A lucky day hiking

I wife and I was hiking in a local park .We'd went into this old cabin that was a attraction on the trail that you could tour self guided .

We walked around the cabins interior and checked it out ,Cathy sat down in a chair at the table then grabbed my pocket on my jeans and pulled me over to her and undid my pants and pulled out my cock and started licking and sucking it .

I told her " we can't do this here we'll get caught "

But she just continued on sucking my now hard cock . I began fucking her hot mouth as she sucked . We hadn't been at it for just a few minutes when we heard someone walk up on the porch .


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Before I could pull away the door opened and we were busted . We were both embarrassed and didn't know what to say but sorry. Turned out it was two guys around our age or maybe younger , slender nice looking guys ,both with dark hair .

They just laughed a little and said "maybe we should apologize to you ,looks like we interrupted something good for you.

We laughed as I was pulling up my pants , suddenly one of them said " don't stop on our account we'll leave you guys alone ".

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Then started towards the door when Cathy invited them to stay and she'd take care of them too if they'd like .

They ask if it was ok with me and I said yes .

Well Cathy we t back to sucking me and both of them came over and stood on either side of Cathy while she continued to suck my hard cock . They both undid their pants and freed their already hard cocks and both were at least 7to 8" s and thick.

Cathy turned and started the guy to her left and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking it as she reached for the other guys cock and started stroking it as she sucked the other guy . I stroked my cock as I watched her suck and stroke these two nice cocks and these guys were loving it too . She went back to sucking me as she stroked them .

When she went back to sucking the guy on the left , I watched for a few more minutes then I got on me knees and ask if I could help . She pulled the guy to her right by his cock over forwards me and I went to work on his cock as she sucked his friend. They were fucking our mouths and we were switching off sucking both guys till they both shot their hot cum into our mouths .

We sucked them dry then they watch her suck me off .

We all introduced ourselves and exchanged numbers and made plans for them to come to our place the following weekend . After they left Cathy pulled her pants down and got on her knees in the chair ,her pussy was dripping wet .

I went down on her and licked her til she came really hard in no time at all then I stood up and slid my hard 8"s into her wet pussy and pounded her her til she came 3 more times before I came inside of her .

We got ourselves together then headed home and talked about that all week til we got together again the following weekend with those two but that's another store .

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written by Bob 35

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