Forced by My Friend in High School and Submissive Ever Since

I was a sophomore in high school and my friend was a senior. We were in my bedroom playing a game I bought for when a girl came over but that never happened I was too shy.

The game suggested some stuff and we laid down and played with each other's cocks. Then he we played more and a card I picked said let your partner do what he wants to you. I remember him smiling and telling me to get on the floor on all fours. I hadn't even been with a girl before. I was bigger and stronger but all of a sudden felt helpless, I don't know why. He got behind me and pulled my shorts and underwear down. I remember saying NO FUCKING WAY.

He said OK and walked out of the room and I just stayed there wondering what I was getting myself into. All of a sudden he comes back and says not to move and I just stayed there on all fours, he said he was just going to rub his dick between my ass cheeks so not to worry. I thought if I let him do that it would end this all. I felt him put Vaseline on me, I guess that's what he went to get.

He rubbed it on my hole and said to relax he just wanted me to feel good and his finger went in my ass with it. I said no and he just forced my head down to the floor with his other hand and said to shut up. He took his pants off and knelt behind me and started rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks and I figured it wasn't so bad.

Then he started to put in my ass and I yelled at him and he just laughed and started to force it in. It hurt like hell and I was yelling in pain and I remember him just laughing and saying it's how it works in the beginning. All of a sudden he grabbed my hips and said something like, hold on here it comes.

He just forced himself all the way in. I screamed in pain but just laid there. I remember falling flat on the ground thinking he couldnt do it if I were flat but I was wrong, he just mounted me and started pounding me like crazy. I remember thinking what the hell I got myself into and then all of a sudden thinking, OMG he is in my ass and now he kind of owns it. I felt from then on I was nothing but his bitch, his toy to use how ever he wanted.

Next time he came I told him let's go out and he said no, and pushed me to the stairs and pushed me up. He sat on my bed and told me to sit next to him. he pulled his pants off and left his underwear on and told me to touch him. I just did what he said. I was rubbing it for a while and he laid down and told me not to stop.

Then I said is that enough and he said yes. I was relieved but he only meant I could stop touching him. He pulled his underpants off and told me to suck his fucking cock. I said NO way but he grabbed me by the hair and forced me down and said I already had his cock inside me and I already touched his cock and that he would tell everyone in school I was a fag if I didn't listen.


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I remember just touching his cock and looking at it and he forced my head down onto his cock and made me take it in my mouth I was kind of disgusted but didn't know what to do and he just held me there and humped my mouth, then he forced me down harder so I was choking and that must have felt good and he just started cumming in my mouth down my throat.

After that, I became a submissive and feel my place in life is to let guys use me for their pleasure even though I am married to a wonderful woman.

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written by mrmike

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