Debbie's Wild Ride Home

So, if your following my story about Debbie K. my former cum dump girlfriend we sat in the diner enjoying our dinner in an effort to achieve upper scale status I imagine this diner was a byob establishment. We commented to the waiter too bad we did not know beforehand or we would have brought a bottle of wine. He leaned over to me and said no problem boss I send a busboy next door to the liquor store for a bottle of wine for you and the beautiful lady, of course this was all Debbie had to hear and she instantly blushed, I slipped him a $20 bill and he asked me red or white I said I don't care as long as its alcohol, he smiled and said ok.

After maybe ten minutes he returns rather discretely with a bottle under a towel draped over his arm, I took the bottle and poured two glasses of wine she held my hand and said don't be stingy and I filled her glass to the rim, our waiter just raised his eyebrows and smiled. Debbie drank more than she ate which I had no problem with because when she drank, she loosened up a lot. So, she excuses herself to go to the lady's room and our waiter and one of the busboys are ogling her backside as she sauntered a bit obviously putting on a show when I heard him mumble something to the busboy in Greek. I just looked at him as to say what?

He replied no disrespect but that's a very nice ass your lady has. I said yeah and her tits ain't too bad either they both laughed with me and he said oh my god but such a beautiful ass she has and he looks at me also with his face asking a question and says do you, I know he is meaning do I fuck her in the ass I said to him in a few hours I will. He laughed and said wow you are a lucky man I said yes sir I will be tonight.

She made her way back to the table and standing next to me leaned now with the two top buttons of her blouse undone exposing her massive cleavage and a hint of her black bra over and whispered let's get out of here I'm horny. She did not have to ask me twice I got up from the table with a half erect cock in my pants and grabbed the check threw our waiter and busboy a tip and headed for the register. While standing at the register she has an arm around my waist and is leaning on my shoulder real lovey dovey and is pressing her tits against my arm and reaches over and grabs my junk while I am trying to pay the older woman behind the counter who looked her up and down and her facial expression spoke volumes.

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We walked out to my truck arm and arm and I helped her up into the cab with a boost with my palm on her nice round ass, she wiggles it a bit when I cupped her ass cheek and said come on big boy take me home and ravage me, we hit the road and were on the highway headed for the turnpike the whole time she is sitting next to me kissing my neck and grabbing my cock through my jeans I am desperately trying to finger her pussy grab her tits and keep from crashing my brand new truck. Next thing I know is Debbie produces a hefty size joint form her purse and fires it up, she offers me a hit but I decline just saying later babe I have to drive

She practically fucked my fingers once I found her pussy, she said if you make me cum, I'll give you a special treat, I said oh what's the treat I asked her replay was just you'll see. I said ok here it cums baby sit back and relax, she lay back as best she could with one leg on the floor and one leg across my lap toking on her J, I started playing with her pussy finger fucking her and rubbing her clit, she was so freaking wet it wasn't funny. Next thing I know is I see a sign for NJ turnpike south and I head for the toll both to grab a ticket merely out of instinct from driving a semi for my construction company.

She never moved an inch off my lap and made no effort to pull her skirt down, I took my fingers purposely from her pussy and reached across my chest to take the ticket from the attendant, whose facial expression told me that he definitely smelled her pussy juices. I stuck the ticket in the sun visor and took off, she just laughed and said oh my god I can't believe you just did that.

I laughed and said I can't believe you bared your pussy to the camera at the tollbooth. She just gasped and said no I said yes, and she said oh well too fucking late now. I continued finger fucking her and rubbing her clit until she exploded in one hell of an orgasm, screaming oh fuck me oh fuck that feels so good. I smiled and said oh does it now. She said oh yeah babe you know how to satisfy me that's for sure, she smiled, kissed me and said ok now for your treat next thing I know is she's climbing over the front seat into the back seat of the big cab.

After she cleared the front seat, I said all you had to do was this and lowered the center of the seat with produced the center console and armrests. She was back there fumbling around and I'm trying to get a good look in the rearview mirror but no dice she is telling me to keep my eyes on the road and I figure that was good advice so I am paying attention to driving and the not so bad southbound traffic when the next thing I know here comes Debbie totally nude and plops herself down on the front seat and slide in next to me after lifting the arm rest with a resounding Ta! Da! I said yes now that's what I like!

