Meeting Makya

The waves were crashing on the beach as I jogged along, in and out of the ocean. The condo I was living in was in the middle of a couple of miles of ocean shore so was a wonderful place for an evening jog. I was just about to my turning around point when out of the brush at high water point came a voice,

"Hey Brudda, want a beer?"

There was a path from the beach into the brush which I followed. In just a few feet I rounded a bend and saw the home of the voice, a huge local boy about 20 years old. But when I say huge, I mean huge. He was probably 300 lbs, setting on a piece of driftwood extending me a can of Bud Lite. Must be on a diet I thought to myself.

"Thank you," I said, "You know a thirsty jogger when you see one."

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I could see big thick legs sticking out of cut off's but his upper torso was covered with what seemed to be some sort of garment made out of Palm frons.

"Yes, and I can usually spot a horny one as well," he replied. "Am I right again?"

With that he opened the garment covering his lap and revealed the biggest piece of love meat I had ever seen. Twelve inches if it was an inch and thick as my wrist. I gulped and I'm sure my eyes bulged.

"I'm right, aren't I" he laughed. "I can tell by the way you lick your lips."

I couldn't move, couldn't breathe didn't know what to do. I wanted very badly to drop to my knees and begin making love to this man child but wasn't real sure how he would react. I had read stories about the favorite pastimes of some of the local boys and baiting gay tourists was one of them.

"My Johnny wants to play, don't you?" he quipped.


And with that he flexed his muscles and Johnny flipped up and down. I could resist no longer and dropped to my knees in front of him. He leaned back against the branch of the driftwood he was setting on and put his hands behind his head. His cock stood at attention, waiting for me to give it pleasure.

The veins that ran the full length of his cock stood out as I ran a finger up and down them. I grasped him with both hands but my fingers barely enclosed his meat stick as I examined the head which emerged from the foreskin like a large mushroom. I slid the skin off and exposed the head completely. At least an inch and a half of head stuck out from the shaft. And in the middle was a cum hole which looked to be the size of the mouth of a coke bottle. A drizzle of cum was already beginning to ooze out. My first instinct was to lick it but I decided to see if there was more.

Gently I stroked and squeezed this love meat and watched as more and more cum emerged. I kissed the head, licking up his juice. Then I took as much as possible into my mouth and sucked, like a baby at its mother's tit. I continued to stroke his cock with one hand, squeeze his balls with the other and suck and lick the head. Just as his balls and cock expanded in my hands, signaling that a climax was close a voice said

"Hey Makya are you around?"

I started to get up but Makya grabbed my head and wouldn't let me leave. At the same time great ropes of hot sticky cum started filling my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could but still some ran down my chin. What seemed to be long minutes passed but finally Makya released my head and allowed me to set back. I wiped my face with the back of my hand and licked off his cum.

"He's all yours and he's not bad," Makya uttered. "This is Tanny and I know he would enjoy some attention from you."

Tanny was the complete opposite of Makya. Short and slender with a scruffy mop of black hair. He too had on pants that were cut off midway between his knee and ankle and were pulled down so low that they barely kept from falling. In his hand was a cock that would measure somewhere around 7 inches. But it was quite slender. Tanny approached me with cock in hand and a smile on his face.

"Here take my place," said Makya, "I have to leave."

With that he waddled up the path to the road and left us. Tanny replaced him on the driftwood seat and smiled at me.

"Ready for another load?" he asked.

I crawled over to him and took his cock in my hand. Tanny was not a patient lad and before any foreplay on my part he grabbed my head in both hands and pressed his hard on against my lips.

"Quit fucking around and suck," he said. "I haven't got all day."

When I opened my mouth he forced his meat deep into my throat, relaxed his hold a little and then pulled on my head again. It was evident he wanted all his cock down my throat. I pulled his hands off and back off a little and told him,

"Let me do it, I can take you but I have to do it right."

With that he relaxed a little and let me do my thing. I mustered as much saliva as I could and let it run down his cock for lubrication. Then I slowly began moving my mouth up and down on his hardness. On about the third stroke my throat opened and he was completely in. It felt sooooo gooood. His cock was exactly the right size. We both worked at setting a pace and soon I was all the way on his cock and then most of the way off gasping for breathe when I could. Tanny was a ready boy and shortly I felt his cum filling my mouth. I stroked him and sucked him until his cock shriveled in my hand and mouth. Then I licked the head and sat back with a big smile on my face.

"I love your cock man because I love the feeling of hard meat down my throat. We will have to do this again sometime and real soon."

"You love cum don't you" he said.

"Oh yessssss I do. I am a real life cum bucket. I have never had my fill."

Tanny looked at me with a smile and said, "We'll we have this woman who loves to gang bang but she doesn't like cum. We ought to get you together. It would be cool for us to cum all over and in her and then watch you clean her up."

"How soon can we start?" I laughed.

"You know where milepost 13 is?"

"Is that the place where people go snorkeling?" I asked.

"That's the place. There is a brushy spot just this side of there. Be there about 8 this evening. I think you will enjoy yourself."

