My Fixation on Asses

Asians you know I never came into much contact with them. This one job was asbestos removal. Everyone had to come through the showers and get decontaminated. No choice they got to strip down get naked.

I used to set up the containment area then when I would finish. They would bring them in. I would get them all in the cleanroom. I figure I am going to have them vote they choose the 6 hours straight through have no breaks no lunch. Get paid 8 hours.

Or 8 hours a lunch break and a coffee break. They like to think they have choices that are being given to them. The breaks add up costs the disposable coveralls, water, little booties they all have to be bagged and then put in the landfill. Water in showers has to be filtered and disposed of everything that becomes contaminated costs adds up fast. It all becomes a deadly poison according to some fuckin moron.

So they all vote and decided they will do the 6 hours in and out get paid for 8 hours. No lunch no breaks straight through. I said thank you, God. I looked at the crew typical blacks, rednecks, and Hispanics. I look and see this little Asian boy he is not a boy, but anyone under 26 is a boy to me. I like old as dirt.


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He was sweet as honey, and a tiny little ass on him. I was looking at him my dick started getting hard. I said to myself this is going to be trouble. My dick was hard and he got his pants on. They're going to have to go through showers everything has to be decontaminated.

The only thing coming out of the showers is their butt naked asses. That Asian boy had one sweet little ass. I thought it's too late I could have figured out a way to get saltpeter in them. That's an old trick the old chain gangs. You were shackled chains between your feet. There be the MAN up on a horse with a rifle.

You run they shoot you. You get up out into the swamps woods get the dogs to chase you down. They catch you and put you in the BOX. Ok, I better get off that.

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The saltpeter was to keep the prisoners from humping on each other. This ain't no chain gang, no prison, and no working farm. it's just an asbestos removal crew. Then again I hate to break it to you but it is still just, a bunch of animals. I was just hoping we make it 2 or 3 weeks.

Without any perverted sickening homosexual antics. My own mostly. I gave it 3 or 4 days tops. Looked at that sweet ass OK 2 days. What was I going to do? Tell him you like 3 feet tall sweetest little ass.

You're cute as a little button and you are going cause problems, and you got to go. I was getting a little sweet on his ass. The shadow knows, what evil lurks in the hearts of men. That old radio show. Never mind

They came through the showers like cattle. That 3 foot tall little Asian boy. I was wrong his ass is sweeter than I thought. Ok, he was not 3 feet tall just trying to make a point.

He was 5 feet give or take. It is a relatively short period between them getting out of the showers getting dressed and out of here. They don't want to be there. almost as much as I don't want them there.

I just want to go home get through the gauntlet of hookers. Go drink a few beers go to bed. Them hookers one day, I went to the store got some milk and a box of twinkies.

I was walking down the street one comes running up asks me. Are you looking for a date? I said do I look like I am looking for a date? Unlike you, l live here. Your daddy probably owns half this town. You a junkie out her selling your goddam ass.

Then she starts crying. I look at the sky why me God? Then she offers. She wants me to fuck her in this car. The windows were all busted out. It has no wheels on it.

I said what the fuck is going on here? I look around thinking I am a on candid camera or something. Is it some kinda strange hooker sting? I get home lay down watching the TV.

The window just opened this blonde crawls in falls on the floor. She gets up walks out the door. I was sitting there eating my twinkies like WTF? Then a few hours later the door opens. She walks through and starts climbing out the window. She had a gorgeous ass. I bring the window down just above her ass.

Click click window locks into place. I got this ass now. I was laughing so hard. I pulled her pants down spit in the butthole. Then pop my dick in her ass. She is crying whining feet legs kicking. I was pounding the hell out of that ass.

It was like a crazy cartoon. I did not even want to believe it myself. I did keep asking why me God? I think the devil heard me and delivered. I needed it bad dumped a load in pulled out making farting sounds come came bubbling up out of her ass on the floor.

I was laughing so hard my sides were starting to hurt. I go get a chair sit down talking to her ass. Slap it as hard as I could hurt my hand. So what are you doing crawling in and out my window? It was fuckin hilarious. I got up said don't go anywhere. I'm not done talking to you. Like she is going to go anywhere. I go down in the bar to get a six-pack.

Then I asked him was there a blonde in here with a nice ass? Now I am getting the story he starts explaining. I getting the skinny on her. They won't let her in the front door.

Her ass causes lots of trouble. She crawls through the windows comes down goes into the bar. I did not tell him I had her ass trapped in my window. I go back in she says I got to pee.

I said you are not allowed to speak unless you are spoken to. You should be seen and not heard. Look piss comes shooting out of her on my floor. It made my dick hard. It was fun it went on a few more hours. She did have one beautiful ass. I rode it out I was having fun. I figured out she was loving it.

It kinda just lost its thrill. I got a pen I wrote on her ass Property of thick as I can get that ink on. Wanted that ink to stain. I was talking to her ass. I kissed her ass goodbye then opened the window she crawled out. Walked off into the night.

