Boyfriend Has Sex with Girlfriend and Her Lesbian Friend

I never questioned my chores. Twice a week, I stayed late at my father's restaurant to do inventory. That was always my job. My older brother unloaded the truck when it made its deliveries. My little sister was in charge of cleaning the whole store every Sunday night. So to think about it, doing inventory wasn't that bad. I had the place to myself. I could blast my iPod through the whole restaurant without bothering anyone.

With both the freezer and walk-in cooler doors propped open, the kitchen had a comfortable chill to it. I stood in the freezer and counted the boxes of breads. White bread: 3. Wheat bread: 2. There was a knock on the back door. I looked though the window and saw my best friend and her boyfriend. I turned off the alarm and opened the door.

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked.

"We figured you needed a distraction from work," she said.

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"You know my dad will kill me if I don't do this inventory," I replied.

She took the list from me and looked it over. "You're over half way done. Take a break."

"I'll take a break when I'm done working," I replied. "Feel free to wait."

She hopped up on the baker's table and her boyfriend stood next to her. I went back into the freezer to finish my inventory. Before long, I heard the familiar sucking sounds of two people making out. I rolled my eyes. What else is new? They made out whenever they got the chance.

I walked out of the freezer and crossed the kitchen into the cooler. I tried not to look at them as they kissed each other open mouthed. I stepped into the cooler and looked at the boxes of fruits and vegetables. I counted them and then documented the numbers on the inventory sheet. I finished up in the walk-in cooler. I left the door open and walked into the back to count the dry ingredients.

Ten minutes later, I was done with inventory. I went back into the kitchen to find my best friend still on the baker's table with her shirt pulled open and her boyfriend sucking her tits. Her head fell back and she moaned. I walked into the office and set the inventory sheet on my dad's desk. I left the office, closing the door behind me.


"Are you done?" I asked, watching him pull away from her beasts.

"For now," she said. "Are you?"

"For now," I replied. "So what did you come here for? You knew you'd have to wait for me to do inventory."

She hopped off the bakers table and walked over to me. She pressed her lips hard against mine. I kissed her back, completely comfortable with this.

"He didn't believe that we do stuff like this," she said.

I looked over her shoulder at her boyfriend. "She's been mine longer than she's been yours. Don't hurt her or I'll kill you."

She slapped my shoulder. "Be nice."

I kissed her again. Taking her breasts in my hand, I squeezed them. She moaned into my mouth. With her mouth open, I pushed my tongue into her mouth and I caught her tongue with mine. I ran my tongue along the length of hers and she did the same with me. I felt her hands move to the inside of my shirt. She pushed up my white cotton bra up over my breasts and pinched and flicked my nipples. I moaned hard. I felt the wetness growing between my legs.

She pulled away from me and removed her hands from under my shirt. She turned around and I pulled her close, my hands wrapped around her stomach. We could both see the bulge in his pants where his cock was growing increasingly hard watching his girlfriend make out with her lesbian best friend.

She reached out to him and pulled him close, stroking his cock through his baggy blue jeans. She pulled out the waist band of his plaid boxers and slipped her hand in. I watched her stroke him. I reached up and unbuttoned her shirt. I peeled away her nude bra and stroked her nipples.

"Fuck me," she whispered. "Both of you."

She removed her hands from his pants. I pulled away from her. The three of us took off our clothes and tossed them on the kitchen floor. The chill from the freezer and kitchen doors being open showed on her and I's bodies as our nipples grew tight and erect.

I kissed her again, running my hands along her skin. I lead her to the cooler. She knew it was my fantasy to fuck a girl in there. I sat her down on one of the shelves and kissed down her body. I sucked her erect nipples before settling myself between her legs. I kissed her thighs and looked at her boyfriend. He was standing in the doorway of the cooler stroking his black member.

I sucked her clit into my mouth and licked it and sucked it. Her hands moved to the back of my head and her legs spread wider. I moved down and licked between her inner lips. I pushed my tongue inside her and she moaned. I fucked her with my tongue as I stroked her thighs. I moved back to her clit and pushed two fingers inside her. Fucking her with my fingers felt so good. It had been so long since my fingers took up residence inside her. It felt so good to feel her surrounding me.

