Still a Creamboy

Ive been a cocksucker nearly 40 years and Im still sucking the same ones. But so are they. Throughout my childhood, the only two guys near my age that lived close by were cousins. Bill and Mike. I hung around all the time with them, and we fished and camped a lot in the summer. Mike had just got his driver`s license, and Bill was two years older than me, but started late, and failed third grade, so we were in the same class.

Bill and I were camping by a neighbors pond and had a tent set up with sleeping bags inside. Mike came by with 2 six packs of beer hed had a friend buy for him and we all had one, then another. As I stepped out to pee, Mike came with me and had to go also. He looked at my cut cock and said "You've got a nice one, and its big for your age. Then he pulled out the biggest dick Id ever seen. It was the size of a banana and 7-8 inches long. " Like that? Wanna touch it? Go ahead, it won`t bite.

He turned around, dropped his shorts, grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. I could barely get my hand around it, and was mesmerized by it's size. I squeezed it and stroked it a time or two, watching in awe as it grew even bigger by my touch, "Go on, check it out, get a close look.

As I leaned down to check it out, I felt a gentle but firm hand on the back of my head pushing me ever closer. until the mushroom head brushed my lips. Mike softly said, "Go on, you`ll love it."

I couldnt stop myself even if Id wanted to, The taste was hypnotic, like nothing Id ever had before, the feel of it throbbing, pulsing suddenly made me glad Id found something that excited me like no other thing ever had. I wanted more and more. the thick head filled my mouth, and I struggled to try and fit every inch of this giant in it.

I licked, sucked, kissed, and slobbered every inch I could.

Mike held me firmly and thrust faster and faster, fucking my face with no mercy. After several minutes, I felt him quiver as suddenly a burst of thick, creamy, fluid filled my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could in the moment so as not to waste any and felt him pull back. I licked him clean and sucked the last few drops out of his peehole, savoring the creamy taste as long as I could.

"Thanks, I needed that, you are the best Creamsucker Ive ever had. Why dont you show Bill how to do that. He's got a great ass, but he can`t suck worth a damn.


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The rest of the night was a blur. I fucked Bill while Mike sucked him, then Mike fucked him too.

Sunup found all three of us naked in the tent with a hand on someone's dick.

Over the years Bill and I still get together pretty often to drink beer and it almost always ends with a blowjob or an occasional fucking. Mike comes back home with his family for the holidays, and we usually catch up with him at least once or twice each trip. Im still Mikes Creamboy and he still loves to feed me that magnificent cock of his.

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written by canieatu

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