The rest of the day went by at a snail's pace. I was still horny and tried to find someone to help me out of my condition but failed so resorted to a hard fast jack off session. I filled my hand with cum and licked it clean as usual, wondering about the evening coming up. Eight o'clock found me pulling of the rode where four or five cars were parked. I spotted a path down towards the ocean and headed there. A voice out of the dark challenged me with,

"Are you the cum bucket?"

"You got that right," I replied.

Another young lad stepped out of the dark and said "Follow me."

The path was hard to walk on because of all the roots sticking out so I sort of stumbled my way. I could see light ahead and eventually rounded a corner into a big small open area. In the middle was a small fire which lit the area. There were four or five guys standing around a big local girl lying on an old mattress. One guy was fucking her cunny while another fucked her mouth. The guys making the circle were all slowly stroking their hard ones. I got the picture almost immediately. I was going to be the clean up crew for a gang bang. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Makya appeared out of no where. I was surprised because he was the only one I could see that wasn't stroking his cock.

"Hi, welcome to our little party."

I looked at him and smiled and said, "I think I'm going to enjoy this little get together. Aren't you going to participate?"

"I've already given her one load and was waiting for you to get me ready to go again. How about it?"

I put my hand down and began rubbing his crotch. "I'm at your service. Where?"

He turned and moved over to the edge of the clearing where there was a big old chase lounge. There was another local boy, about 15 or so I guessed lying on one side and Makya laid down next to him.

"This is my brother," Makya said, "and I promised him a great blow job and a piece of ass for his birthday. I know you won't disappoint him."

The bulge in his pants told me two things. One, that he was ready and two, that he wasn't going to last very long. I began rubbing both crotches and was very surprised to find that the bulge in brother's pants wasn't a hard cock; it was a big soft one. I couldn't believe that I was soon going to be sucking on the two biggest cocks I had ever seen. Trying to keep my eagerness under control I told the guys to lift up so I could pull their pants down. Makya's cock remained soft but his brother's began growing when I took it in hand. It was like the twin to his brother's, long, thick and with the big mushroom head. Both guys just laid back and let me have my way with them. I licked and sucked one cock while I stroked the other one. Then I traded off. I was playing with more cock then I would have with a whole room full of mainland guys.

If there were other people there I wasn't aware of them. I had two big cocks attached to two local boys and I was in heaven. They talked to me while I played, letting me know what they liked and what they didn't, what felt good and what didn't. I sucked their cocks, licked the shaft sucked their balls and licked all around their ball sac and up the crack to their ass hole. I was busily making love to them when Brother made it evident that he was about to shoot. I kept working on him and watched as a b big spurt of cum shot out of the cum hole and back down on the head and my hand. I put his head in my mouth and swallowed the rest, stream after stream of delicious cum. No sooner was I thru licking up what I spilled when Makya started making noises and his climax was upon him. Again I swallowed as hard and fast as I could but couldn't keep up with his load. When he was thru I sat back and licked my fingers like I had just completed a bar-b-que.

I let my eyes wonder around the clearing, noticing that all but two guys had gone and one of them was standing their with his cock in hand like he was about to cum. I motioned for him to come to me which he did and pushed his cock into my mouth just as he started cumming. I thought what a deal I had going. Guys to fill my mouth with cum and I still hadn't even looked hard at the girl that was getting rammed with a hard fuck.

Makya stood up and said, "Cumbucket, when Danny finishes you have 30 minutes to clean her up." We told her husband we'd have her home by 10 and its 9:30 now. Have fun."

With that Makya and his brother left up the path so that I was alone with Danny and the girl. I looked at her and could see the firelight reflecting in the cum and sweat and maybe a little piss that covered her body. With a few jerks, Danny finished and rolled off. I went over and kneeled down to suck him dry before starting on Lida.

I started on Lida's forehead and licked a lather of cum off of there and from her eyes. Then I licked down her cheeks to her mouth and ran my tongue in and out. There wasn't much to clean up on her neck but her tits were covered. It was like a smorgasbord, delicious cum, salty sweat and bitter piss. The combination made a delightful cocktail. Her belly button was full so I spent a little extra time there. Then down to her love canal. She smelled terrible, like she had worked hard all day and then came straight her to fuck for 4 or 5 hours. But she tasted delicious. Adding her love juice to the other three add real taste to my treat.

I licked at her cunt a little and then put both hands behind her knees and b bent her legs back to spread her and open her up. That is when I noticed a big puddle of cum that had dripped out of her cunt and ass hole. There was a little grit and grim included with this reward. After about 5 minutes of my licking and sucking her cunt and asshole Danny came over and patted me on the head and said that's enough, ive got to take her home. Lida got up and pulled a long dress type thing over her head and down over her body. She looked at me and smiled and said thanks. Then Danny led us up the path to our cars. I noticed that there were three cars there but didn't think about it until after Danny had pulled away and there was a knock on my window.

Makya and I are still great friends who I spend some time with when I'm on Maui.

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