Paying the Speeding Ticket the Bisexual Way

I have a habit of ignoring speed limits and running stop signs while driving. So it didn't surprise me when I got home to find a police car parked in my driveway. When I entered the house the officer and my wife were sitting in the family room.

The officer stood up and produced a pair of hand cuffs. Once my hands were cuffed he proceeded to tell me of my offenses.

My wife begged him to reconsider arresting me. She asked if there wasn't some way we could take care of this without my going to jail? She said that we would do anything he wanted to keep me out of jail. He looked her up and down and asked what she meant by anything!

She said that we would be his personal "sex slaves" and perform any sexual act he could think of. He replied that he was on duty but he would return on his day off and we had better be ready to live up to our offer.


Fucking the Sexy Mail Man

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As a show of good faith one of us could suck him off right now.

My wife asked him which one of us he would prefer?

He answered being as how the tickets were mine the job should be mine also. He asked if I had ever sucked a cock before? I replied "no".

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He said that there was no time like the present to change that and he would enjoy getting virgin head.

With the cuffs still on he told me to kneel in front of him. He then had my wife stand behind him and reach around and undo his belt, unzip his pants and release his cock from his undershorts.

In seconds a dick at least eight inches long was starring me in the face. The veins on the shaft were bulging and the head was shining with precum.

I was hypnotized by it's size as he brought it to my face. A big drop of precum appeared in the piss slit. I stuck my tongue out and licked it off the head. It tasted great!

I continued licking the bulbous head feeling its texture with my tongue and savoring the taste of the precum that oozed from it.

I knew what was expected of me and I couldn't believe that I was actually going to suck another mans' cock.

I leaned forward and took as much of the hot dick into my mouth as I could. My heart pounded and my head spun as I fought to keep from gaging as more of the shaft made it's way into my mouth. As I slowly pulled my lips back up the dick to its' corona I swirled my tongue around the head and then pressed my mouth further down the shaft until I felt it press against the back of my throat. For some reason it felt perfectly natural for the cock to be sliding in and out of my mouth.

My wife had come around front of the officer and has watching in disbelieve as I was trying to throat the massive mussle. I couldn't believe the amount of juices flowing from the head of the cock. But something told me I was soon going to be swallowing more than just precum.

I knew he was approaching climax by the throbbing in his dick and the rapid increase in his fucking motion. Was I ready for a man to cum in my mouth? Did I have a choice?

My wife was getting turned on and kept telling me what a good cock sucker I was turing out to be.

I increased me sucking speed and he in turn increased his fucking tempo. He was using my mouth like a pussy hammering his cock in and out I could barely keep up.

I heard the cop moan as he stopped his pumping motion. I slid my mouth back to where only the head of the monster dick was still in me. Then suddenly it bucked and the first jet of cum shot accross my tongue it was soon followed by another and another. I swallowed all of it I could. I had just sucked my first cock to completion. My wife reached in and pumped the last of the spunk from the cock into my mouth and wiped the head clean on my lips.

The cop tucked his cock back into his pace and refastened everything. He then had me stand well he removed his cuffs.

He said I had done a fine job and that he would be back on his day off for more.

To tell you the truth my wife and I can't wait.

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written by walter
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