She say ok now for the show she reached back over the seat with her fine round naked ass pointing towards the windshield and comes back with one of her new vibrators. She puts it to her lips and is licking it and mouthing it like she is sucking a cock. I told her be careful don't turn it on you might chip a tooth. She now is intently sucking it almost deepthroating the rubber cock obviously doing everything in her power to tease the living hell out of me.


She now leans back and put her feet on the dashboard with her legs spread wide and starts inserting the vibe into her wet pussy. She is fucking herself nicely and fondling her right tit with her hand and I grab the left one and pinch her nipple she says watch the road Mr.

I tell her it works a lot better if you turn it on and reach for the knob on the base and twist it and the rubber cock comes to life, she almost jumps off the seat, she sits her ass back down and say oh my GOD! this is fucking fantastic. Oh God what have I been missing, she now goes to town on her dripping wet pussy one little fact I forgot to mention was Debbie is a squirter! I told her pull it out and rub it on your clit, she reluctantly did so because she said the feeling was euphoric she no sooner touched her clit with the vibrator and she let out a scream and threw her head back and started shuttering and saying every dirty word she knew and violently came bucking her hips up off the seat and slamming her ass back down repeatedly. I'm wondering how I am going to explain this to the dealership when she breaks the springs in the seat.... lol.

She calms, herself down a bit and panting says oh my God I love you! I said you do she said yes besides the romance stuff I love you for introducing me to this whole new world, I said your welcome sweetie.

She leans over and rests her head on my shoulder and reaches down and unzips my pants and pulls out my cock saying here lets slip them off a bit as she undoes my belt and top button of my jeans I lift my ass up off the seat a bit and she pulls my jeans down past my ass enough to free my cock completely. I put the truck on cruise control, and she starts going down on my cock her head bobbing up and down as she sucked my member slurping it and flicking as she had learned by watching bad porn but bad porn or not it sure felt great. It didn't take me long before I was ready to cum in an effort to avoid a collision by cumming in her I blurt out I'm gonna cum baby hoping she will keep up the pace and allow me to cum in her mouth but at the last second she pulls my cock out of her mouth and I shoot my cum explosion over her face and tits.

She was clearly surprised by the force and amount of cum coming from my well teased cock. All I could say was sorry babe. She laughed and said hey nothing to be sorry about honey I'm trying my best to be the cock sucker of your dreams. She got up and kissed me wither cum filled face and we couldn't help but share some of my jizz. She took her finger and scooped the cum from her tits and put her finger to her lips and said hum mm not bad I might be able to acquire a taste for cum at that.

She continued sharing it with me and I knew if I refused, I could basically kiss the hope of her swallowing my load goodbye. I normally am not one for sampling cum, but it was mine being fed to me by a hot naked chick in my truck so what the fuck. She reached around back looking for something to wipe the remainder of my load from her tits and face and I reached into my pocket and pulled out her panties.

She said no I want you to have them as a memento of our evening. I smiled and said best dam present I ever got no woman has ever given me her panties. She said oh you're so sweet and leaned in and kissed me on the lips slipping me her tongue. I told her to check the glovebox I knew there was microfiber cleaning cloths I kept for cleaning the interior, so she popped it open and cleaned herself up.

She even took a bottle of water and a second one asking you don't mind do you and not waiting for a response poured water from her water bottle that she had when we started our trip and washed off her sweaty cum stained body and even washed her pussy. She made no effort to get dressed, I just smiled she said what I said your naked in my front seat and you look so fucking dam hot I can't believe it. She blushed and said you really think so I said hell yes! I think so. I then asked her hey you feel like pulling into a rest stop and fucking she said no I want to get you home and fuck the living hell out of you all weekend, but I do want to do something I've read about but never had the nerve to try.

I asked so what's that, she looked at me impishly and said I want to flash some truckers. I laughed and said really, she said yes really. I said ok get ready and when I pull up next to this guy on your right, I'll turn on the interior light, so he can get a full view, she laughed and said ok let's go for it. I pull alongside this guy and I flip on the interior light and she is just sitting in the passenger seat with her big boobs exposed to the world and it didn't take long to get the drivers attention. He flipped on his interior light and gave her a big thumbs up and a blast of his airhorns.

Well it didn't take him long to get on his CB and tell every south bound truck that there was a blue and silver dually pick up with a naked redhead in the front seat. We repeated her little stunt several more times. She had her feet on the dashboard legs spread wide apart to give a show, she played wither tits and her pussy. She even got brazen enough and would wave to the drivers and flop her tits at them the wine and Mary J had loosened her up like I had never seen When we got off the exit to pay the toll she leaned over and asked the attendant if there was a rest area up ahead.

