Party Game

My name is Tod. I am not a guy who gets too wild, I almost never get drunk and go to wild parties very rarely, but in this case, I was at the right place at the right time and I had the best time in my life. The story starts in a 'not so wild' party that I was attending. I was mainly talking to my friends while other people were either dancing or drinking. The party was at a very big house owned by a girl I knew. It was geting late and most of the people were already gone. Eight people were present, including me, and I was talking to one of them which was a good friend of mine.

He said he had to leave now, so I thought of leaving with him but then something caught my attenion. The other six people were talking amongst themselves when one of them was leaving and the others seemed so disappointed it was strange. They tried to talk him out of it, to stay a little longer, but he insisted. Then, they called me over. My friend already left so I didn't see any harm.

I knew all five people but none of them was a friend of mine so I wondered why they called me. They said that after a guy left they were one guy short to play a game and they wanted me to join. To the question of what the game was, they explained the rules: There is a deck of pre-made cards. Every player must take a card and do what it says, if he wants to refuse, he can take off a piece of clothing. The tasks get harder and harder as the game continues. The game goes on until the cards are over or a person is naked. I was still wondering if this was some sort of trick so I carefully inspected the other players, two guys and three girls:

Derek - He had short blond hair, was athletic and good in all sports. He is in the college football team and girls seemed to be everywhere he went. His face looked amused - but he always is, so that's no clue to a trick.


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Tom - Shorter than average with dark hair. His body was well built and he was known for being one of the wildest guys around. He had a reputation that warned off every girl who wasn't ready for him. The look on his face revealed nothing.

Linda - A short girl with blond hair to her shoulders. Her face was very sexy and she had a very good ass, but her best feature was, without a doubt, her breasts. They were HUGE, They looked like a d-cup, but maybe more, who knows? She was too drunk to reveal anything on her face.

Laury - A tall girl - Almost my height, with golden hair. Her great face and sexy ass turned my head quite a few times, she seemed to be the shyest of the group but was showing great enthusiasm on her face.

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Gale - The host of the party, medium height and brown hair, almost to her hips. She was known as a slut who had sex with a good deal of men. She always wore clothes that were ripped, but not always in the usuall areas. She looked at me almost desperately - I'll bet she was looking forward to this game and a chance to fuck Derek.

After some inner debate I decided to join but make sure that no trick was being played on me. I asked to shuffle the cards so they took the cards out. There were two decks, for men & for women. We sat in a circle in this order: Clockwise - Derek, Gale, Tom, Linda, Me & Lauri. Derek suggested we should take of shoes, socks and any accesories "just to make the game interesting". We agreed.

Finally, the game began. Derek took a card, the card said "Kiss the girl in front of you for a minute". Derek got up, walked to Linda and bent down. She immediately put her arms around him and drew him in. His hands were on her breasts in seconds and her hands were fondling his ass. Linda's nipples got hard and Derek was gently pincing them. After a minute, Tom called "Time!" and they seperated.

Gale took a card that read "Take the shirt off the man to your left without using your hands, the shirt stays off for the rest of the game". She slowly grabbed Tom shirt by her teeth and took it up over his head while rubbing her own cheek against his nipples and breasts, finally giving him a kiss on the lips as she reached his head.

Tom picked up the next card and the game was turning more serious. It read "Suck on the breast of the girl to your right for 30 seconds". He put his head under Gale's loose shirt and went at it. Everyone could tell he was good by the expression on Gales face - she was enjoying every second. Eventually they split and it was Linda's turn.

Her card read "Rub the dick of the man to your left for a minute". I was the lucky candidate. My dick got semi hard at the thought. Her hand went under my pants and boxers and tokk my dick. The feeling was divine as the grabbed it and rubbed her hand up and down it's length. Her face showed amazement, she wasn't ready for my 9-inch monster. When she took her hand back, I said "Wow!", and she agreed "Wow!"

I was sure that his wasn't a joke now, it was Lauri's turn. She read aloud "Masturbate for 30 seconds and fake an orgasm". She started prostesting "Hey! how come it's so much harder then the rest! I'm not doing this", so she agreed to take off her shirt instead. Her bra was magneta, and I saw her nipples pushing out two buttons in her bra.

Derek read his next card "Kiss another guy for a minute" and said "No Way!". Off went the shirt.

