Straight White Male's First BBC

I'm a straight white male married most of my life, but even as a straight male I always had a passion for huge black cock. I thought about it 24/7 and couldn't seem to get it off my mind. Im not gay have no desire to be with a man, I just had to suck me a huge black cock.

One day while scrolling on the internet I came across this site that hooked black guys and white guys together in specific areas. They gave me a free three day trial so I placed an ad. White male seeks huge black cock. The next day I had a msg in my inbox, It was from a black man that was 6'5" slender and every bit of a 12" cock that was as thick as a coke can and as black as coal.

When I seen the pic I knew I had to have it. We made arrangements to meet the following day at his place at 4pm after his wife had left for work. I arrived about 4:30pm and went to the door and knocked. It was a community apartment building with lots of black men roaming the halls and checking me out. finally the door opens and in front of me stands this huge black man with a tight pair of white spandex shorts on, and a bulge so big it was actually hanging out the leg of his shorts.. I instantly got scared and nervous as this was my first encounter. He invited me in and I sat down and couldn't take my eyes off of that massive black man meat. He offered a drink upon which I accepted and when he returned with it his cock was sticking straight out in front of him, it was just beautiful and I knew it was gonna be pumping my throat soon.

He asked if I wanted to touch it so I agreed and slowly grabbed onto it and stroked it and was in ahhh of it. It was thicker than my wrist and as hard as concrete. I caressed and played with it a minute when all of a sudden he was jamming and cramming his big black man meat deep in my throat. He had his hands on the back of my head not wanting me to get away and breathe.

I finally got free and explained I was new to this and not used to that dominance. Told him Id like to go slow and smooth, Without hesitation he laid on the couch with his big black meat sticking straight up in the air.

I kneeled next to him on my knees and slowly took what I could in my mouth, I caressed and stroked it up and down as I swirled my tongue around that big black member as seductively as I could. I could feel him breathing faster and deeper from the pure joy he was getting from this white boy mouth. I decided to kneel in front of him, with him hanging off the couch I grabbed him up by them big ol nuts and swirled em around my palms as I had my mouth stretched to max capacity and trying to get as deep as I could on his black man meat. I wanted to make him and it happy.

I continued to slowly work it up and down as if I was making love to it with my mouth. He began breathing very hard and trying to push my head off, I just kept on it for all I was worth and continued to worship it for his pleasure... He tried to push me off but I held on to receive the biggest load of warm baby juice I had ever imagined, he looked at me as I was still trying to swallow that massive amount of jizz. I finally got it all down and then stroked him up and down until fully erect, then sucked him off again.

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written by blessedbybbc

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