Now, where was I? Oh, that sweet little ass on that Asian boy. The first day he hung back. They came through the showers. I was in a good mood laughing thinking about it. Nose to the grindstone. It was about a week later some were carrying razor knives.

They cut the ass out of his paper coveralls. I can't laugh they are going to think it alright then. I had to turn my back it took everything in me not to bust out laughing. That poor Asian boy. I was trying not to look. I knew I see that ass going to be walking around with a hard-on. That would not be helpful.

A couple of them whipped out their dicks and were slapping his ass with them. It was funny but it was not funny. Ya, it was but you know. Had to maintain some kind of decorum, civility some kind of order. I saw it coming the day he walked in and I saw that sweet ass. I watched through the containment view.

I got to suit up to go in. I had no idea what I was going to say or do. I just prayed. I was not going to bust out laughing. I coming through into the containment area they like rats gone. That poor Asian boy sitting I guess that stopped them from slapping his ass with their dicks. I was not sure think they may have been slapping their dicks in his face.

I had to get this under control and not bust out laughing. It sounds easy but it's not. I get there he sitting there thinking he was crying at least I think he was. I hear them all giggling through their respirators. Them rednecks and them blacks from Oakland their goddam monsters I mean monsters.

I was not about to waste a paper pair coveralls on him. That Jew counts everything got that Jew fuckin radar. He can tell when people are taking toilet paper home. He got that Jew fuckin radar. So I got a roll of duct tape then told him lets go back over here. That's going to get a few jokes too.

These are some perverted mother fuckers. Pot calling the kettle black. So I get him out sight. I going to fix his coveralls. Told him to turn around. I was trying not to yell the shit was getting on my nerves. He turns around and bends over. He thinks I am yelling at him and I took him back there and I was going to fuck him. I got so goddam mad.

I was looking at his ass. Thought hell with these animals. I need to start eating some saltpeter. That's all I need is to get caught up in a weak moment. Do something I regret I started getting angry. I said stand up straight. He's bent over assuming the position. I try not to yell.

Turn around I duct tape the hole they cut in the ass of his coveralls. That going to stick to his ass. They not going to get in. Subconsciously I think I was trying to keep my dick out of his ass. He turns around seen tears.

I think he understood me. I said this is not China or Japan Korea or where ever it is you come from. it's not like that here. We are not animals. I wished I believed that. I told him to wait till everyone goes through the showers today then I need to talk to you.

This was nothing it was either the train station job or convention center. There were women on the job. There is always that one goddam asshole in every bunch. He rips a hole in his paper coveralls got his dick out shaking it at these women saying you want some of this don't you bitches.

I was standing there looking at a scraper. it's about 5 feet long hickory handle. I was trying to figure out how I was going to make this look like an accident. It was a high school that's right. It was the last union job I ever worked doing that shit at least. I took my respirator off I had to breathe.

I was trying to calm myself down. When It comes to me and my freedom. He was a piece of shit. These poor women needed to come to work and see that shit. He was not worth my freedom. They will figure it out. I walked off that job did not go back. Life goes on without me. Now back to that Asian boy. I felt like such a goddam idiot. He opened his mouth and spoke English.

I told him I did not him piling into the showers and the cleanroom with the rest of them. You can't go first they will cry whine and bitch. I get up getting ready to go. He says I did not feel that I had to. He said I wanted you to. I acted like I did not hear it. Said I will see you tomorrow.

Just the thought of him bending over like that and offering me his ass. When he said that I did not know what to say so pretended not to hear him. I thought about it. I think when they tore the ass out of his coveralls and were slapping his ass with their dicks. It must have gotten him horny as hell.

Then I ordered him in the back raised my voice telling him to turn around. He thought I was going to fuck him. I did not even think he spoke English. That he was from some backward country where the boss fucks the workers. The joke was on me.

I did not realize how stupid I am. Not only did he speak English he probably had a better education than me. That's not saying much. I was glad they scattered like rats. They were just playing. He had to be enjoying it as much or more than they were.

When he bent over I should have probably just fucked him. They telling gay jokes about the night shift anyway. Like there is a homosexual orgy going on every night. I was trying to be the responsible one. Like I am the babysitter. The bus pulled up to my stop. I was stuck on stupid.

I walked in looked at the window and laughed. Started thinking about him bending over. I was laying there dreaming of his little ass. I was wishing she would climb through the window. I had my dick in my hand thinking about what he said POP goes the weasel came I rolled over went to bed.

I woke up went ate steak and eggs. I could not get his ass out of my head. I got to work they were cracking jokes about me taking him in the back and him coming out his ass all duct-taped up. They are some funny crazies. The king of the one-liners not letting up about his ass being covered with duct tape. They busting me up funny as hell.

That was a forever one stuck to me. Like all that duct tape was stuck to his ass. I said to myself, I was not the babysitter. Let them all have at each other. I don't care I am going to read the paper.

