Ann And Peter Bisex Chronicles 1

Ann was a bright girl, she just wasn't cut out for ridged academics. At least, that's what her aging parents said about her. She had flunked out of college at 20 during her sophomore year. No school, no job, no dorm to live in after August and Mom and Dad did not want her at home.

She had several applications out for work. In mid-July she finally landed a job working days at the college library. She smiled to herself, "A librarian, just like maid Marion in The Music Man'" she thought. She smiled because Ann was not an innocent country maid. She'd been around and had spent her first two years of college (before flunking out) learning the joys of the hedonistic lifestyle. In high school, Ann had discovered her body. In college she learned to be comfortable with what she had come to understand as a marvelous toy. She enjoyed her physical self and was often willing to allow others to share that joy.

Ann's first night at the library found her shelving books in the stacks. She didn't mind, it was work and she soon would have enough cash for a deposit and first month's rent. She walked around a book case and bumped squarely into "Ugh!" She dropped an arm load of books.

"Wow" thought Peter as they both knelt to pick them up, "she's got a full set." He was glancing at her cleavage as they retrieved books.


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"I'm sorry. I'm Peter Kelly. I didn't see you." But, he saw her now as they stood up. She was pretty, but not gorgeous. The interesting thing about her was the ripeness of her body. He couldn't describe it any other way. She looked like a succulently ripe fruit waiting to be eaten. She had full lovely breasts whose nipples asserted themselves under her blouse. Her buns were round and full. Likewise he noticed that her thighs were muscled and firm. No chicken legs here.

"Oh, I'm Annabeth Hiller. Ann for short. I guess I didn't see you either." But now she did. Peter was average height, well groomed, short dark hair, blue eyes and a firm tanned body that often got exercise.

This chance meeting developed into coffee after work. It became apparent to Ann that Peter was probably not college type. He was no scholar. But, Peter had a house trailer that he was renting and he was looking for a roommate and another couple to share expenses with. Ann smelled opportunity. After coffee they went for a walk around campus and had a long conversation. She offered to share the expenses of the trailer and help recruit another couple to share it with. Peter was mildly enthusiastic. He became a little warmer to the idea when he noticed that Ann had unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse.

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They stopped in a quiet spot in a dark corner between two buildings. Ann turned to Peter and leaned into him placing both hands on his chest. She made small circles around his nipples, slid one hand down to his crotch and gently squeezed is rod. She opened the clasp on the front of her bra spilling her breasts into the cool night air. Her nipples peaked. "God" thought Peter, "her nipples must be an inch long!" His rod hardened as she stroked it through his pants. With her free hand she cupped a tit and offered it to Peter.

"When I move in we'll play with these when ever you want." Peter bent to suckle the offered prize. Ann tipped her head back and enjoyed the firm demanding tongue of her new boy toy. Her loins gave a little involuntary spasm and she felt a little gush of lubrication in her gash. He lovingly tongued each tit as she massaged his crotch. Peter hoped for more but Ann slowly and seductively packed up her toys, tucking them carefully into her bra and buttoning up her blouse. It was good, thought Ann, that he didn't pressure her for more. Peter looked sad. "Poor puppy" she thought. He walked her back to her dorm.

"When can I move in?" Ann asked at the door.

"Tomorrow," said Peter. She lit up, kissed him gently on the cheek like an angel.

"Come in for a minute. I've got something I want to give you".

They made their way inside the dorm door to Ann's summer room. There weren't many others around. Inside Ann's room, Peter made a quick survey. Clean, need, even homey. She'll make a good housemate.

"Peter, you hardly know me and you're willing to give me a home." She sat down in a chair in front of him. She continued to talk about her gratitude as she unbuckled his pants and slid them to the floor. Peter's tent pole was straining at his shorts. She pulled his shorts down. She smiled, for there before her eyes was a beautiful 8 inch cock and egg sized balls.

"Man meat" she whispered looking up just before the head of his dick parted her lips. Oh he tasted good. It had been awhile since she had sucked a man. The musky beefy man smell, the feel of cock in her mouth, his balls between her fingers - heaven. She took his cock out of her mouth and licked it from the root to the tip like a lollypop. She sucked in his balls one at a time. Then she began to suck him again in earnest. Peter ran his fingers in her hair and moaned softly. He unloaded his ball honey into her eager mouth. She drank almost all of it. She stood and said, "You horny bastard" nastily and used her index finger to wipe some drooled cum from her chin. She sensuously used that finger to moisten his lips then kissed him full on the lips. She darted her tongue into his mouth. He thrust his tongue into hers. The cum she hadn't swallowed mingled in their kiss. She had given him a good taste of his own cock and he did not flinch. This is going to be fun, she thought, he's nasty.

Peter left.

Ann was in. She was delighted with the living arrangements. She was still working at the library. She and Peter had developed an understanding about the trailer and each other. Peter was turning out to be very sexual and very trainable. Ann was well pleased that he was so willing. She liked horny little games and as it turned out so did Peter.

"Peter, are you here?" Ann called. "Oh, there you are" as Peter stuck his head out of the john.

"I just got back from class and I'm getting in the shower," he said.

"OK. I brought a friend home to meet you - but we'll wait till your done." Ann brought her old friend Emily home to visit. "I've got an idea," said Ann, "The shower has a glass door. Let's sneak in a spy on Peter!"

"You're wicked Ann," said Emily and she opened the bathroom door. They quietly watched as Peter washed his tanned body. The steam hid them from him. But it also hid much of him from them. They could, however, see when Peter began to pump his cock. Ann reached for Emily's breasts to caress them as Peter played with himself. Peter, stroking his bone, rubbed the nob against the glass. He was writing his name on the steamy glass with his cock. Emily was feeling very hot. Ann was getting into her friend's melon sized boobs. She undid Emily's bra and let her hands freely explore her orbs. Her tits were firm and she had big brown nipples. Emily began to breath heavily.

"Ann, let's get in the shower. Let's get naked and get in the shower."

Ann giggled. They got naked. They stood facing each other for a moment. Emily rubbed her melon tits against Ann's long nipples and gently bit Ann's lower lip. "Come on" she whispered, "Let's wash up." They slid the shower door open and leaped in with the pud pounding Peter. He was surprised, and pleased. Emily had long blond hair and a hairless, smooth cunt. It was carefully shaved, waxed and plucked. There was no stubble, it was smooth and pink. She guided Peter's hand to her soapy slit and rubbed his index finger on her clit and between her lips. Ann watched from behind Emily cupping her breasts and rolling her nipples between her fingers. Emily continued to use Peter's hand as her personal wash cloth. She turned around facing Ann, smiled, bent over and grabbing Peters soapy hand through her spread legs she teased his thumb into her asshole and two fingers into her pussy. Peter gripped slightly. It felt like a bowling ball or a catchers mitt, only 100 times more fun. Her ass felt like velvet and her cunt muscles worked on his fingers as he eased them gently in and out.

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