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"Nah, I don't think so Darren," I said, really not wanting anything to do with this.

"But all the money goes to charity, AIDS prevention," Darren said, a little out of breath trying to keep up with my pace. We were on our way to class.

"I understand it's a good cause and all man, I'll make like a $50.00 donation."

"You'd get us a lot more than $50, Luke. Please think about it, you don't have to tell me for sure right now." There was a pleading tone to his voice. I looked over at him and his eyes were pleading as well.


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The guy I'm talking to is a friend of mine, Darren Wanamaker. Darren and I went to the same High School. We knew each other then, though not really. We ended up at the same university, with the same major. We had mutual classes and since we kind of knew each other, and Darren is super-smart, we started studying together. We didn't see each other too much socially, although we did grab a meal here and there and he would occasionally come to one of my Fraternity's parties.

"Darren, you know I'm cool with you being gay and all. But what you are asking is pushing it a little bit; I'd feel really uncomfortable on a date with a guy."

"It's not like you got to sleep with the guy. All you got to do is go to dinner with him or a movie or something. And they'll be a bunch of straight girls at the auction, so there's just as good a chance that your date will be with a woman."

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Darren came out of the closet about a year ago, when we were sophomores. It really wasn't surprising to me, I kind of knew already. He wasn't feminine or anything. But I could tell from his eyes, even in high school; the way he looked at me with a kind of desire in his eyes. He never spoke about girls and I can't recall him ever having a girlfriend. It wasn't forefront on my mind that he was a homo, but in retrospect, it made sense.

Whatever. It didn't bother me - to each their own. He was really good to me and never actually hit on me or tried touching me. So why should I care what he does in private? Now don't get me wrong - I don't understand it. I mean, how could a guy not find chicks desirable and fuckable? Kissing another dude? Hairy legs and chests? What makes a man want to suck another man's dick? I don't even want to think what else they do together. The concept is unfathomable to me.

And here is Darren asking me if I will participate in the Gay Student Union's Annual Bachelor and Bachelorette Auction. He may be saying that a girl will buy me, but I don't even want to take a chance that I'll be bought by a guy. How awkward would that be? If my Fraternity Brothers or one of the guys from the team found out, I'd have to hear it for a month. They already give me shit about hanging out with 'that queer,' meaning Darren.

"If that's the case, I don't think that Bernadette is going to go for this."

"Actually," Darren said, "I already talked to Bern about this and she said that she was cool with it, guy or girl."

Damn, I was hoping that excuse would put an end to this. We were right outside the classroom by this point and I stopped before going in. Darren stopped besides me.

"Darren, listen." I tried to choose my words carefully, not wanting to seem to put off by Darren's lifestyle. "I know you help me out a lot with studying and homework and shit. And you know that I'd help you out with anything that I could. But not this; I can't do this. I'm sorry."

I watched Darren's face drop in defeat. "All right," he said, "I guess I understand. I just thought that you would raise a lot of money for us."

I felt bad, but relieved at the same time. I told myself that I would give him $100 instead of $50.

"So I got practice after class," I said, changing the subject, "but I'll give you a call later to set some time to work on that marketing project."

"All right, talk to you later Luke."

We parted ways as we entered the Lecture Hall. I sat in the back with a couple of my Fraternity Brothers and Darren took a seat closer to the front of the room.

"Hey Babe, what are you doing here?" I said to Bernadette, who was sprawled out on my bed studying. It wasn't that I didn't want her here; I just didn't expect to see her.

"Waiting for you," she said with a huge smile. She was wearing my Steelers jersey, which was way too big on her. She had no pants or skirt on, just all leg showing. I couldn't tell for sure, but if I guessed, she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Yeah?" I asked, dropping both my book and gym bags off my shoulder.


"What'cha studying?"

"Behavioral Psychology. Have an exam on Thursday."

I walked up to the bed, leaned in and gave her a kiss. She pushed her book off the bed and tried pulling me onto the bed with her. I resisted a little.

"I have to take a shower, I'm sweaty and stinky from working out."

"I like you sweaty and stinky," she responded and put her lips on mine again. My dick grew hard under my sweatpants and any resistance that I had was gone. I let her pull me to the bed and then she rolled on top of me.

"Well, I guess there's no need showering if we are just going to get sweaty all over again," I said, stopping our deep kissing briefly.

"I need a good sweat," she replied as she lifted my still sweaty t-shirt over my head and pulled it off.

"A good, hard sweat?" I teased back as I pulled my jersey off her sexy body. Yeah, I was right. She was wearing nothing under there. I took one tit in each of my hands and started caressing.

"Like we never sweated before," she answered as she slid back over my legs a bit to untie my sweatpants. Without her bodyweight holding the fabric of my pants down, my crotch tented as I went hard...

The two of us were lying in bed, naked, after a good sweaty fuck. We were both quiet, enjoying our intertwined bodies as we basked in the bliss of each of our orgasms. Bernadette's head was nestled into my chest as I stroked her soft auburn hair. I remembered my conversation with Darren earlier and I thought that I would kid Bern about it.

"So I hear you said it was OK that I go on a date with someone else."

She pulled her head away from my chest and looked up at my face. She had the most beautiful blue eyes. "Huh?" She looked confused.

"That auction. Darren said you were all right with me to go on a date with another girl."

Her confusion turned to a smile. "Oh yeah," she said as pulled a fallen eyelash from under my eye. "For one night, and I mean one night," she stressed, "You have my permission."

"What if she wants me to put out?" I teased, trying to keep a straight face.

"Depends on how much she paid." While I was keeping a straight face, she had a wry smirk going.

"What's that smile for?"

"Or he."

"He what?"

"He. A guy. If a guy buys you," she laughed.

"You think that's funny, huh?"

"Kind of, yeah. I'd love to be a fly on the wall watching that date. Romantic restaurant, candle light, you ordering dinner for the both of you, the two of you sharing dessert - one fork. With him feeding you of course."

She was laughing more. Now I was sorry I brought it up. Though she was laughing like it was funny, it was almost as if she was mocking me. I could hear it in her tone. I don't know why, but I suddenly took offense to that.

"You don't think that I could do it?"

"The President of the biggest Fraternity on campus and Captain of the Swim Team going out on a date with a guy? No, I don't think that you could do it."

"Well, I think you think too little of me."

"No offense sweetie, but you'd be way too concerned what everyone else would say."

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