Older Man

When I was a younger, my mom remarried to another guy with kids and the guy's father lived with them. I was playing in the basement with my car track and the grampa walked out of his room that was in the basement and said do you like to play with the cars? I answered yes they were fun and he said I have some vintage cars in my room and would you like to see them. I said yes, so he said come into the room. There was six vintage cars that were models and heavy.

He said you want to play with them, yes I do I said. I looked over to him and he had a big hard on in his pants, I did not know what to do so I looked away and he said come here and see this as he rubbed his hand on his cock in his pants and I will let you have one of those. So I was scared and he said its ok and held his hand out for my hand and I walked over and he said touch it and rubbed my hand against it in his pants and said you like to see it. I was scared still and he took it out and it was big and thick with a long cut head.

He asked me to stroke it for him and said what car did I want I said the blue and white one he said ok. I wand you to put it in your mouth and suck it. I said no and he said the car is yours and here is $5.00 so I was like ok so he sat in the chair and held it for me to suck and told me how he liked it sucked and I did what he said and kept going up in down that big cock gagging and he would push my head softly down and then I had to suck his big balls and lick them.

I was like omg I am doing this and his cock was really hard and I liked sucking it he was nice to me and said I was very good at it he was moaning and he shot a flood of cum in my mouth as I was spitting it out and did not expect that he said I did good and gave me the car and money. I sucked his cock after that and he gave me all the cars and money. I really liked bowing him and miss his big thick italian cock in my mouth!

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written by thelogg

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