Playing Poker with two Female Colleges

My name is Toby and I used to work for a large European textiles company with branches in France, Holland, Germany and England. Each year a representative from each branch was sent to the other branches for the annual company conferences. This was my first time representing the company and was sent to Holland. When I arrived that afternoon I was greeted by a company limousine and bussed to a large company owned house that I was to share with the representatives from France and Germany.

I was shown around the house and told that I would be collected in the morning to be taken to the conference. I settled into my room, opened up my lap- top and started to go over what I was going to say and do at the conference.

About two hours after I had arrived the other two representatives arrived and I was surprised to see that I would be sharing the house with two woman, in fact, two very sexy women. We introduce ourselves to each other (both girls were fluent in English thankfully) and the chauffeur left us after showing the girls to their rooms.

The German girl was called Ulrich and was from the Bremen office; she was about five ft eight with long blonde hair, blue eyes, a curvy body and a pair of tits that I guessed to be about 36D's. The French girl was called Anne and was from the Paris branch, she was slightly shorter than Ulrich with an athletic build, short brown hair, sexy brown eyes and legs to die for.


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Unfortunately I had a lot of work to do and expected that they would too, so there was no time to get better acquainted. The next two days were very hectic and the conference took up most of my time. On the second day we made our speeches and mine was last, not finishing until about nine that evening. The conference was now over and I slumped into the limo for the ride back to the house.

Apparently the girls had not wanted to hang around for the other speeches and had left early, the limo dropped me off and I went inside. When I got inside Anne and Ulrich greeted me and apologized for missing my speech but they were tired, they were sitting at the dining table in the lounge area playing cards and watching TV, a Dutch version of blind date where the contestants go naked.

I dumped my conference gear in my room and went back downstairs to get a coffee and watch a bit of TV. Having made myself a drink I sat in an armchair and started to watch the game-show.

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After a while Anne asked if I would like to play cards with them, "Not for money," she said, "Just for fun." I usually turn down a game of cards because I'm not very good, but as it wasn't for money and it was being sociable, I agreed. We were playing pontoon, but non of us were much good and it was fairly even, not that anybody was keeping score. During the cards the girls were commenting on the blokes in the game-show, openly discussing who had the best looking bum and the sexiest dick. Ulrich then looked at me and asked if my dick was nicer than the guy who had won, I must have started to blush as the girls started giggling between themselves.

I said I was unsure and tried to ignore the situation as these two sexy woman started taunting me. Anna dealt the cards again and we played another hand. The hand went on for only a few minutes and Ulrich lost, then to my surprise she took off the top of her jacket revealing a pink blouse through which her black bra was visible, holding her big tits back. We played another hand but this time I had crap cards and lost it.

There was a pause as I waited for Anne to deal again, but the girls just looked at me, "So what are you going to take off then Toby?" asked Ulrich, a big grin on her face. I was slightly baffled by the question at first but was soon prompted by Anne who said, "When you lose in strip poker, sorry pontoon, Toby, it is the rules that you must remove an item of clothing!" At first I wasn't sure if I really wanted to play, but the thought of getting either one of these girls naked was persuasion enough to take off my tie; and besides if I did lose I am quite proud of my penis.

I wouldn't be that embarrassed either, as I have a good technique for preventing unwanted hard-ons. The game continued, but things weren't looking good, it wasn't long before all I had left was my shirt and boxers and Anne still had four items left and Ulrich had six. I was however treated to seeing Anne in her bra, her pert little tits had big pointy nipples that were just visible through her white lacy bra.

Soon I was getting a bit apprehensive and making sure I concentrated on the game as I only had my boxers left. Anne commented on my chest, "Nicer than the man off the TV," she said to Ulrich who nodded in agreement. Proud as I was, I made sure I didn't lose and had soon brought the game a bit closer as Anne was now down to her bra and long skirt (she had removed her tiny g-string the last time she lost, not that I saw anything) and Ulrich was down to her bra, panties, stockings and suspender belt. Suddenly I knew the inevitable was about to happen when the worst set of cards possible was dealt to me, I would have complained, only I was now dealing.

It wasn't long before I realized I had actually lost and the girls grinned at each other when they realized. I wasn't scared to bare all but I was clever and removed them under the table and covered my packet with my left hand. Ulrich looked disappointed, as did Anne, but they accepted the situation. "What now?" I asked.

Ulrich looked even more disappointed but cheered up when Anne said, "We play on and if Toby loses he has to do a forfeit designated by the winner." then looked at me for approval. I was confident that I could at least get Anne naked before I had to do a forfeit and I reckoned it would be something easy like walk around the room with my hands up or something, so I agreed, desperate to see those big brown nipples that I knew were hiding under Anne's bra.

However, things didn't go to plan and Ulrich lost the next three, leaving her in her bra and panties. Then, worst luck, I lost and Ulrich won. I was anxious as I waited for my forfeit, but got what I expected, "You must stand and let us see you dick for the rest of the game!" she said. Anne gasped as I stood up and gave the girls a good view of my soft six inches, "His dick is just gorgeous, isn't it Anne?" she continued and Anne just grinned and said, "I want to see it all hard and sexy!"

By now I was straining to stay soft, I didn't want to give them the satisfaction, not yet anyway. I grabbed the cards and dealt a new hand hoping that the girls would be distracted by the sight of my dick, I only needed one more win or second place to win a prize view.