Then was thinking wondering if she is going to crawl back through the window again. Then what if I saw her on the street after what I did to her ass. Why should I feel bad? She crawled in my window. I was just wishing the day would end.

It did they all piled out they were all gone. I hear the shower he comes out naked. I was trying not to look. He walks up with a can of lighter fluid and a rag. He says they told me this will take the glue off my ass from the duct tape. That you put on me.

He turns around says see? He was scratching his ass says it won't come off says It itches. Then asks me if I would help get this glue off of my ass and says PLEASE? Said he was afraid to ask anyone else to help him and could not see back there and says Please again? I bust out laughing. He says it's not funny.

Then he says they told me at the clinic. That if it happened on the job that workman's comp will pay for it. I say Ok Ok Ok... Says I should go to the clinic? No, I help you. The last thing I need is for them to start asking questions about me duct taping his ass. Questions I don't want them asking or me even trying to answer.

He bends over sticks his ass up and out. I am putting the lighter fluid on the rag. I pictured the funniest thing. Me lighting a cigarette and his ass bursting into flames. Me being buried in paperwork explaining what happened. I started laughing. He asks me what's so funny.

Standing there his ass up and out. I was looking at his ass getting so fuckin horny I was trying not to. I start laughing even more. I told him what I had pictured in my mind about me lighting a cigarette and his ass bursting into flames.

He says don't light any cigarettes. I could not hold back any longer. I told him to spread his cheeks let's get glue out from in there first. There was no glue in the crack of his ass. I just wanted to see his butthole. He bends over sticking his ass out and spreading his cheeks wide his ass opened like an eyelash.

I started thinking he is doing this on purpose. If he was well it worked. I reached my breaking point. I just lost it fuck it. I grabbed his tiny ass cheeks squeezing them and I stuck my tongue deep in his asshole. I started fucking his little ass with my tongue I loved his sweet little ass. Started making sweet sounds like one of them dog chew toys. Squeezing them tiny cheeks sucking on his ass cheeks. If I could have eaten him.

I would have then picked him up to put him on the desk flip him around suck his balls and dick in my mouth. Felt like I was fuckin munchkin I put him back on the ground I had to sit down. I pulled my tongue out of his ass. I needed to get some air. He turns around the little bugger. Sucking on my dick looked so cute trying to get my dick in his mouth The wheels flew right off the goddam wagon.

No doubt where this was all going. He turns around trying to sit on my dick. He determined on a mission. No, let's get this glue off your ass. He asks me what's wrong I am not doing it, right? No, you are doing fine you're a good boy. I had to get all the glue off his ass. Fuck putting it on rag sprayed the lighter fluid on his ass softened the glue up.

Wiped his little sweet ass all up. Told him to get in the shower. He gets in the shower says come see if it's all off. Go his ass all soapy. Started rubbing my dick all over his ass up down crack. I told him to go and rinse it off.

I was sitting on the bench said come here let me dry it off. He comes over and spreads his legs put his hands on the floor. Sticking his sweet little ass up out so sexy. My face was back in his ass. Like 10 minutes. He was so sweet.

I get my dick rubbing it around his ass it's so tiny. I was thinking about it. He turned around sucking me again relieved. I never put my dick in anything that small.

I was worried. He turns around he was determined trying sit on it again. I said I don't think it will fit. My head popped in I said don't move I almost exploded. I said OK sit on it. He spread his tiny little butt sucking it up and in.

I was surprised he spread them tiny cheeks. Moving his little ass side to side. I did not believe it. I leaned forward nibbled on his little ear told him. He was such a good boy. Started breaking my own rules. I never show affection like that.

I think he could sense my eyes on his ass. It got his juices flowing. From the day he got there. I tried not to look. My eyes looking was like that glue on his ass. Stuck on it. The black ones I would call CoCo puffs I am Ko! Ko! for CoCo puffs that stupid commercial. CoCo puffs was a cute name.

Rice Aroni that commercial. That did not fit. The other part of the commercial fit. It did not have a ring to it. I wanted to start showing him affection that is never good. I knew that it was all a mistake but I just did not give a dam. It's better when it's just sex.

Things get complicated so fast. I blew everything to pieces in my 20's. It had nothing to do with me. Yet everything. Living with a melancholy sadness it becomes familiar. I have been alone so long. I doubt If I could ever not be. Making myself laugh. The allusion of happiness. The delusion of happiness.

The preposition fits in one but not the other. As if it matters. I'm so goddam tired of being stuck on stupid. I try to laugh about it. I am good at making a mess. Laundry I wish I could throw my mind in the fuckin washing machine.

My body is beyond a shower. I need a steam cleaning. It's like I am on strike against myself. How is it put? I was shot at and missed, and shit at and hit! That's about right. I am a mess that needs cleaning up. The older I get the more twisted, warped, deviant, and perverted my mind gets.

"There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man.

It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity.

It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge.

This is the dimension of imagination.

It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone."

That's the signpost up ahead-your next stop, the Twilight Zone!"

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