"I want to eat you," she said through a moan.

I pulled away from her. I gave her one last thrust with my fingers before pulling out of her. She took my fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean. She pulled me into a kiss, cleaning herself off my lips and tongue. She pinched my nipples. She knelt down in front of me and pressed her tongue between my legs. I fell back against the shelves. She pushed two fingers into me and spread my legs wider.

Her boyfriend moved behind her. He put his hands on her hips and with one thrust all of his eight inches was inside of her pussy. She moaned against my pussy as he thrust inside her. With his big black hands against her, I saw how truly pale she was.

"Fuck," I moaned as she pressed another finger into me.

She pulled away from me. "There's a dildo in my bag."

I smiled. "Always prepared?"

She nodded as I walked out of the cooler to get the dildo out of her bag. Went I went back into the cooler, he was laying on the ground and she was riding him. I stood over her and pressed the dildo to her lips. I watched her take it into her mouth and suck it with such passion, as if it were her boyfriends cock in her mouth.

She had stopped riding him and was just sitting with his cock inside her. I felt his hands on my thighs. He guided me into a kneeling position over top of him. I felt his tongue push inside me. He swirled his tongue inside me in a way I'd never felt before. I leaned forward and dug my short nails into his abs.

"Oh god," I moaned.

"Feel good?" she asked.

I nodded.

I watched her begin to ride him again. I reached out and touched her clit. I rubbed it hard as she rode him. She stopped abruptly.

"You fuck him," she said.

"I don't fuck men," I said.

"Then why are you letting him eat you?" she asked.

I looked down at the muscular black body beneath me. She had a point. I stood up, pulling her off of him. He got up off the floor and we went back into the kitchen. I put her on the baker's table and ran the dildo along the length of her thighs. I rubbed it from her ass to her clit. I arched my back so her boyfriend had access to my pussy.

When he penetrated me, I pushed the dildo into her. I felt his hands around me as he pulled out and thrust back in. He wasn't going slow. He was fucking me hard and fast. I had never felt this kind of pleasure from being fucked by a man. I felt his balls slap against my clit with every thrust. I couldn't help but cry out from the sheer pleasure of being fucked in the kitchen by a man.

I heard his breathing get faster with every fast, hard thrust inside me.

"God, baby, you're so good," he moaned. "So good for a dyke."

"Yeah, that's right," I moaned. "I'm a dyke. I'm your fucking dyke."

"Fuck her with that dick baby," he moaned. "Fuck my girl."

I thrust the dildo into her and pulled it out. I pressed the head against her pussy and pushed it hard into her. I leaned forward and sucked her clit as I pulled the dildo in and out of her. He was still thrusting in and out of me. He reached around me and pressed his finger against my clit. He rubbed it furiously as he continued to fuck me.

I felt my legs begin to shake. "Oh God," I moaned. "I'm going to come."

"Hold on, sweetie," she said. "Not yet. I want to come with you."

I bit my lower lip and tried to hold back my impending orgasm. I fucked her with the dildo and continued to rub her clit. Soon her head fell back and she moaned loud. I knew she was about to come so I let myself go. We both moaned loudly as our orgasms engulfed us.

He continued to thrust in to me as my orgasm washed over me. With a loud grunt he came, shooting his seed inside me.

"Fuck, baby," he said. "God, felt so good."

He pulled out and stroked his still hard cock. My best friend and I switched positions on the table.

"I want to suck him out of you," she said.

"No," he said. He looked at me. "Sit on her face."

We did. He positioned himself between her legs. He pushed into her. I watched him fuck her hard. His balls slapped against her ass. I leaned forward and rubbed her clit. It didn't take long for us to come again.

After we caught our breath, we put our clothes back on. I closed everything and made sure the doors were locked. I turned on the alarm and we had forty-five seconds to get out the back door. Out in the parking lot, I kissed her and I reached between his legs and stroked his cock.

"We're going to have to do this again," he said. "You're very good for a lesbian."

I smiled. "And you're not bad for a kid from the `hood."

I watched them get into his grandma's Magnum and drive off. I climbed into my truck and headed home. I was looking forward to the next time I fucked them both.

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written by sexykitty1003
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