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SoCal Play

Those of us who live in free states have a whole other appreciation of smoking weed and being a horny gay dude. You think it's not that big a deal until you live in a need to weed lifestyle. Socially and on the down low and the one-night lover and the dirty pervs. Everybody tokes; the doors open, walls fall, skin gets a friction sparking. Not like electro-stim, but electric skin.
3.7 945 words 4 mins

My Awakening the Day I realized my New Bisexual Life

My dad was a very prejudiced man, he would tell me how much he hated blacks and gays. That always disturbed me to say the least. Not long ago my dad passed , about 6 months ago. Well at his wake I found out he had a lover and to boot he was black! I was shocked I met his lover at the wake he pulled me aside and told me , I didn't know what to think.
3.7 453 words 2 mins

First Time Sucking a Older Man’s Cock in the 12th Grade

I took a job cutting a guy's lawn in Fridley who lived on a lake I swam at. The second time I was cutting his lawn he came out in very tight shorts which very much showed his outline of a cock. I had seen and touched other boys cock in the 8th grade and actually let them put their cocks in my mouth but no sucking so wasn't completely in the dark. Back to what happened.
3.7 288 words 1 mins first time

Day Dreaming

After about 60 miles I ended up at the coast, it was very early in the year and the beach had only 2 anglers on it. I walked on into the dunes and went of path and over the rough until I found a nice little hollow and sat down. It was very mild and warm down out of the breeze so I decided to take my top of and eat my sandwich.
4.4 1093 words 5 mins

First Time for Married Man with Park Blowjob Encounter

I got pretty high one night and had a 40 minute drive home. About half way home I had to pee really bad so I pull off the freeway at a park along the way. As I pulled into the parking lot I saw another vehicle there and the driver hit his brake lights twice. I stepped out of my car and went into the bushes to pee. I was about to burst and it was a real relief to finally vacate my bladder.
3.4 471 words 2 mins first time

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