the side.

Revealing this denim looking bra with red trim which barely contained her 40DD tits. She now leaned in and stuck her tits right in my face and I did my best to lick and suck them, I finally locked on to her right breast and started sucking at it with all my might. It apparently had a pleasurable effect on her by her squealing, and a soft moan and I could feel her grinding on my crotch a little. Before I could even get the words out, I could do a lot better job without your bra in the way she reached behind her back and undid the hooks and off it came.

She twirled it around her head revealing a pair of nice big round melons with tiny nipples with very small pink areola. She did her best to tease me with them first by covering them up wither hands then using only a finger or two to cover her nipples, then pushing them in my face and mouth, but I got the better of her by sucking on her nipples and licking them. Sucking had a great effect as she let out these little high-pitched squeals every time, I sucked really hard. She moaned out in a very lustful voice oh my God you know how to turn me on. I said yeah and look ma no hands.

She laughed and now proceeded to pay attention to my lower half first grinding her well covered pussy on against my cock which was throbbing straining to be free she then licked my stomach down to the waistband of my jeans. It didn't take Debbie long before she undid my belt and pulled off my jeans. Revealing my black briefs which contained an ever-growing bulge inside.


She played around with my cock for a while by grinding her pussy on it and as before I said fair is fair you took my pants off. So, she stood up and unzipped her jeans and started to slip them off thankfully my bed had four tall posts, so she grabbed one to keep herself from fall on her ass or on top of me. When she finally did get them off, she was wearing the same matching denim look panties trimmed in red which were clearly wet evident by the large stain in the crotch.

Well that same teasing ritual went on for a little before she couldn't stand it and had to see my cock in the flesh as she later put it, when she pulled down my briefs my cock sprang to attention almost instantly. She gasped and said oh my god! I said you like what you see, her response was I have never seen one so big or so nice in person in my life. I said flattery will get you everywhere. She couldn't contain herself any longer and went down on my cock.

Feverishly almost animated licking the head and shaft but avoiding putting it in her mouth but when she did, I let out a nice moan and oh yeah baby now you've got it. She looked at me with a smile of astonishment and said oh really, I said oh yes really, suck my cock please.

She said louder please I said please suck my cock feeding her ego letting her think she was actually in charge, but actually she was doing everything I knew she would. It didn't take me long to figure her out, she had to have the feeling that it was her idea and she was always in charge. She continued to suck my cock it was ok as blowjobs go but left a lot to be desired and I knew she would be a good prospect.

I told her take your panties off and let me smell your pussy. She said say the word! I said please let me smell your pussy. She pulled her soaking wet panties off and shoved them in my face, my god this one was a squirter for sure after rubbing her wet panties all over my face she straddled my face and her juices were dripping on my face before her pussy even got close to my mouth.

She finally lowered her pussy into my face, and I lapped her cunt and sucked on her labia and was like a dog in heat. I must have found her clit because as I sucked hard and licked, she let out a scream and she began to shudder all I could think about was she was going to break my neck with her thighs.

She couldn't take it anymore and slid her pussy off my face and said in a demanding voice I am going to fuck that big dick of yours right now! This would be something she would continue to do throughout our relationship if you want to call it that as all we did was fuck as I had no interest in her other than that. You will fuck me right now! I am going to fuck you right now, I want to suck your cock right, now ok I get the message already.

She lowered her wet pussy down on to my rock-hard shaft and finally bottomed out and she began pounding feverishly up and down each stroke harder and harder. If I fucked her like that right out of the gate, she would be complaining I was hitting her cervix and how much it hurt. Well Debbie rode me like that for a good 15 or 20 minutes and she was now sweating profusely, and her breathing was becoming labored. She gasped are you ever going to cum, I responded are you sure you're ready for it or do you want to suck me dry. She said no fill me full of your cum its ok I am on the pill.

So, I started to buck my hips to meet her thrusts and was giving her words of encouragement saying come on and fuck me Debbie show me what you got! make me cum inside you and fill your pussy. The dirtier I talked the more she liked it and I said you like me talking like that don't you she responded oh yes! Oh, fucking yes, I said are you my little cum slut are you the mistress of my cock. She let out a scream oh god yes! I am your whore and she was gyrating which I knew meant she was having an orgasm. Within seconds of her cumming I blew my entire load into her soaking wet pussy and could feel it oozing out of her mixed with all her juices her eyes opened wide and she screamed oh yes baby oh yes give it to me.

She kept pounding my cock s hard I thought we would both be bruised as hell. She finally collapsed on top of me panting trying to catch her breath. I said ok how about untying me now. She did and lay next to me with her head on my chest. She finally caught her breath enough to say you bastard I said what now I'm a bastard she laughed and said I'm sorry but when I came here tonight the most I was going to do was allow you to play with my tits, you're like a Svengali you exerted your will over me and made me fuck you.

I was completely in your power.

Ok now this was a first even for me, I said oh so you figured me out have you let me see how good you are at resisting me and all I did was stare into her eyes and she embraced me and started kissing me and said damn you. We fucked two more times that night, but more fun was ahead even though she had no idea of how much fun it was going to be a complete sexual adventure.

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