Gale saw her next card and, with a smile, read: "Suck the cock of the man in front of you". I was almost jumping. She said - "I've seen Linda's reaction, let's see what you're made of...". She crawled under the table and the next thing I notced was my zipper opening and Gale's warm, wet mouth was around my cock, licking and sucking the life from it. The others must have seen my face and they seemed jealous that I got this fun. When I was close to the edge, she stopped and got back to her sit, giving me a big grin as she sat up.

Tom read his card - "Give head to the the woman across the table". He prefered walking around the table and he put his head in her skirt and started doing his stuff. Lauri's breating became shallow ad her face told the whole story. At one point she put her hand behind his neck and pushed his head into her violently. That was when he pulled out, "maybe later" he said. Her disappointment was evident, but at least she was still in the game.

Linda's card read "Expose your ass to the room and put your finger inside", before any comments could be made, her shirt was on the floor behind her. Her bra had a very hard job of containing her huge boobs and it didn't completely succeed. Her boobs seemed to be spilling out from aroud her bra.

It was my turn, I picked up my card and read aloud: "Tit-Fuck the woman with the largest breasts in the room". I immediately turned to Linda. She pulled up her bra and her tits spilled out, their size would make you think they weigh a ton but they must have only weighed grams because they were almost unaffected by gravity. I puled out my dick and layed down over her, placing it between her hills. She pushed her breasts together and I pushed and pulled my cock between them. Her boobs were big enough to cover my cock comlpetely athough it was very thick. I was afraid to blow right now but she stopped, saying "We'll save that for later..."

Lauri refused her task and took off her skirt that revealed matchin magneta panties. Wen she bent over to place her skirt, she turned her ass to me and I rubbed her crotch with my finger. A shudder was sent through her as she sat down. She gave me a big smile that meant a lot. Derek also refused his task and took of his pants in a bad immitation of male strippers, swinging it over his head.

Then, the cards were finished, but before I could state my surprised, Gale took out another set of cards, red this time, saying "Now's the time for the SERIOUS cards".

I replied "And up to now was..."

"Kiddy Cards"

Gale took the first card and read aloud "Sit on the lap of the man of your choice, naked". She stripped and walked to Derek, sitting on his lap, with his cock penetrating her deeply, they were moaning loudly. After a minute or two, it seemed that the game would not continue, so I looked at Laurie to my side.

She saw my stare and leaned back to lay on her back, I climbed on top and undid her bra, she took off my shirt and pants. I sucked on her breasts which looked much bigger without her shirt. At the same time, Gale was riding Derek yelling ot loudly and Tom was already fucking Linda with all his might. We decided to pace it up. She removed her panties and I did the same to my bra. I lay down on my back and she climbed on top of me. I wasn't moving, she was jumping up and down, covering and exposing my dick inside her. After a few minutes, Gale joined us. She sat down with her pussy over my face demanding to be sucked and kissed Lauri deeply. I was fucking Lauri and sucking Gale when I felt the orgasm coming, at that time - Gale and Lauri, still kissing, started shaking and both of them tightened. I felt my cum climbing to the top of my cock and shoting inside Lauri while licking Gale's pussy at extreme rates. Both of them collaped on me.

After a few minutes, I came back to my senses. That was spectacular, but it was not over. Linda quietly said to me "I've seen your dick and I need it, care to go with me to an empty room upstairs?" I followed her and she closed the door behind us. She was still naked and she was on her hands and knees on the bed. I climbed behind her and fucked her doggy style. Holding her huge breasts in my hands, I pushed in and out. She was moaning loudly and seemed close to orgasm, so I slowed the pace a bit. Then, the door opened, Lauri and Gale were there. How lucky for me - the men were done for tonight!

Gale positioned herself behind me, kissing my neck and cheeks, while pushing he breasts and pussy all over my body. Lauri, on the other hand, came from in front and started to lick my dick and Linda's pussy at the same time. Gale's kissing, Lauri's licking and Linda's tight pussy around my dick was too much for me - I grabbed one of Linda's breasts and stuck my finger up gale's pussy behind me. Then I shot my come up Linda's pussy while all three girls were having an orgasm at the same time. Spurt after spurt were shot into Linda as I pumped with all my might. Eventually, we all fell as a tangle of boobs, pussies, arms, moughts and a dick.

Waking up the next day, I found that Gale was up and at it with Derek in a locked room, but Lauri suggested I come to her house and we'll have fun. But that's a different story, for a different day.

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written by jackstart
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