Unfortunately I lost to Ulrich again. She looked over at Anne with a smile on her face and ordered my to show them what my cock looked like when it was hard. I now reckoned on shagging the two of them, but was turned down when I asked for assistance. I relaxed and looked at the slightly hidden tits in front of me and imagined sucking on them and it wasn't long before I was hard as a rock.

"I want to see you wank yourself," said Ulrich, her nipples now so hard that I could clearly see them through her bra.

"No," I said, "You'll have to beat me again first."

This time Ulrich grabbed the cards and dealt them out, her eyes hardly moving from my erection. It must have put her off as she lost the next hand, and she did as I had done earlier, removing her panties but not giving me a view of her honey-pot. I was now desperate to come, my dick aching for some attention, but I held back and we played another hand. Ulrich had obviously lost her attention as she lost the next hand and had to bring those gorgeous tits into view, blushing as she did so.

I started to deal again but Anne suddenly jumped up and stuffed by dick in her mouth. I was getting the best blow-job ever and Ulrich got up on the table and lay down, her completely shaved pussy less than a meter from me. She parted her pink labia with one hand and started to put two then three fingers in, all the time rubbing her clit with her thumb. Her juices were flowing and running down to the crack of her arse.

The effect of the show Ulrich was giving me and the sensations running through my dick from the expert blow-job were too much and I screamed that I was coming. Anne moved away as what seemed like gallons of spunk flew out and spattered all over Ulrich's tummy and tits. Anne then sucked me again, draining the remains of my come from my cock.

As I was recovering Anne went over to Ulrich and stuffed two fingers into her pussy while licking up all my come from her tummy and particularly her tits. As she was doing this I went up behind Anne and removed her bra and skirt. I got on my knees and started to lick Anne's cunt from behind, she had a small bush of fine brown hairs, her sweet juices covering my face. Then Ulrich started to groan in orgasm, the table shook as she came and she pushed Anne's fingers deeper into her gaping pussy.

I stopped licking Anne to look at Ulrich and after she had calmed down she suggested that we go up to her room for the night. As we went up the stairs I got a great view of Anne's cute little arse as she climbed in front of me, she was wiggling it deliberately to get me going and by the time we were in Ulrich's room I had another massive hard-on. Anne climbed onto the massive bed and, spreading her legs wide, started gently rubbing her mound and spreading her pussy lips as wide as they would go.

Ulrich was rummaging about in her bag for something but I needed a fuck and climbed over Anne. She grabbed hold of my dick and slowly guided me in. Once I was half way in she let go and I started moving in and out, slowly at first, until I was in as far as I could go. As my strokes got faster I felt Ulrich climb onto the bed, she put her head between my legs and started licking my balls and Anne's pussy.

By now I was going at a steady rhythm, Anne's tight little hole gripping and sucking my dick, all Ulrich's attentions now put to sucking on Anne's clit. Soon Anne started bucking under me and she screamed out as an orgasm ripped through her, her sharp nails digging into my backside as she pulled me deeper into her. This was all I could take and started pumping my seed into Anne as another orgasm hit me, new sensations filling me as Ulrich sucked on my balls as I was coming.

Ulrich then pushed me off Anne and started licking my come from her pussy. As I lay back on the bed the girls got into a sixty-nine and a quiet buzzing sound entered the room as I noticed Ulrich stuffing a huge black vibrator into Anne, so I realized what she had been looking for in her bag. Very quickly Anne came again, her eyes shut tight and a big smile on her face. Once it had subsided she took the vibrator from her cunt and shoved it straight up Ulrich's bald pussy, her juices spaying out into Anne's face to make room for the big black phallus.

I moved Anne's hand away and took control on the vibrator, giving Ulrich long hard strokes. Ulrich let out some German expletives and shuddered, her pussy juices dripping all over Anne's tits. She then turned, looked me in the eye, and pounced. We started kissing frantically and I could taste the come of all three of us in my mouth as Ulrich positioned herself with her minge hovering above my third erection of the evening.

Anne guided me into Ulrich's shaven haven and watched as Ulrich sat up and started riding me for all she was worth. She then moved across the bed and lowered her tight little pussy over my face, my tongue sliding straight into her moist cavern. The three of us stayed like this for ages, sucking and fucking, Anne and Ulrich kissing at the same time. Soon I could feel that familiar sensation that I was going to come.

Anne must have sensed this as she ground herself down onto my busy tongue harder as she started coming. This sent me over the edge and I came inside Ulrich, I felt so good I thought I was going to pass out. I then felt Ulrich's cunt muscles tighten and herd her cry out as she came again. We collapsed into a heap on the bed, touching and kissing each other and I eventually fell asleep.

When I woke up Anne was gone and Ulrich was sucking on my morning erection. When she saw that I was awake the let go of me for a second to say that Anne had gone as she had an early flight and that we had a couple of hours to kill before she had to go. Ulrich and I spent the next couple of hours fucking like mad, to the point where I had an orgasm but there was no spunk left in my balls, the girls had it all inside them. Ulrich was ready just in time for the limo driver not to get the wrong (or right as the case was) idea. And he returned a couple of hours to collect me.

I am definitely volunteering for this job next year in the hope that the events could be repeated. I am now living with someone from the office called Donna and am looking forward to next week.

Donna has just told me that she volunteered to put up a girl from the Paris office for a couple of days, she is called Anne and is here for meeting next week. I am hoping to persuade Donna to offer Anne a game of cards when she arrives, but 'just for fun, not money.'

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written by mr bi jingle
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