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I was thinking that I wanted a warm dress coat for those cold Colorado days so decided to go to a nice men's store and see what I could find. My wife came along so she could give her opinion if I found more than one to my liking. I went to a nice store in an upscale shopping area - sort of Denver's answer to Rodeo Drive! The store was classy of course and I soon found myself looking through a nice selection of overcoats. A young black man approached us and said he would be our associate and would be happy to assist us with our shopping needs.

His name was Doug and he was very helpful making suggestions as to fit, cut, coloring etc. to guide me in making a selection while my wife sat in a chair watching me. Doug had taken us to our own dressing area where I could try on the overcoats and see myself in one of those 3-sided mirrors giving me a look at my front, back and sides. Obviously this area is also intended to provide privacy while shoppers are in various states of undress looking for pants and other clothing. Unfortunately nothing appealed to me in spite of this personal attention. After removing the last coat and preparing to leave, my wife commented that there was lint "all over you" which probably meant that a piece of lint was on a pant leg! Actually, I did have lint all over the front of my dark slacks and I assumed on the back as well. Doug was prepared and produced one of those lint removing things with the sticky stuff on a roller. While my wife watched, Doug was soon rolling the thing up and down the sides and backs of my legs removing the lint as he went. "There is still some on your butt and in front too." my wife said.

Doug looked at me with a very nice smile and said he would be happy to continue unless I was uncomfortable having him do it. I told him to go ahead - after all I thought, what was the big deal, it was only a lint roller! Well, he actually knelt behind me and continued getting the lint from the backs of my legs, but I soon felt the roller on my inner thighs and up to my crotch and it seemed to be moving with a bit more pressure and somewhat more slowly.

Once he rolled it up one leg to my crotch but continued across my crotch and down the other leg. Hmmm I thought. As he moved back and forth across my ass I definitely felt a greater pressure, especially as he moved across the crack of my ass since he not only rolled across my ass, but also slightly lower do where my ass curved back to my legs. Very sensual and I unconsciously responded by pressing back slightly...of course my wife Karen was taking all this in and I could see in the mirror a bit of a smile on her pretty lips as she shifted in her chair. Doug moved around to the front of my legs and looked in my eyes as he slowly moved higher. I gave him an imperceptable nod which he took as permission to continue.

The roller felt pretty good as it moved up my thighs and between my legs. I spread my legs apart a little more and Doug slowly rolled the device up and down from my knees to my crotch where it lingered each time. He began to slowly track across the front of my pants at the crotch and the pressure was firm. My body began to react and I felt my cock begin to stir - Doug noticed too and continued his slow back and forth motion with steadily increasing pressure. Looking in the mirror, I saw my wife with a definite smile and her hand resting on her tummy making small vertical movements until she was actually rubbing her tits! I am straight but have had an occasional blow-job from men in porn shops before I was married 5 years ago - which Karen knew about and seemed to have enjoyed it when I finally told her about those times.

Doug's touch brought back those memories and I wondered where this might go. By now, Doug was kneeling in front of me and slightly to my side as he clearly was trying to do much more than remove the lint. I noticed him looking in the mirror at Karen and saw her nod her head at him! The next thing I knew, he had dropped the lint roller and was rubbing my now stiff cock through my pants while also rubbing my ass - all for Karen to see. I could see her watching me as I looked at her in the mirror. Her eyes met mine and she was HOT - loving what was happening to me in front of her. I saw her hand moving across her tits only she had opened her blouse revealing bare skin - no bra! She had also hiked her skirt up revealing her creamy thighs and pink panties. She began caressing her pussy with one hand and pinching her nipples with her other hand while watching me just standing there as Doug fondled my cock and ass.

Doug boldly asked if I was enjoying his touch and I just as boldly said yes, very much. He reached up and unbuckled my belt, unzipped my fly and let my slacks fall to the floor. He then pulled my boxers down and there I stood, naked from the waist down, my wife sitting in a chair watching me while fingering her pussy and rubbing her tits. Doug stood and removed my shirt and then proceeded to fondle my cock and ass while licking and sucking my nipples. He moved around behind me and pressed himself to my ass and reached around to stroke my cock. I realized he did that so Karen could watch in the mirror as his hands made my cock even harder. He dropped to his knees and began licking my ass, bending me over and turning me slightly so Karen could enjoy that show as well. She was clearly enjoying this gay play between a handsome young black man and her husband. Doug then moved in front of me and began sucking my cock and licking my balls. He quickly brought me to the brink of cumming when he asked me if he could fuck me! Actually, I think he was really asking Karen. Before I could even consider it, Karen quickly said YES with an almost drunken look on her face.

She was now blatantly fondling herself, blouse open exposing her nice tits and her skirt up to her waist revealing her fingers stroking h er hot cunt. Once I got on the floor on my hands and knees, Doug positioned me so Karen could look into the mirror and watch my ass being fucked by Doug's hard black cock. He even invited her to join at any time! She did! Karen removed all her clothes and crawled up under me so she and I were in a 69, me on top eating her pussy while she sucked my cock and also watching Doug's black cock sliding in and out of my white-man's ass. Doug could look in the mirror as he fucked me and enjoy the view of my wife's naked pussy as I licked it. Just to give him another treat, I lifted Karen's legs revealing her asshole and began licking it too.


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Karen was rewarded first with an orgasm and I licked faster to enjoy eating her cunt and ass while tasting her wet cum juices. I felt Doug stiffen in my ass an was soon being filled with his hot cum as I shot my creamy load into Karen's hungry mouth. As Doug pulled his softening cock out of my cum-filled asshole, Karen began licking my balls, tasting Doug's cum as it ran across them on to her face and lips. With sighs of relief, Karen and I both lay on the floor in a sexual stupor - Doug, being the great "associate" he was, got towels and began cleaning us up. Actually, he licked the cum from my cock and Karen's pussy then began licking it from her face and gave her a deep tongue kiss. Seeing his dark skin against Karen's white body was quite a turn on for me. Seeing him sucking her nipples into his mouth, licking them and french-kissing her while she sucked his tongue like it was his cock was so hot! Too soon he used the towels to finish cleaning us up. Karen and I left without getting me a coat, but we both plan to shop there again real soon!

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written by dan
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