He just smiled and got a good look as she was practically leaning out the driver's window and he pointed and said a few miles up on your right he handed me my change and I pretended to count it slow and methodically but I was taking up as much time as I could giving him a show that would make his night or until a someone pulled up behind us, She kept him engaged in conversation as if they were standing anywhere normally as if she had her cloths on, it was time to pull out as I saw headlights in the rearview I said sorry bud gotta go he said no wait I'll turn on the red light let them go to another lane, we stayed for what seemed like an eternity by now his cock must have been ready to bust out of his uniform pants Debbie stuck her tongue out and flicked grabbing both her tits she blew him a kiss and said thank you love as we pulled away.

I put the window up and looked at her super hard nipples. I asked getting a bit chilly she laughed and said yes and horny as a fuck too. She got on her knees again leaning over the back of the front seat looking for something in her shopping bag, me taking advantage of the opportunity to stick my finger in her pussy and she just wiggled her hips saying oh you naughty naught boy I'm gonna have to spank you to teach you a lesson. I was like holly fuck she had never said anything of the kind the entire four mouth we'd been dating.

I just said oh really so what are you gonna do now and I removed my finger from her pussy and started to slip it in her ass, she tensed up a bit from natural reaction but relaxed a very little as she knew I wasn't removing it.

She just said go slow please. I complied with her request and fingered her tight asshole slow and easy wanting to make her first time a pleasurable one. I continued a little until she asked me to please stop, I apologized, and she said no need it just felt really, good and I don't know if I can control myself. I said I understand and slipped it out she turned around and sat back down on the seat. She now had a vibrating egg in her hand and remembering the girl instruction she spread her pussy lips and popped the egg inside her pussy.

She then took the remote and handed it to me and said here daddy I know you men like to have control of the remote. As she leaned in against my shoulder and eventually laying her head in my lap, I turned on the remote and played with the buttons and kept asking how did this feel how did this selection feel she had the presence of mind to say typical man give him a remote and he can't resist changing the channel. We both laughed and as we made the final leg home me taking the long way of course she lay there talking to me and as I played with her nipples, she softly stroked her clit talking the entire time about everything that had happened and said if anyone had bet her a million dollars that she would ever be doing anything half as crazy as this she would have laughed at them.

I asked her, do you know why you're doing this and why your enjoying yourself so much, she asked me why, I said because you're with someone who doesn't say no and try to keep you under his thumb and control you. I want you to be a free thinker to be creative both in and out of the bedroom. I will support you, 100% percent in anything you want to do or try. She told me if I didn't stop, she was going to cry, and I said now don't do that you'll get me all wet. She laughed and said no that is my department.

She started telling me all of her secrete fantasies the flashing was one of them, role playing was another big one as she was an amateur actress in a local theater group that she really loved so adding sex to it was only natural. She then told me that she wanted to share with me something that no one else in the world knew not even her best friend. I asked to give it up, let's hear it I told you 100%. She then told me she had fantasies of being with a woman romantically she then said yeah, I know every guys fantasy too. I said no I dig it and if it's what she wanted to do I would support her 100% no matter what even if it meant just the two of them alone and either me not being there or simply just watching.

She thought about it and said no I think I'd like you to be a part of it but if I were to want to go out on a date with a woman would you get jealous. I said sure a little, but I would be cool with it. She reached up and touched my face and said I am going to give you the best weekend of your life I promise, and I never break a promise.

I just cupped her big breast and said this is better than a handshake and tweaked her nipples. She let out a little squeal and said yeah ok and reached up under my shirt and pinched my nipple. I laughed and said a fake ouch as we pulled into my driveway. She sat up and made no effort to get dressed got on her knees reached over the backseat I slapped her on the ass and said I'll get everything, she hopped out and the automatic lights came on that lit my driveway up like a major league ballpark fully knowing that if any of my neighbors were awake and looked out their window they were going to get an eyeful.

She reached out and took my hand leading me into the house saying come on now it's time for me to take care of you and off we went to start the beginning of a fantastic weekend. She looked back and smiled at me throwing her bra over my shoulder, saying now that's not how you wear it do I have to show you everything I smiled and said oh yes everything.

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