First Bi Time

Thanksgiving holiday was coming up my first year of college. I was still a virgin although I had a few girlfriends in HS and we had gone as far as oral sex. I considered my self straight (you know,, girlfriends) but would masturbate and think about sucking cock throughout my young life.

When I discovered how much better my orgasms were with a finger up my ass it became a regular activity. My best friend from childhood and I took a trip to NYC for the holiday weekend. Drinking laws in NY allowed over 18 yo and my home state was still 21. We both ended up getting pretty drunk. Drunk and very horny in NY what could go wrong? Got on the elevator at the hotel, only one other riderwith us, and talked about taking a shower. Hoping to get my friend in with me. He said "Just go to bed and sleep it off". The other guy apparently overheard enough and after I got to my room there was a knock on my door.

"Saw you on the elevator. Want to come to my room for a beer and a smoke?" I was drunk enough to need another beer so off to his room we went.

"Sit down I'll get the beers. Look what was left in my room" he said tossing a magazine with naked men in it to me. I took a quick look and realized what was happening.


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"Do you like it?" he asked.

"Let me look a bit more and I'll tell you" i replied flirtatiously. When he offered me a massage I accepted. "Let's get naked."

Again I agreed and was nude in seconds. He laid me on my back and started massaging my front. My cock was straight up and he positioned himself so he could rub our two hardons together. It was the first time I had another man's hard cock against any part of me and I loved how excited it made me. Almost like he read my mind he suddenly took my cock into his mouth and I was in heaven. I wanted to suck his cock so badly but he had other plans.

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"You can suck me in a bit but first I want to fuck you. I'll wear a condom and you can suck me off and taste my cum after I fuck your ass". He stepped back and rolled a condom on. I noticed how similar our cocks were and it made me want to blow him even more. Still on my back he put my legs over his shoulders. The lube was cold as he fingered my horny asshole. Then I felt two fingers, three fingers. I wanted his cock in me. Finally he let me have it. It was unbelievable. I was finally getting fucked. My cock was dripping pre-cum non stop. He took some on his finger and rubbed it on my lips. This made me start shooting my hot jizz over my stomach. Again he wiped some up and fed it to me. I was like a hungry animal. I licked all he gave me and then I pulled away from him. I took that condom off him and went down on his hot meat. I was so horny I almost sucked him with the rubber still on but I knew I wanted his seed in my mouth. His experienced cock made my first time soooo much better. I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth. He gave me directions on what he wanted. I took his shaved balls into my mouth.I sucked him deep when he commanded. He laid himself down on the bed and spread his legs.

"Lick my asshole faggot" Faggot?? Yeah I guess wanting to suck and please this man made me a faggot and excited me even more.

"Get your tongue in there nice and deep sissyboy. Play with my cock while you eat my ass" I never thought of eating another guys ass in my life but here I was sticking my tongue as deep as I could into his ass.

"Suck me off you cocksucker." I loved him commanding me.

"Take it all cocksucker".

Being my first time I could only get him to the back of my mouth. I wanted to please him so badly. He held my head in both hands and forced his cock down my throat. At first I was gagging but he said wait a minute. He got a different lube and put some on his cock and rubbed more into my mouth. I felt the numbing immediately. Taking my head back in his hands he forced his cock down my throat again but this time no gagging. It felt so wonderful deep in my throat I was getting hard enough to feel like I could cum again.

Oh how I wanted to have him shoot his load into my hungry mouth while I came again. He seemed to read my mind and he turned us so we could suck each other in my first 69 with a man. When he started shooting hot cum I exploded again. I loved my first time so much that I started hanging in cruise areas late at night. I was a happy cocksucker when I wasn't chasing pussy. I stopped cock-sucking and fucking when I got married but I do miss having cock on my sexual menu. If the right circumstance presents itself I'll gladly be on my knees again.

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