The guys we met at the cabin

My wife and I met a couple of guys a week ago ,they busted us while Cathy was sucking my cock in this cabin ,where we both wound up suck them both off and we agreed we'd get together the following weekend .

Well Cathy and I discussed this all week what to do and how to do and how she wanted to start things. So when Mike and Scott arrived we invited them into the dining room where we all sat down around the table ,Cathy got the guys a beer and we sat and talked ,smoked a joint to loosen everyone up .

I get up to get me another beer and when I came back to the table Cathy pulled me over in front of her and undid my pants to free my already hard cock then took it in her hand and started sucking it .

Mike and Scott sat and watched as she sucked my 8 " s ,after a few minutes they both came over and undid there pants to reveal their nice hard cocks . Both were as big as mine and just as thick .

Cathy stopped sucking me and got up so we could move her chair out so we could all stand around it. Then she sat back down and unbuttoned her blouse so we could play with her tits as she sucked us all .She took Scott's cock in her mouth and Mike's cock in one hand and mine in the other and she worked her way around sucking us all as we played with her nipples .

I wound up on my knees sucking her nipples as Scott and Mike fucked her hot mouth .I was rubbing her pussy through her jeans , she was so hot and it didn't take long for her to want us all to get naked and move to the bedroom. Cathy went to the bathroom as me and the guys stripped then I sat down in Cathy's chair and invite them back over .I took Mike's cock into my mouth first and sucked it while I stroked Scott's then switched and did this til Cathy came back out to join us .She sat and watched me suck those to guys for a few as she played with her pussy .Cathy said it was time to move to the bedroom and once there Cathy and I got into a 69 and Mike got behind her and slid his cock into her Scott in front Cathy sucked Scott and me while Mike fucked her and I licked her pussy . We did that for awhile the Scott and Mike traded places then I got behind her and Mike fucked my mouth and Scott fucked hers til the 3 of us came , Mike came first shooting a huge load into my mouth and I sucked him dry , then I shot my load into Cathy. When Scott came Cathy took most of it then I leaned over her shoulder and got the rest of his hot cum and sucked him dry .

Cathy came 15 times or more while we fucked her .

We all went back out and sat at the table for awhile then Cathy went down on Mike as I had Scott sit on the table so I could suck him .we sucked them both off again then they left .


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We got together a few more times with them and I got together with them once too.

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written by Bob 35

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