Carey And Tracy 1

Carey walked into the dorm room with her bag of stuff. She threw the bag down on the bed, and muttered something to herself about having to move in on the hottest day of the year. Her boyfriend Dave came up with three more bags and the refrigerator. He brought it in, and set it down next to the desk.

Carey motioned him over quickly and gave him a long kiss then sank to her knees and slipped Dave's shorts down. Dave was exceptionally well-endowed, almost 10 inches. And he also had the God-given ability to shoot about 2 cups of semen every time he came. Carey took Dave's penis into her mouth... getting down about five or six inches, then bobbing back and forth. Dave was hard as a brick. Then Carey realized, "oh CRAP" - her new roommate would be showing up in the next hour or so - checkin was at 5. She released Dave's hardon, leaving him super-frustrated. They got dressed and resumed moving Carey's things into the room.

Carey began to organize some of the things she brought from home, when Dave tapped her on the shoulder and told her that he was going to pick up some more of her things from the car. As he left, he almost bumped into a girl coming into the room. She bobbled her things, and he held out his hands to prevent them from falling. He smiled, and she smiled weakly back. He left down the hall, and she hastily brought her things in and dropped them on the bed. Carey sighed. She thought that things might get a little confusing, but she wanted to start on the right foot.

"Hi," she said. "I'm Carey."


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"Hello," the other girl said. "I'm Tracy."

Carey looked at Tracy, and regarded her carefully. A short-to-medium height girl, maybe 5'4", medium length, reddish brown hair, flat chested, skinny, though quite cute....but extremely timid. Carey thought that there would be non-stop guys at their door this semester, but then thought of Dave and realized that there would be nothing more she would want.

Over the next couple of days, Carey would go about her business, getting ready for classes. She realized that Tracy had already bought her books well before classes started, and had been studying nearly non-stop. Dave had visited from another dorm almost everyday, and had commented that Tracy should get out more... Carey began to feel sorry for Tracy, for as the first week of classes passed, Tracy had left her desk only to eat, shower, and go to class. Carey saw Tracy running full speed into a nervous breakdown, and couldn't help but wish to help. Carey tried inviting Tracy out on several occasions with Dave, but each time, she refused.

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Once, when Dave left the room to use the bathroom, Tracy sighed.

"You're so lucky," she said.

Carey looked out the door where Dave had been moments ago. "Yeah," she agreed. "He's great."

"I've never had a boyfriend," Tracy said, dreamily. Carey's eyebrows shot up.

"What? Never?" She found this hard to believe. Tracy was a realtively pretty and cute girl, smart - surely she had at least dated someone.... Tracy shook her head.

"What about the senior prom?" Carey asked.

Tracy brightened for a moment. "Oh, it was a blast!" she said. "I went with my cousin!"

Carey shook her head. Something desperately needed to be done. At that point, Dave came in, preventing any further conversation. But Carey made a mental note to start changing things.

On Friday, Carey was coming back to her room from her last class, and was in a good mood. She opened up the door, and must have caught Tracy by surprise. She had been sitting on her bed, but as soon as Carey walked in, Tracy thrust something under her pillow, and then hopped off as if nothing had happened.

Carey cracked a smile, and put her books down on her desk. Tracy then left the room, and Carey waited until she thought Tracy was far away. Carey went over to Tracy's bed, and picked up her pillow. Underneath was a hard core porn magazine! Carey gasped, and then smiled. Tracy was interested in sex after all! She began to leaf through the magazine, and saw men and women in all types of positions. Then, she leafed through one section of a man with two women, and the pages were dogeared. Carey heard footsteps, so she thrust the magazine back under the pillow.

That night, Carey was tossing and turning in the heat, and heard Tracy moaning in her sleep. She watched Tracy as she rolled from side to side, saying....."No... don't... well maybe... yes... oh, please dont... I like that...Yes, Dave. Dave!!!" As Carey watched her, she began to imagine about what it would be like for her to watch Dave take Tracy. Then, as her fantasy progressed, she also began to take part in the activity. With that, she fell into a wonderful and sexual dream.

The next night, Tracy left for the library, and Dave came over. It had been a while, and all Carey could think about was sharing Dave with Tracy, and had felt horny all day long. She couldn't wait to see Dave again, and with Tracy out of the room, she had every oppurtunity to relieve the pressure between her legs. Dave came into the room, and Carey practically attacked him. She pulled him close to her, and kissed him deeply. She thrust her tongue into his mouth, and felt his hot breath warm her insides. She led him back to the bed, and undid his belt, and unzipped his pants. He lay on top of her, and automatically thrust into her, even though she hadn't removed his pants or hers. Suddenly, they both heard a sound. Tracy was standing in the doorway, dumbfounded. The sound they heard was one of books falling to the floor.

Carey squirmed out from under Dave, who was standing stock still, as if he didn't move, she wouldn't see him. His hardon was pushing on the cotton fabric of his briefs, forming a tent through the open fly of his jeans. Carey went over to Tracy, and took ahold of her hand. "Come here, " she said softly, closing and locking the door. Gently, she pulled Tracy over to where Dave was. Just as gently, she placed Tracy's hand on Dave's hard on. Dave's prick jumped involuntarily, and Tracy jumped back. Carey held on to her hand, and pushed it back on to Dave's hardness, saying "It's all right, really. Just like this, see?" With her own hand, she moved Tracy's up and down along the length of Dave's shaft, still hidden from sight by the white fabric. Carey let go of Tracy's hand, but Tracy was too transfixed to realize. Carey went behind Tracy, to Dave's left, and kissed him deeply. He was definitely not complaining. Standing behind her, Carey had an idea. Reaching around Tracy, Carey began to unbutton Tracy's blouse.

Tracy was shocked at first, but made no effort to stop her. Carey pulled the tails out of Tracy's jeans, and unbuttoned the last button. An overwhelming sense of desire overcame her, and Carey began tracing the outline of Tracy's bra. Carey felt Dave reaching over to unbutton HER blouse, and as the cooler air hit her hot skin, she gasped. Tracy, for her part, was awash of new expreiences. This was nothing like fantasizing with the magazines. This was much, much better! She felt Carey's hands tracing her skin along the edges of her lace bra, and Dave's hardon felt good beneath her hand. She couldn't believe that it was Carey who had actually put him in her hand!

Carey started letting her long fingernails go beneath the elastic of the cotton bra, then fall back out again. Each time her fingers went closer to Tracy's nipple, she gasped. Tracy decided to try and take the initiative, and she pulled down the elastic on Dave's underwear. Carey saw this, and smiled. She then moved both her hands underneath Tracy's bra, and massaged her breasts with her palms. Tracy almost felt backwards. Carey realized that Tracy was wearing a front-clasped bra, and deftly undid it, having some of her own. The bra fell open, and Carey was free to feel Tracy's soft skin without the elastic constrainsts.

Carey was by now directly behind Tracy, with Dave massaging her ass down her panties. She brought one of her hands down to Tracy's zipper, and undid it in one swift motion. She peeled open the flaps, exposing the silk fabric of Tracy's panties. She felt the silk, trying to find Tracy's pubic hair, but couldn't find any.. Then, remembering that Tracy wore bikinis, it would make sense that her hair would be trimmed. With both hands, Carey moved down Tracy's jeans to her ankles. Tracy slipped out of them, and turned to face Carey and Dave.

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