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A lucky day hiking

We'd went into this old cabin that was a attraction on the trail that you could tour self guided. We walked around the cabins interior and checked it out ,Cathy sat down in a chair at the table then grabbed my pocket on my jeans and pulled me over to her and undid my pants and pulled out my cock and started licking and sucking it.
3.8 571 words 3 mins

The guys we met at the cabin

Well Cathy and I discussed this all week what to do and how to do and how she wanted to start things. So when Mike and Scott arrived we invited them into the dining room where we all sat down around the table ,Cathy got the guys a beer and we sat and talked ,smoked a joint to loosen everyone up.
3.4 569 words 3 mins

Played Gloryhole Game at ABS

I've dabbled with bi activity since college, often going years. I've had cock in my mouth, but never went to completion. But over the last few years, I've been increasingly turned on by shemales, crossdressers, bi-couples, and gloryholes. I've eaten my own cum for years, sometimes off my wife's tits or pussy even. Then last year I stumbled across this thing called "The Gloryhole Game" on a site.
4 785 words 3 mins first time

The Stupid Things I Do for Sex

Her name was Bonnie. She had shoulder length black hair, blue eyes, curvy figure. She was coquettish as hell. We had done everything but fuck, as opportunities never presented for full sex. Halloween was coming and an invitation to a costume party. We were talking amongst friends and the subject of were we going and what to wear came up.
3.5 4273 words 19 mins

My Fixation on Asses

This one job was asbestos removal. Everyone had to come through the showers and get decontaminated. No choice they got to strip down get naked. I used to set up the containment area then when I would finish. They would bring them in. I would get them all in the cleanroom. I figure I am going to have them vote they choose the 6 hours straight through have no breaks no lunch. Get paid 8 hours.
2.2 3660 words 16 mins

Wife Challenges me to BJ Contest

It started while watching Vikki (wife) sucking my cock, I told her that she really looked happy with cock in her mouth, and she said it was one of her favorite times of the day. "Wait", I said, "times of the day?". "Whoops, I let the cat out of the bag", was her response.
4 562 words 2 mins relationship

The bet - Did I win or lose?

There was only one other car there. I sat there doing some paper work, looking over at the car parked in the corner of the lot. It looked like a young black sitting there on his phone. After a few minutes I got out of my van and walked over by him. Pretending to just be stretching my legs. I looked in his car window and seen that he was watching porn on his phone.
3.3 881 words 4 mins

First Black Cock

I was driving to a local bowling ally to do a service call when I saw this young black guy walking, he was wearing Jim pants and a tee shirt, he was looking at his phone, and by the looks of his pants he had a big hardon. I drove around the block several times and yes he had a big one in his pants and rubbing it every time I passed him. I was so horny for cock I had to stop and talk to him.
4.3 623 words 3 mins

Sunday on the beach

I usually make a point of setting out early but, as I'd had a very late night last night, it took me a while to get going and didn't get there until lunchtime. I'd definitely left it too late.
3.8 1540 words 7 mins

Tonight I'm His

No, I saw his cock on her desktop. Thick and pretty long. Cut with a big purple knob. She tells him it makes her wet when she looks at it. It makes me hard and drooling when I sneak a peek. I want him to Daddy me. I think they leave it on just as cock teasing. They know I can see.
3.2 1186 words 5 mins relationship

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